Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If the Blogosphere Could Cry...

You probably remember how in the film Star Wars when Darth Vader blew up the planet Alderaan, Obi Wan Kenobi felt a disturbance in the Force from the death and destruction "as if a million voices cried out and were suddenly silenced." In much the same way, a disturbance was felt across the blogosphere today, as Joe Lieberman retained his senate chairmanship. It was as if a million liberal bloggers cried out and were suddenly silenced.

Well, not really. In fact, liberals have exploded over the issue. They want blood, snot and other vital bodily fluids in payment for Lieberman's continued blasphemy against the Democratic party. And today, Harry Reid announced that in a closed-door party meeting, Democratic Senators voted by secret ballot to allow Lieberman to keep his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee.

The damp-eyed, three-hankey lamentations can be seen at MyLeftNutSmeg here and here.

CTBob expresses his grief here.

CTNewsJunk reports that Connecticut Democrats are still hoping to bitch-slap the insolent Lieberman in a way their national colleagues could not find the backbone to do.

Audrey Blondin, a member of the Democratic State Central Committee is the chief proponent behind the continued effort by state Democrats to get revenge from Lieberman. You may watch Ms. Blondin, courtesy of CTNEWSJunkie rage against the devilish Lieberman below. Try not to be distracted by the Pepto Bismol-colored blazer.

The moth-ball scented men in plaid pants in the audience who had not fallen asleep with their hair pieces flopping over actually managed to applaud her.

National Democrats have proved once again they have no political sack. And our state liberals continue to piss themselves in anger over Lieberman.

Am I wrong to enjoy it? If I am, I don't want to be right.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lesser Representative, Morer Fun

H/T once again to the fantastic Magic Rat.

I wrote about Matt Lesser's candidacy for State Representative before, and although I understand that a wave for Obama descended on Republican candidates across this state, I remain astounded that Matt Lesser, the aptly named pre-puber who hasn't even gotten out of college yet, was actually selected by voters in the 100th district over Ray Kalinowski, a veteran and former secret service agent.

I love democracy. But sometimes the voters are retarded.

Sessions can run late in Hartford. I hope there aren't too many past his bedtime.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Three Scalps

Last night was certainly an awful night for Republicans, and not entirely unexpected. The tidal wave of blue swept down across the United States, and particularly across Connecticut.

Barack Obama is victorious, and we must salute him as the next president, and show him more respect than Dems have shown our outgoing one. It would be easy to blame John McCain for the pathetic campaign he waged, but that would really be a useless waste of energy. Republicans nationwide gambled that with the low approval of George Bush, only a "maverick" Republican could possibly keep the White House. In doing so, they abandoned their principles. This is the result.

It is a sad byproduct often that good candidates at the local level are swept away in national trends. Such was the case with four Republicans in the General Assembly; Senator Rob Russo, and Representatives Al Adinolfi, Ann Ruwet, and Ray Kalinowski. The GOP also lost five open House seats held by retiring Republicans.

There was an interesting twist, though. Amid all this chaos, and a blue tidal wave crashing all the way down the ballot, the Republicans actually managed to defeat two incumbent Democrats, and claim a third open Democratic seat. Incumbent Democrat Jack Malone of Norwich was defeated by Republican Christopher Coutu, as was Trumbull Democrat Tom Christiano by Republican Tony Hwang. Accused pedophile George Wilber's abandoned seat was claimed by Republican John Rigby. Despite the crappy night, Republicans still got three scalps to hang on the wall.

Victory for lazy Democrats is easy when there is a gigantic national trend backing you up. State Democrats doubtlessly pat themselves on the back, but the results are not based on their talents or efforts. In fact, the reality that they could not save those three seats demonstrates a unique weakness... this is the only state in New England where Republicans won any Democratic seats last night.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Day is Here

Today is Election Day. If I were someone who felt obligated to give public service messages, I would give the obligatory "No matter who your candidate is, participate in the democratic process and please vote."

Luckily, I don't feel so obligated. In fact, if you are daft enough to cast a vote for Democrats today, I pray that you are simply too stupid to find your polling place. But since dead and fictitious people will likely be voting today, you"ll probably get there.

In fact, the brilliant Secretary of State has been so asleep at the switch over voter registration issues and the rollout of these new machines, don't be surprised if you show up to vote and find out you already have. Twice.

I have no doubt that Obama will win in Connecticut. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the overall national election will be much closer than the pundits have indicated.

I expect a most fascinating day...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Humble on Election Eve

Capitol Watch has just put up a post quoting Democratic House Speaker Jim Amann and CT Dem Chair Nancy DiNardo predicting as many as 112 Democrats would win House seats, maybe even more.

"I think 112 is a conservative number," DiNardo is quoted as saying. Amann is predicting a net pick-up of 5 seats. That might be a real stretch.

Granted, liberal Connecticut will be going for Obama. But there isn't the same anti-Republican sentiment that was out there in 2006. The low-water mark may have already been reached by legislative Republicans.

Throw in a few seats Dems weren't expecting to lose like the George Wilber seat, which should swing Republican after it was revealed that Wilber apparently molested a young girl some years ago and paid hush money to cover it up, causing Wilber to withdraw.

There may not be much movement. However, if Democrats end up losing any seats this year, it will be because of gross ineptness on the part of Speaker Amann, and his annointed winged monkey, Chris Donovan.

Will Amann be as cocky as his hilarious bid for the Governor's Mansion unfolds further starting Wednesday?

Voter Turnout Could Exceed 126%

Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz has issued a prognostication that voter turnout for Election Day tomorrow could be over 90% or registered voters. There doesn't seem to be a real basis in actual fact for that assessment, and I think she's low-balling!

I mean, after all, we're not counting all of those dead people her office failed to purge who have been consistent voters only upon their deaths. And we haven't even begun to tap into any of the duplicate or fallacious voters conjured up by the folks at ACORN.

No, I think we could end up getting 126% turnout at the polls!

The much-celebrated optical scan machines will get their first really big play this election. I'm sure that heavily increased voter turnout including dead and fictitious people, coupled with elderly people who are trying to accidentally vote for Pat Buchanan will cause no difficulty whatsoever at the polls.

Apparently there is some pride in the fact that 250 college-aged folks have been added to the ranks of poll workers for tomorrow, replacing those who were an average age of 72. So, the scent of mothballs at the polls will be replaced with the scent of vodka and Red Bull.

So... add the following to your Election Day recipe... fraudulent ACORN voters, non-purged dead people who have voted only after they died, high voter turnout, and college-aged (not college kids... college-AGED kids) into the mix... I'm sure everything will go smoothly tomorrow.

Foreign Influence

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mike Lawlor: Soft On Crime

H/T to Jim.

One of the saddest byproducts of the massive liberal, Democratic majority in Hartford has been their complete unwillingness, even in the light of the hideous home invasions and murders such as that in Cheshire, to get tough on violent criminals.

A virtual one-man obstacle to Connecticut adopting a Three Strikes Law which would put violent criminals in jail for life on their third violent conviction, Democratic Judiciary Chairman Michael Lawlor of East Haven has demonstrated that his priorities are totally out of whack.

Lawlor's four votes against Three Strikes since the Cheshire murders earned him a visit in his district this past week from Dr. Bill Petit, whose family was slain in th horrible events of the summer of 2007. Petit appeared on behalf of the Three Strikes Now Coalition to endorse Lori Musco, Lawlor's Republican opponent, who has pledged to support Three Strikes legislation if elected.

The excuses Michael Lawlor has given for opposing Three Strikes have been consistently lame, and Dr. Petit does a good job discrediting them.

Lawlor claims he has worked to keep parolees in jail. But the reality is that when Governor Rell put a moratorium on parole releases in the wake of the Cheshire tragedy, all Lawlor did was visit jails and complain about prison overcrowding.

If only one Democrat gets defeated for reelection, I really do hope it's Michael Lawlor, a man entirely out of touch with the needs of public safety.