Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Three Scalps

Last night was certainly an awful night for Republicans, and not entirely unexpected. The tidal wave of blue swept down across the United States, and particularly across Connecticut.

Barack Obama is victorious, and we must salute him as the next president, and show him more respect than Dems have shown our outgoing one. It would be easy to blame John McCain for the pathetic campaign he waged, but that would really be a useless waste of energy. Republicans nationwide gambled that with the low approval of George Bush, only a "maverick" Republican could possibly keep the White House. In doing so, they abandoned their principles. This is the result.

It is a sad byproduct often that good candidates at the local level are swept away in national trends. Such was the case with four Republicans in the General Assembly; Senator Rob Russo, and Representatives Al Adinolfi, Ann Ruwet, and Ray Kalinowski. The GOP also lost five open House seats held by retiring Republicans.

There was an interesting twist, though. Amid all this chaos, and a blue tidal wave crashing all the way down the ballot, the Republicans actually managed to defeat two incumbent Democrats, and claim a third open Democratic seat. Incumbent Democrat Jack Malone of Norwich was defeated by Republican Christopher Coutu, as was Trumbull Democrat Tom Christiano by Republican Tony Hwang. Accused pedophile George Wilber's abandoned seat was claimed by Republican John Rigby. Despite the crappy night, Republicans still got three scalps to hang on the wall.

Victory for lazy Democrats is easy when there is a gigantic national trend backing you up. State Democrats doubtlessly pat themselves on the back, but the results are not based on their talents or efforts. In fact, the reality that they could not save those three seats demonstrates a unique weakness... this is the only state in New England where Republicans won any Democratic seats last night.


mccommas said...
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mccommas said...

I was hoping that we would hang on the the 44th. Mike was pretty late in letting people know he was bailing out.

She is a smart cookie and a fellow student at ECSU. I hope she tries again.

I was really pleased Cutu whooped Malone mainly because of the shitty way the Norwich Bulletin treated him. Who ever wrote that endorsement of Malone is a real asshole.

Headless Horseman said...

The Killingly and Beacon Falls seats unfortunately probably never had a chance. But 2010 is another chance... and there won't be any George Bush to blame by then.

mccommas said...

I think there just might be a backlash as happened to Clinton. Obama is not going to be able to keep all those promices.

And we all know what the result will be from his economic policy. Thats one promice he would be wise not to keep.

mccommas said...

Thats a really disturbing picture! I keep thinking of it.

That poor lady. I hope she is packing heat somewhere in that dress and takes care of that guy Idiaia Jones style.