Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If the Blogosphere Could Cry...

You probably remember how in the film Star Wars when Darth Vader blew up the planet Alderaan, Obi Wan Kenobi felt a disturbance in the Force from the death and destruction "as if a million voices cried out and were suddenly silenced." In much the same way, a disturbance was felt across the blogosphere today, as Joe Lieberman retained his senate chairmanship. It was as if a million liberal bloggers cried out and were suddenly silenced.

Well, not really. In fact, liberals have exploded over the issue. They want blood, snot and other vital bodily fluids in payment for Lieberman's continued blasphemy against the Democratic party. And today, Harry Reid announced that in a closed-door party meeting, Democratic Senators voted by secret ballot to allow Lieberman to keep his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee.

The damp-eyed, three-hankey lamentations can be seen at MyLeftNutSmeg here and here.

CTBob expresses his grief here.

CTNewsJunk reports that Connecticut Democrats are still hoping to bitch-slap the insolent Lieberman in a way their national colleagues could not find the backbone to do.

Audrey Blondin, a member of the Democratic State Central Committee is the chief proponent behind the continued effort by state Democrats to get revenge from Lieberman. You may watch Ms. Blondin, courtesy of CTNEWSJunkie rage against the devilish Lieberman below. Try not to be distracted by the Pepto Bismol-colored blazer.

The moth-ball scented men in plaid pants in the audience who had not fallen asleep with their hair pieces flopping over actually managed to applaud her.

National Democrats have proved once again they have no political sack. And our state liberals continue to piss themselves in anger over Lieberman.

Am I wrong to enjoy it? If I am, I don't want to be right.


mccommas said...

Or maybe Ms. Blondin can show her disappointment by jumping out of the window behind her?

I think that would be a much bolder statement than a bunch of town committee resolution; don't you? Besides what leverage do Democrats really have since Lieberman was not elected as one?

And what's the point anyway? They got their man in the White House. They will be jacking up taxes, surrendering in Iraq putting more babies on the chopping block before you know it. Why not put it aside? Lieberman is still a big Abortion Pusher and he still voted against Clarence Thomas and all that other stuff. They are at least going to need his vote to break GOP filibusters.

For my part, I am happy Lieberman will not be going over to the Republicans. Aside from the fact he is on America's side in the War on Terror, we don't have much in common with him.

Connecticut Man1 said...

All I wanted was Lieberman rmoved from the Homeland Security committee because he provided cover to the criminal Bush administration there with his lack of oversight, and removal from the committee he holds that works on Air Force and Army details(the Airland Subcommittee). In both those positions he has endangered the nation with his neoconservative views. Instead, the Dems booted him from the one committee where he could do no real harm to us and the military.

In all honesty and given how CT voted overwhelmingly to walk away from the warmongering Bush neoconservative agenda Lieberman supported, he should just pack his bags and retire.

mccommas said...

McCain lost the election son. Not Bush.

Bush was elected twice. That just burns you up inside; doesn't it kid?