Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whoa... Easy on Bridgeport

The show "Family Guy" took a small, amusing crack at the city of Bridgeport last night.  Naturally, there is outrage among those in the city of Bridgeport who are either literate, own a television, or actually speak English.  In other words, about five people.

While it is reasonably true that Bridgeport is the home to the things cited above, they went easy on the city, failing to mention that it is the home to corrupt formerly jailed Democrats.  As we approach Christmas time we should remember that Ernest Newton was the Moses of his people.

It is also the place you can go score some chronic outside a Bluefish game or get a shiv in your neck while soliciting hookers outside a boarded up crack den.  The new motto should be "Bridgeport...  making Frog Hollow look safe since 1973."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

John Mertens, Working Families, and the Liberal Double-Standard

My favorite group of liberals over at MyLeftNutSmeg are doing what they do best (piss and moan) over the candidacy of John Mertens who "hijacked" the Connecticut for Lieberman Party endorsement to use it to advance his own political agenda.  However, this same gang of crybabies continue to turn a blind eye to the fictitious and fraudulent "Working Families" Party, a second ballot line for Democrats.

John Mertens may have "hijacked" the CFLP ballot line for his candidacy but at least you can say this about him; the CFLP wasn't just a charade used by liberal Democrats to help prop up Democratic candidates by putting them on a second ballot line, which is exactly what the so-called "Working Families" Party does.  It is a bullshit front-shop Democrats and this gang of cyber-hippies will never profess the kind of outrage over this than they do over Mertens.

To be an actual "third" party one must endorse its own slate of candidates, or at least do so in the majority of cases.  A handful of cross-endorsements would be understandable.  That isn't what Working Families does.  In 2008 they cross endorsed two token safe Republicans in the State Senate, then all Democrat candidates with the exception of one opponent who ran against conservative Senate Democrat Joan Hartley. They fielded another against the more conservative Democrat Linda Schofield.

In 2010 the charade continued.  WF cross-endorsed every Democrat running for Constitutional offices; governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer, secretary of the state, attorney general and treasurer.  They also endorsed the democrat running for U.S. Senate.  Then they cross-endorsed all the Democrats running for all five of Connecticut's Congressional seats.  Then they cross-endorsed a whole mess of Democrats running for State Senate and State Representative.

It isn't even much of a charade.  These people are Democrats.  And this isn't an independent party.

If you want to go nuts about what John Mertens did by stealing the Connecticut for Lieberman Party (from the other assclowns who originally stole it themselves) then you might want to cast your vitriol this way as well.  Unless you aren't interested in being intellectually honest, which we know is the hallmark of the great work over at MLN.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Airport Body Scan Freakout

I don't know what the big deal over the incredibly effective body scans at airports is.  Look at this image for instance.  Not only can we tell that this woman is packing heat, but we also know she needs to wash her ass a little better.

The outrage of people who insist this is a violation of their rights are being absurd.  Their right to hide the fact that they have back fat or weird nipples does not outweigh my right to not get blown up on an airplane.

Opponents of this great technology are outraged that refusal to submit to the scan results in an "enhanced pat-down" - a physical search where breasts and genitals are felt.  They contend this is tantamount to sexual assault. Yet on any flight you have been on, maybe there were four in 200 that you might actually want to feel up. Trust me, this is not thrilling the airport security folks...  there's no bragging rights in going to third base with a 400 lb. sweaty tourist in a mu mu in a United terminal.

Folks who object to this are not crusaders for privacy rights.  They are people who are embarrassed by their own unattractive buttocks, or are terrified that the world may know that one of their testicles hangs lower than the other.  Then of course, there is that small group of people who actually want to sneak weapons and explosives onto an airplane - the purpose of all of this in the first place.

If you're embarrassed about your hideous figure, or object to the exposure of how fat your ass is, that's no excuse to jeopardize my safety.  Go hit a gym.  Then perhaps on your next international flight you can take great pride in your body scan.  Passersby will marvel at your firm buttocks!  You may be asked to sign a printout of the scan.  And if fellow passengers happen to know you're circumcised and carrying a a tube of personal lubricant in your pocket, so be it.

The perennial question "How's it hanging?" verified by TSA.

Sharkey-Infested Waters

It has taken him a decade to get there, but House Democrats have anointed Brendan Sharkey as the new Democratic House Majority Leader.  I couldn't ask for a more aptly named individual to lead the dead-eyed chum-chewing cold-bloods that make up the House Democratic caucus.

Indeed, this caucus tastes the blood of the taxpayer in the water, and is coming in for a feeding frenzy.  As Sheriff Brody said, "we're going to need a bigger boat."

Mr. Sharkey has been the chief proponent of "smart growth" (when politicians call something "smart," you know damned well it's retarded), and he has advanced a policy of regionalization.  Regionalization is, in essence, the robbing of local communities to make decisions for themselves, combining emergency response, schools and other government resources together to "save money."

Of course, it doesn't save the taxpayers money...  most will pay more.  It saves the state money in funding to the communities, so they can lard up some other pet projects.

The bottom line in regionalization is that it also allows the cities to benefit from suburban taxpayers to fund all their government projects in a giant collective.  If you moved to a nice suburb because you thought the town's education was first rate for your children...  bam... they're in school with inner city kids in a regional school where the dropout rate will get jacked, and your child's academics and college plans will suffer.

He will still be second fiddle to Speaker Donovan.  But there can be no question - no matter how dim he is, he will come off looking like a genius when held next to outgoing Majority Leader Denise Merrill, who has been rewarded for her stupidity and mismanagement by being given a job that we apparently expect to be done by dummies- the Secretary of State's office.

So what will the new Sharkey regime look like?  Will they still play computer solitaire during House debates on the budget?  Will they still put off the pressing questions of our age to handle Power Ball, frog dissection, and guaranteeing your right to use an employee toilet when your IBS acts up in a Sports Authority?

He may be a shark...  but he will need to have the power to raise a caucus that has flopped lower than whale shit.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Borrow... and Borrow Some More!

Once again, we will be asked to pay for the poor planning of the imbeciles in the state legislature.  And once again, we will pay far above the asking price as we will be borrowing the money.  So...  let's see what our great grandchildren are about to buy us now...

Turns out that despite warnings from the Rell administration and Republicans in the legislature, the Democrats did not budget enough money for the state's emergency energy relief program.   It may go broke as early as next month, and a special session may be called to deal with it.

By "deal with it" of course, I am referring to the way the Democrats have dealt with everything in this economic crisis; through BORROWING.  A practice that has damaged our bond rating, and caused residents of this state to pay more in interest on all the things we borrow for.

The liberal logic is typical: that dastardly bastardly budget they passed last year authorized nearly $1 billion in borrowing.  Thanks to "unanticipated" revenue streams, they only borrowed $650 million.  So if they borrow only $50 million more, they are still WELL UNDER the $1 billion they initially thought they would borrow.

Somehow, they expect us to see this as a victory.

The state budget is $19 billion...  higher than it has ever been.  In a time of economic crisis our spending has gone up.  There is no restraint with this group.  A special session will call in the same legislature that has failed all along, and with fifteen fewer Democrats, I still have no faith it will discover restraint.

Will Governor Rell approve special legislation to borrow?  What does Governor-elect Malloy think about this?

When you have a chance, thank your unborn great-grandchildren who will still be paying the foolishness of today.  They are apparently a generous lot.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Congratulations Obama!

In the previous 60 year history of mid-term elections, President Barack Obama gets the title of president to lose the most seats in Congress in a mid-term election.

Dwarfing the Republican Revolution against Clinton in 1994, this ass-kicking is significant.

Congratulations Mr. President!

The Death of Death

The good news that Steven Hayes has been sentenced to death has a tarnished silver lining.  The election of Dan Malloy as governor signals the abolition of the death penalty in Connecticut will finally come to fruition, and neither Steven Hayes nor Joshua Komisarjevsky will ever see the syringe.

Governor-Elect Malloy has tried to have it both ways on this issue.  During his campaign he has contended that while he wants to abolish the death penalty in the state, he would not make it retroactive, signaling to those who view the Cheshire killings as a political issue that he would not try to prevent those killers from receiving the death penalty. A curious position to take- either you believe no one should receive the death penalty or you don't.

At any rate, the state legislature already voted to abolish the death penalty, only to have the bill vetoed by Governor Rell.  It will most assuredly be introduced again in 2011.  Advocates of abolishing the death penalty, such as Rep. Michael Lawlor of East Haven, continuously make the torpid argument that since the death penalty is so difficult to carry out in this state, we might as well just get rid of it.

He acts as if he is somehow powerless to improve the application of the death penalty, yet he is a continuous vote against streamlining the appeals process.  He obstructs improvements, and then claims those obstructions as a reason for wiping out the death penalty.

It will be interesting to see how the views of Malloy on non-retroactivity, and those of members of the legislature to save all filthy murderers currently on death row will jibe.  In the meantime, one thing is certain - Connecticut voters, who favor the execution of the Cheshire murderers by 62%, have put in place a governor and legislature that will never let it happen.

Happy Birthday Marine Corps

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Craps

In one of the more delightful stories from this past election cycle, a neighbor of a newly re-elected state representative claims to be in a fit of terror over a dummy seated on a toilet on the legislator's property.

There is clearly more to the back-story on this one than we will ever know.  But a neighbor of state representative DebraLee Hovey of Newtown claimed during the election that Hovey and her husband had made improvements to their basement that had not been reviewed by the Assessor's Office.  A real friendly neighbor obviously, but that's politics.

One of the home improvements alleged was a bathroom, hence the display at the end of Hovey's driveway aimed at her neighbor following her 62% victory over Democrat Michelle Mount on November 2nd.

The Newtown Patch has the scoop on this here.  Neighbor Patricia Campbell claims she is a victim and is terrorized by the dumping dummy.  Says she:
"I'm just scared to death and threatened," said Patricia Campbell, Hovey's neighbor. "I'm not going home now because I'm afraid. These people are bullying me. I'm fearful for my personal being, and property. I am threatened.
"That character looking down my driveway, it's not a pumpkin head, it's Scream's face. That's a killer object at the end of my driveway. One of the first things you learn as a child is that bullying is wrong. Grow up. This is scary. This isn't funny. Not at all."
So frightened for her well-being was Campbell that she called the police.   I would have loved to have been there for that.  A call to the police because there's a dummy taking a shit in your neighbor's yard.  And you're scared of it. The dummy doesn't even appear to have hands to wipe itself.

Since Ms. Campbell is apparently not going home while this evil dummy is in place, I'm not sure where she is hiding out.  She should realize from whatever safehouse she is hiding from this dummy at that she looks like a complete retard.

I know she wants to create a little drama and get some members of the public on her side, but claiming that a pair of stuffed pants and sweatshirt sitting on a flusher is a threat to your safety stretches her waning credibility.  I don't know what could compel someone to believe that a toilet could be a "killer object" but Ms. Campbell must have grown up in a household where a lot of Mexican food was eaten.