Friday, November 30, 2007

Deep Thoughts from Liberals #3

They chant "What do we want? An education! When do we want it? Now!"

And they prove that there is nothing they need more.

Let it Go

Chris Caruso needs to let it go. Normally, if I was asking Chris Caruso to "let it go," you can be certain I'd be getting out of the room plugging my nose, hoping he didn't get any on me. But in this instance, it is his absurd attempt to sue his way into the office of mayor of Bridgeport that he needs to let go.

Yesterday a Superior Court judge threw out his lawsuit seeking to prevent the certification of the results of the November election in Bridgeport in which Mayor-elect Bill Finch was victorious. Caruso sought to prevent the swearing in of Finch until the State Supreme Court reviews his other law suit alleging voter irregularities in the September 11th primary between he and Finch for the Democratic nomination.

There is a point after political loss that even the most stubborn must come to recognize the futility of their efforts, no matter how badly they want a public office, or feel entitled to it because they are so special. Chris Caruso does not have the capacity to recognize that point.

Working Holiday

I was given word that House Speaker Jim Amann has called a session of the State House of Representatives on Wednesday, December 5th. That also happens to be the first day of Hanukkah.

The state legislature is part time, and is supposed to meet from January to June in odd years and February to May in even years. However, due to a total lack of competent leadership, the legislature seems to have met almost every month this year. Now he apparently has something so pressing he wants to act on it on a holiday when the likelihood is that he just failed to act on it before June.

The backlog they create for themselves on things they are too incompetent to get done during the regular session provides a number of liberals in the House and Senate with an excuse to call for a full-time legislature, allowing many of them to obtain their first full-time job, move out of their mom's basement, and suck a little harder on the public teat.

I have no idea what it is they are supposed to be meeting on next week, but if you're a Jewish legislator or staffer, your eight crazy nights are going to get off to a busy start. My guess is that the legislature will still be off for Christmas though.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pilgrims Needed Government Programs

I almost missed this one, primarily because I think like seven people have visited the new blog, but State Representative William Tong (D-Stamford) has a very odd blog entry there called "Giving Thanks for a Republican President."

Not that I want to be responsible for directing traffic to this place, but you can check it out here if you want. It's not a blog entry, it's a political column. Someone needs to explain to these guys what a blog post is. But I thought it was worth mentioning because I think it makes some very shameful assertions.

Tong begins by saying he thanks Richard Nixon because right after he was born, his father, an immigrant from China, had his immigration status called into "doubt." He wrote a poignant letter to President Nixon and he was allowed to stay.

Tong then asserts "Today, however, the men seeking to be the next Republican President would have denied my father the opportunity to work hard, build a business, raise a strong family, and make a lasting contribution to our state and our country. These men would deny young people like me access to schools and higher education, as Governor Rell did when she vetoed the in-state tuition bill. These men would deny access to medical care and winter heating, and send millions of families like mine back to countries long since departed. These men would have turned the Pilgrim ships home."

What insulting trash. First, Tong never does say if his father came here illegally or not, which is interesting. However, he was finally granted legal citizenship.The suggestion that the men running for president would deny immigrants the opportunity to work hard and make a contribution, is absurd. To further the insult by saying Governor Rell denied young people access to higher education because she vetoed a bill allowing illegal immigrants to get in-state tuition rates at state universities is plain moronic.

These Republican men that Tong derides want immigrants to have every possible opportunity they can. But they want these people to come here LEGALLY.

Tong's experience isn't so special. Everyone of us is descended from immigrants, whether we are first, second, third generation or more. I am descended from immigrants as well, mostly German, who came here in the 1870's. These people didn't demand the state help them pay for college. These immigrants didn't claim to have a right to state-funded medical care or winter heating.

I am thankful that the hard-working immigrants I am descended from didn't come here with a sense of entitlement, but carved out a beautiful piece of America with their own bare hands and hard work. I am proud they never claimed to need the government assistance of a political hack like Tong to get ahead.

And I'm pretty damned sure the Pilgrims didn't flee England to get government healthcare and tuition benefits.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

GOP Youtube Debate Tonight

Tonight the Republican presidential candidates will square off against each other for the eighth time in a debate where questions in the form of Youtube videos will be asked of the candidates.

Last summer the Democrats had a debate in a similar format. Those of us who watched were treated to a question from a semi-retarded snowman on global warming.

I thought everyone might like to see that snowman get handled in such a way as I can truly be proud of.

Porn Haven

North Haven is continuing its struggle over an adult book and video store which wants to put itself up in the the town's business district. The sticking point is over the private viewing booths the store wants to put in place there. North Haven has denied the booths and the case has gone to the state Supreme Court.

The store's attorney is claiming that the store wants to install these booths so customers can view the videos prior to purchase, a critical element to marketing items that aren't publicized in the mainstream. From the New Haven Register today: "Such booths are customary at adult stores around the country, and therefore should be allowed as an 'accessory' to the business, he argued before the state Supreme Court."

I think we all know what the purpose of these "booths" might end up being. Let's just say the fear is that there will be some INTERACTIVE viewing by patrons in these booths.

I mean, come on here. They intend to sell porno movies. Do you really need to get a private viewing of 'Hairy Pooter and the Sorcerer's Stones' just so you are comfortable with the quality of the material you are considering purchasing? It's porn, not a Scorsese flick.

Unfortunately, this issue is going to come down to technical legal issues concerning zoning regulations, and the porno store might just win. And what a classy group of customers we will see descend on North Haven.

There's a new Democratic administration in North Haven, and now the Board of Selectmen includes Democrat State Representative Steve Fontana. Fontana crusaded against the bullhook being used against circus elephants during the last legislative session. I wonder what this animal lover's position is on the all the potential monkey beatings that could take place in his town should this store get its way.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Give Him a Payraise!

Rep. Gary Nelson (R-CT) Introduces The Gary Nelson Personal Pay Raise Bill

I don't know when this guy replaced Chris Murphy, but on that basis alone I'd support his payraise.

Another Dodd Tape Surfaces

Chris Dodd has put out another tape from his cave in Iowa. The CIA is reviewing it to authenticate that it is in fact Dodd. That could be a difficult task, as Dodd clearly continues to be unable to pay his lighting bill, so his features are obscured.

Dodd has been very difficult to find lately. He's almost as hard to find as the people who are planning to vote for him.

If this is in fact Chris Dodd, he has asked a really hardball question for the GOP Youtube presidential debate.

In the meantime, our absentee Senator is drawing fire from the Hartford Courant and the New Haven Register for missing a tremendous number of votes since moving to Iowa. I posted about that over at CTLP today.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Clinton Almost Got Him

If Clinton almost got Santa the way he almost got Saddam Hussein, that means a stinger missile was fired into the North Pole toy factory at midnight killing an elf janitor.

Cyber Monday

Apparently today is the day most Americans go Christmas shopping on their computers, earning the it the nickname "Cyber Monday."

Workers waste hours of their company time browsing online catalogs, and placing internet orders with their credit cards. For the leftwing blogosphere, who spend most of their time blogging with one hand on the computer mouse and the other satisfying a dirty need in their pants, the choice between which hand to use to place orders with must be a trying and agonizing one indeed.

I can understand the desire to avoid the whole Christmas shopping experience... big fat moms who have no concept of the space their broad buttocks occupy smack into you as they drag around a screaming kid with his pants full of diaper pies. Bitter old crones argue over pennies with checkout clerks. Suspicious old men masquerade as Santa and promise our children toys.

So how will you shop for the Holidays? Brave the masses, or shop while blogging?

Speaking of Mondays and fat mamas...

Jesus Christ! Amann Gives to Catholic Schools.

The New Haven Register editorializes today expressing displeasure at the fact that House Speaker Jim Amann (D-Milford) used contingency (SLUSH) funds in the amount of $150,000 to assist three Catholic schools in Milford.

I think that in many cases Catholic schools better educate children than our public schools. But Amann is crossing that boundary that liberals truly despise, using public funds for what they consider a religious purpose. Amann says Catholic schools provide a "first rate, values based" education. This must gall liberals. When liberals talk about values, they are generally talking about being intellectual enough to protest outrages in Darfur or being courageous enough to stop other people from smoking.

Catholic schools outrage these people. That's because they don't hand out rubbers to nine-year-olds or teach prepubescent girls how to use dental dams. Within their walls you can say "God" or "Jesus Christ" in a positive way without being sent to sensitivity training.

Amann pledges that he will give another $450,000 to these schools next year. He gave them all another $150,000 the previous year, so this isn't new.

The Register suggests that the public who are not Catholic have a right to expect that their money won't go to religious institutions. And so they do. But they can at least rest assured their money is finally going to a place that focuses more on educating children and less with indoctrinating them in liberal dogma.

Note to Jim Amann... this probably still won't get you into Heaven. But keep working on it.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Farewell Bill O'Neill, 1930-2007

Former Governor Bill O'Neill passed away late last evening.

Bill O'Neill was just a damned nice guy. There aren't enough of those these days on the state political stage.

The state properly mourns the passage of a genuine statesman and our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Christmas shopping can really piss me off. I know that's not jolly or festive to say, but let's be honest here. The most wonderful time of the year is the most frustrating time of the year.

On this day across America, overweight moms in sweatpants converge on our stores and malls, ram carriages against each other like animals competing in a mating ritual, while dragging their snot-nosed crying children all over the place, many of whom have nasty tubercular coughs, or pick their noses and wipe it on goods we are expected to purchase.

Thanks to I don't know who, we can now buy Christmas decorations at our local stores before the summer is even over. The last thing I want to think about on Labor Day is Christmas, but walk into a CVS, and there all there all the holiday crap is.

I happen to like Christmas very much. It's a special season that I hope everyone enjoys. There's only one group of people I hope has a shitty Christmas; the assholes who banned the Boy Scout collection boxes for our troops in the town of Cambridge Massachusetts. These people aren't likely to believe in Christmas anyway.

At any rate, if you are going to brave the sinister Black Friday mobs at stores, I wish you Godspeed in your endeavor. Take care, and try to come back in one piece!


In the interest of fairness I should mention that my post of two days ago on Chris Murphy concerning his acceptance of funds from Haven Healthcare was based on information released from Connecticut Republicans which turned out to be incorrect.

Apparently money was pledged to Murphy from Haven CEOs but it never materialized. I would be remiss and lack credibility if I did not acknowledge this as I aim to be accurate in my criticism.

That said, Murphy did still waffle on the question of illegal immigrants obtaining drivers' licenses, and still looks like a 12-year-old going to work in his father's suit.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

As we gather around our family tables today, there is much that we have to give thanks for. I will be thinking of of all the people and things important to me, as I hope all of you who are readers will.

I am especially thankful to the troops stationed around the world in the Global War on Terror who are defending our freedom and liberty. Thanks especially to all of them.

I wish each and everyone of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Caruso & Finch: Can't Let Go

Connecticut's 'Biggest Loser' Chris Caruso continues to also be the state's sorest loser. He has now asked the Superior Court to put the results of the Bridgeport mayoral election on hold until the Supreme Court hears his case claiming "voting irregularities" should invalidate the September Democratic primary.

The only thing "irregular" to Caruso is that he lost. Guess what? Sometimes that happens in politics.

Caruso's blind lust for the mayor's seat has carried him into disgraceful territory. Endlessly throwing legal tantrums and attempting to grind Bridgeport's government to a halt so he can fulfill his ambitions is shameful, but for a man who clearly knows no shame, the significance is not likely recognized.

Caruso isn't the only prominent Bridgeport politician to be desperately grasping for power. Newly-elected mayor Bill Finch does not intend to give up his state Senate seat despite pressure from local leaders to do so. Some leading state Democrats are apparently in fear of losing this seat in a special election, and losing the "supermajority" they have in the Senate in the process.

It is true that with parts of Trumbull and Monroe, this seat could go Republican. It was held by Republican Lee Scarpetti for many years before Finch defeated her.

If Chris Caruso aspires to be more than an annoying GAE chair and pompous windbag, he'll need to learn humility and the virtue of giving up when you lose. If Finch wants to be a brilliant executive and possibly become governor one day... well... he'll need a brain transplant.

Happy Thanksgiving

Chris Murphy: Helping Illegals, Screwing the Elderly

If you ask me, Connecticut doesn't have a shadier character in government than Connecticut's 5th District Congressman Chris Murphy. There is a "say anything, do anything" lacquer to his political polish. Decent people leave his company feeling they need a tomato juice bath to get the skunk stink off. Indecent people leave his company with a feeling of affirmation.

He still doesn't even look like a Congressman to me. He looks like a twelve-year-old boy going to work in one of his dad's suits. I have written about this punk before here, and then over at CTLP here and here. And he's still just as slick as an oily diaper.

Case in point: New York Governor Elliot Spitzer's plan to give illegal immigrants driver's licenses met with some very serious resistance, causing Spitzer to back-peddle for now. Last week the NRCC was bold enough to point out that when asked about giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses, Chris Murphy dodged the question saying he hadn't had time to review it. Then he came out in firm opposition to the plan according to the November 8th New York Times.

That's all well and good. Unfortunately he voted to keep Connecticut from banning illegal immigrants from receiving drivers licenses in our state three times while he was in the state Senate. He obviously wants it both ways.

Then there's the recently exposed Haven Healthcare scandal. Chris Murphy spoke in today's Hartford Courant, boldy saying:"It appears that both state and federal regulators have failed to ensure that the … nursing homes owned and operated by Haven comply with state and federal law," Murphy said. "This is unacceptable."

Unacceptable. Hmmm. Well, what apparently IS acceptable to Murphy is money from these Haven bastards. He accepted $12,000 from three of their executives during his last campaign for Congress, and $2,500 from them when he last ran for state Senate.

Go ahead Chris... do your wiggly weiner routine and get out of this one. I know it will be entertaining.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Drop Pants Not Bombs!

In yet another segment suitable for the annals of "Deep Thoughts From Liberals" comes this clip, showing more brilliant war protesters demonstrating that the path to peace is obtained through exposed buttocks.

What is it liberals have against keeping their pants on, anyway? Has the level of their eloquence on the questions of our age descended to such a low, that it can no longer be properly expressed through the word, and must now be expressed through the ass?

What can we learn from these eggheads? Well, we can clearly see that some of these libs could use a damned-good ass waxing. Especially the women.

We can also see that some of them ought to give their nether-cheeks a rub-down with some Clearasil... no one should protest with pimply buttocks!

Lastly, while these libs might be anti-war, none of them can be much of an environmentalist. Anyone care to guess what kind of air quality anyone near this event was treated to?

Big Fat Ballot

Secretary Sledgehammer has announced the names of those presidential candidates who will be on the ballot in Connecticut for our presidential primary early next year.

Democrats: Hillary Clinton, Barack (not that Hussein) Obama, Joe Biden, John Edwards, Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich, and Bill Richardson. Oh yeah, and Chris Dodd! Almost forgot him.

Republicans: Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, Alan Keyes, Duncan Hunter, John McCain, Ron Paul, Fred Thompson, and Tom Tancredo.

The Primary is scheduled for February 5th, 2008. By then, it will be all the more absurd that Dodd, Gravel, Kucinich, Biden and Richardson are still on the ballot. Their candidacies are stillborn. However I do desperately hope Dodd does not come off the ballot before the primary. He deserves the shame of polling fifth in his own home state.

Likewise for Republicans Huckabee, Keyes, Hunter, and Thompson; they have no hope, just as Ron Paul has very pronounced gonads calling himself a Republican.

I have to be honest. I am not excited about the presidential election yet, and I have not decided on a GOP candidate yet, although I somewhat lean toward Mitt Romney at this point. Giuliani is not bad either though. Both would be good to have at the top of the ticket while we wage races at the state level.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Liberal Protesters... Let's Get Retarded!!!

Activists. Protesters. Vegans. Retards.

East Haven Mayor Declines New Hairdo

The Courant has a breathlessly enthusiastic piece about the new Mayor of East Haven and her purported focus on ethics. It demonstrates this commitment in the opening lines by detailing how she declined a free trip to the hairdresser preceding her inauguration.

I wonder what T-shirt she did end up wearing to her inaugural event. Did she select the faded Lee jeans with the hole in the right knee, or did she select the stonewashed black Levi's? I think we can all see that this new mayor is the picture of elegance.

However, I will give April Capone Almon credit on her executive order banning gifts. Freebies and exchanges of gifts for political capital are one of the primary things that make politics stink.

East Haven sounds like a fascinating place. The Courant story talks about how it is a town where 'The Sopranos' has a "loyal following." No derision of Italians meant there, I'm sure. Perhaps that's why someone named "A. Capone" did so well there.

But there is more important information here! Apparently she is redecorating the mayor's office. She will rip up Maturo's cigarette smoke filled carpet, and paint the walls yellow. How scrumptious! At least she's paying for it herself.

The really important thing is her promise to cut taxes. We'll see how well she does then, regardless of what her hair looks like or if she has fluffy couches in the mayor's office.

Replacing DeLuca

No one can really replace the colorful Lou DeLuca. As the Senate Republican leader since the retirement of Dell Eads, DeLuca made up for his occasional inarticulate approach with his passion and candor.

It is a shame that his career was ended by an incredibly foolish error in judgment, but his decision to move off the political stage is welcome and overdue.

The Everyday Republican is reporting that there are currently no less than four Republicans looking to fill the vacated Senate seat DeLuca leaves behind. Among those mentioned are State Representative Arthur O'Neill of Southbury and Watertown Councilman Robert Kane.

What about the Democrats? Word on the street is that one-time DeLuca Challenger and recent Eddie Perez campaign manager Ken Curran may take a shot.

You can see from the photo that according to his T-shirt he would rather be blogging. He certainly wouldn't rather be on a treadmill, or abstaining from donuts. I guess his ALF and Star Trek T-shirts were in the laundry the day they took this photo.

This guy could put the "special" in "special election."

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Environmentalist eggheads in the state legislature like Representative Mary Mushinsky of Wallingford have advocated eliminating our current incandescent light bulbs and mandating we replace them with compact fluorescent light bulbs.

While they failed to pass legislation to accomplish this last session, you can be certain the effort will be renewed.

The reasoning is that they use two-thirds less energy than the fluorescent bulbs. Unfortunately, these "environmentally friendly" bulbs use mercury. So now when they break, there's another way for you to get mercury poisoning other than snapping a thermometer off in your ass.

The NBC 30 site has an interesting story about a family whose child was possibly poisoned by one of these bulbs. I presume the kid did not beak a thermometer off in his ass.

DeStefano Helps Himself Again

New Haven Mayor John DeStefano wants a pay-raise. Hey, who doesn't? But he thinks he deserves a $25,000 per year increase, or 22%. That's interesting. What are New Haven taxpayers getting in terms of pay-raises at their jobs? My guess is a more modest number, like 3-5%.

DeStefano currently makes $115,000 annual salary, and was given a significant raise four years ago. But please! Before you pass judgment, here out the Mayor's spokeswoman Jessica Mayorga in her plea for his raise: "Taking into account how hard he works and his commitment to the city, I don't think he's overpaid," she said. Wow... what kind of a raise is SHE hoping to get? And where did he find her? Her friggin' name is "Mayor" with "Ga" at the end of it for God's sake.

New Haven, you have higher taxes, less services, and your Board of Aldermen is about to reward the man who brought it to you with a 22% pay raise. "Here in New Haven for everyone to see... New Haven look what we got... you and me!"

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Congratulations Johnny Fabs!

Bridgeport's outgoing mayor John Fabrizi won't have to worry about what to do for work once his term ends December 1st. He will get a $117,331 a year job with the Bridgeport Board of Education. You can buy a lot of cocaine with that kind of money.

I had actually thought he might consider going into rap music under the moniker "Notorious P.I.G." but apparently that won't be happening.

It's not like Fabs is without experience for his new role. He used to teach, and in fairness did spend 25 years with the school district prior to becoming mayor. His new job will be similar to the one he held before, as the new assistant director of alternative/adult education and dropout prevention. Makes you wonder what kind of money the actual director makes.

Apparently Harding and Bassick High Schools are considered "dropout factories" according to THIS ARTICLE in the Connecticut Post, where over 60% of incoming freshmen never graduate.

Bridgeport is a toilet. I know I'm not revealing any state secretas when I say that. And it isn't because of the people who live and work there. It's because of this city constantly being used by corrupt Democrats to line their pockets with taxpayer money, and hand out plum jobs like the one Fabrizi just landed.

In one year from now, let's take a look at Bridgeport's drop-out rate. Will it improve? If it doesn't will they fire Fabrizi?

Electing morons like Bill Finch to top posts only means nothing will change in Bridgeport. Fabrizi's selection for this job demonstrates that rather clearly.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Remembering our Veterans

Today is the day we celebrate those who have served in our armed conflicts and personally made it their duty to protect the freedom and liberty we enjoy.

I salute each and every one of you who have answered our nation's call. God Bless America!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Day After

Anyone looking for a state-wide trend or for signs of an overall partisan mandate didn't get that yesterday if they are being honest with themselves.

Yesterday's municipal elections proved the adage that all politics are local, providing a mixed bag of results for Republicans and Democrats across Connecticut. There were predictable victories on both sides such as Finch in Bridgeport, DeStefano in New Haven, and Stewart in New Britain.

There were surprising upsets for both parties as well... such as Joe Maturo's apparent loss in East Haven (very close and a recount is anticipated), and Republican Jason McCoy' victory in Vernon.

All in all, as should be expected, these elections turned on local issues and local personalities. And the table has now been set for the 2008 elections, the presidency, US Senate & House, and of course, our Connecticut General Assembly. That fight starts today.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Get Well Lou Rell

Lou Rell, husband of Governor M. Jodi Rell is undergoing surgery today to remove a small cancerous growth on his esophagus. Our wishes go out to him for a speedy recovery.

Porky Pigs

I do love the police. And most of them keep in top physical condition. But let's face it... a few of them, like those in every other profession, have let themselves go.

In the area of law enforcement, being obese and out of shape puts lives in danger... the life of the overweight officer, his or her partners, as well as the lives of members of the public they are charged to protect.

Some members of the New Haven Police Department that have morphed into tubs of flatulent donut batter have embarked on a new program, as reported in the New Haven Register, to shed some pounds.

The Police Department recognizes the seriousness of having overweight cops. From the Register:

"Police officers are under both mental and physical stress on a regular basis and need to be on top of their game around the clock," said police Chief Francisco Ortiz Jr. "We are finding more and more of our officers needing to restore the good physical condition they were in when they were hired."

I applaud the effort of anyone to get in shape and take charge of their health, not to mention their appearance. So good luck to the hefty members of the New Haven Police. And stay off Wooster Street.


Today is Election Day with polls across the state being open from 6:00AM-8:00 PM. Naturally, I am rooting for as many Republican victories across the state as possible.

There are two places I recommend you check in at for up-to-date election results on the Internet. Everyday Republican will be on top of the status of our Republican candidates all through the day and are promising excellent coverage. Go HERE to keep on top of races and get results when polls close.

And also, check in at CT Local Politics to read and post stories from the day!

Lastly, GO VOTE!

Monday, November 5, 2007

They'll Still Have an Election in Bridgeport

Despite his attempts to gum up democracy in Bridgeport like a mile of ass fat, Chris Caruso has failed in his attempt to prevent an election from taking place there tomorrow.

Tomorrow Bill Finch is going to be elected Mayor of Bridgeport. And no matter how many obstacles he threw in the way, or how many fits he threw, there was ultimately nothing Caruso could do to stop it.

Caruso has, if it's possible, made himself even more laughable, absurd, and insignificant than he was before through his petty lawsuit claiming voter fraud robbed him of the Democratic nomination for mayor of Bridgeport.

The State Supreme Court today ruled that the election would go forward. However, Caruso's case will still be heard, and the possibility of the election results being overturned exists should merit suddenly become a part of Caruso's legal efforts.

Does this mean Finch may ultimately NOT be Mayor of Bridgeport? No. It means Chris Caruso will get to angrily pound his chubby fists into his pillow at night one more time after losing the one weak stand he has left to make.

Freeganism Sweeps Dumpsters Across the Land!

Ready to feel guilty about having a job and buying things?

There is a moving tale in this article from the Connecticut Post today about Zaac Chaves, a "Freegan" who spends money on as little as possible, doesn't use a car, and lives predominantly off of items he finds in the garbage and people's trash. A greater catalog of the philosophy of this group of people can be found at

These people are fighting capitalism, and live "based on limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources. Freegans embrace community, generosity, social concern, freedom, cooperation, and sharing in opposition to a society based on materialism, moral apathy, competition, conformity, and greed. "

Being a Freegan means you have an awful lot to be proud of! You swim through the dumpster, finding food, clothes and other goodies to survive off of.

I remember when we used to call these people bums. And now there's a political and moral lesson to being a bum.

Here's a slice of the life of the Freegam Chaves from the Post:
"In addition to the foods he's found in the trash, his discoveries include a new flashlight and a perfectly good computer mouse. Sometimes, even if an item isn't usable, it can be transformed into something that is. For instance, the shoes Chaves wore on his recent dumpstering expedition were fashioned out of an old car tire."

There's even a "Dumpster Directory" on this site, presuming all these hobos have computers that someone threw away.

Seriously... being a bum is now considered a level on the moral high ground? What's so moral or high-minded about wandering down a back alley with a shopping carriage filled with cans while defecating in your pants?

Mr. Chaves, take a shower, hose out the seat of your pants, and get a job.

Secretary Sledgehammer

Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz will be holding a ceremony in Hartford's Bushnell Park this afternoon to celebrate the disposal of the old lever voting machines.

On the eve of Election Day 2007, she plans to personally take a sledgehammer to one or more of these iron beasts. Thankfully some public works folks will be lending a hand, to save the beast a slow dying, and to keep everyone attending from standing there three hours to watch the complete demolition.

I have mixed feelings about the disposal of the old machines. I was rather fond of them, and Connecticut seemed to have very little problem with them. In fact, most of the errors or difficulties that Connecticut experienced with them were the result of retarded Registrars of Voters accidentally leaving names or lines off of the ballot on one or more machines.

But following the large number of stupid old people in Florida who accidentally voted for Pat Buchanan in the 2000 election on a system that wasn't even remotely like the one employed in Connecticut, Ms. Bysiewicz seized the opportunity to spend millions fixing something not broken.

And so, Democrats take another hammer to one of our tried and true institutions...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Fiddy Cent & Three Hundred Fiddy Pounds

With a penchant for cocaine use, and a history of supporting sex offenders, I guess Mayor John Fabrizi might fit in comfortably with the urban sounds of rap music.

He made an interesting choice recently, when he declared a "50 Cent Day" in Bridgeport to honor Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, the composer of such delicate love ballads as "P.I.M.P" and "Peep Show." Fiddy turned over a check for $25,000 to an inner-city non-profit organization, and Fabrizi presented Mr. Cent with a key to the city.

We know Mr. Fabrizi has the proclivities of some major rappers. Seeing as how Mr. Fabrizi's term as mayor is coming to an end, perhaps he can consider a career change and become a rapper, seeing as he is so fond of the genre.

I can even suggest a rapper name for him: Notorious P.I.G.

Remembering Robert Goulet, 1933-2007

Connecticut Local Politics Nominated for "Best Political Coverage"

I am very pleased that the other place I vent my political spleen on the Internet, Connecticut Local Politics, has been nominated as a finalist in the 2007 Weblog Awards.

All the frontpagers and contributors should share a great deal of pride over the success of CTLP, and this is a great tribute to the hard work everyone puts into making the site fun and informative.

I would definitely encourage readers to head over to THIS PLACE to vote for CTLP... it's up against some very big names such as RealClearPolitics and we'll need every vote we can get! You can vote once every 24 hours.

Things Liberals Would Like to Forget...

Flashback: 1992. In this piece of history, Al Gore criticizes President George H.W. Bush in his handling of Iraq, particularly because they are a terrorist nation in pursuit of nuclear weapons.

This is a little long, but worth watching... I wonder why no one brings this stuff up now?