Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dodd's Donors

The Caligiuri for U.S. Senate Campaign has launched a salvo correctly criticizing Senator Dodd for his rather anemic financial support from within Connecticut, and his notable hefty support from special interests and donors outside of Connecticut.

This is obviously the type of "change" politician that President Obama can get behind.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Rubber Crutch for Dodd

I guess Obama feels like he owes one of his Chief Command-Level Rump-Swabs, Senator Chris Dodd, a little love. After all, Dodd did his bidding in the Senate, paving the way for those splendid AIG bonuses.

Dodd will take all the help he can get... he is taking on water fast and his popularity is at an all-time low in this state.

His journey began with his ridiculous run for President of Iowa. It has taken him through revelations of special mortgage deals, a spectacular arrangement for a "cottage" in Ireland, and most recently to lying about his involvement in legislation that had a special carve out to allow for bonuses to be paid to AIG executives with bailout cash.

Dodd recently earned the praise of the president, who said Dodd had an "extraordinary record of accomplishment."

There is no little irony in the fact that the new president arrived at his Pennsylvania Ave. address via a campaign for change. This "change" squares awkwardly next to the 37-year political career of Chris Dodd which is the epitome of business as usual.

Obama's greatness may not be enough to save the faltering Dodd, but his support of Dodd may be enough, alongside his cabinet-full of tax cheats and Clinton hacks, that the last thing Obama represents is change.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The State Bird

Yes, I have been away a while, and there is much to catch up on. Particularly, the issuance of the budget proposal of state legislative Democrats. It is an insulting document which dramatically raises taxes by $3.3 billion and demonstrates very clearly that the left wingers who have overrun our state capitol have no intention of trimming back government.

No, instead YOU and I will be expected to do more with less as they tax the hell out of us. The Dems attempted to lay the groundwork all session for their proposed tax increases by spending two months creating nightmare scenarios where prisons close, college campuses shut down, children starve and lawns get brown without more funding.

There is also a 30% corporate tax being placed on Connecticut businesses, which would further distinguish our already business-hostile state. While Connecticut has lost some 52,000 jobs within the last year, and more people being laid off every month, this will guarantee that more middle class state residents will lose their jobs.

Despite being unwilling to examine the waste in government or streamline any agencies such as the governor has recommended, or make any effort to rein in the loosed beast of government excess, the legislature has still managed to squeeze in an errant personal attack on the Catholic Church thanks to Judiciary Chairs Mike Lawlor and Andrew McDonald, and a laughably inadequate attempt to march AIG executives before the Banks Committee for cheap political points courtesy of Chairs Ryan Berry and Bob Duff, perhaps to of the most il-equippped children in the political sandbox.

The legislature is in session today. I beg you, hold on to your ass.