Wednesday, November 17, 2010

John Mertens, Working Families, and the Liberal Double-Standard

My favorite group of liberals over at MyLeftNutSmeg are doing what they do best (piss and moan) over the candidacy of John Mertens who "hijacked" the Connecticut for Lieberman Party endorsement to use it to advance his own political agenda.  However, this same gang of crybabies continue to turn a blind eye to the fictitious and fraudulent "Working Families" Party, a second ballot line for Democrats.

John Mertens may have "hijacked" the CFLP ballot line for his candidacy but at least you can say this about him; the CFLP wasn't just a charade used by liberal Democrats to help prop up Democratic candidates by putting them on a second ballot line, which is exactly what the so-called "Working Families" Party does.  It is a bullshit front-shop Democrats and this gang of cyber-hippies will never profess the kind of outrage over this than they do over Mertens.

To be an actual "third" party one must endorse its own slate of candidates, or at least do so in the majority of cases.  A handful of cross-endorsements would be understandable.  That isn't what Working Families does.  In 2008 they cross endorsed two token safe Republicans in the State Senate, then all Democrat candidates with the exception of one opponent who ran against conservative Senate Democrat Joan Hartley. They fielded another against the more conservative Democrat Linda Schofield.

In 2010 the charade continued.  WF cross-endorsed every Democrat running for Constitutional offices; governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer, secretary of the state, attorney general and treasurer.  They also endorsed the democrat running for U.S. Senate.  Then they cross-endorsed all the Democrats running for all five of Connecticut's Congressional seats.  Then they cross-endorsed a whole mess of Democrats running for State Senate and State Representative.

It isn't even much of a charade.  These people are Democrats.  And this isn't an independent party.

If you want to go nuts about what John Mertens did by stealing the Connecticut for Lieberman Party (from the other assclowns who originally stole it themselves) then you might want to cast your vitriol this way as well.  Unless you aren't interested in being intellectually honest, which we know is the hallmark of the great work over at MLN.

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mccommas said...

iThey aren't Democrats, they are Communists! The line is used to punish any stray Democrats that stray from the Socialist agenda.

What gets me is that it counts as a vote if someone over-votes a candidate in that they fill out the bubble on the Democrat line and then again fill it out on the WP Commie line as well.

Any other time that would be an over-vote but they count it.

Do you think they would do that if they cross-endorsed Republicans?