Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"We Are All Contamination"

The Republican-American amusingly refers to Sen. Chris Dodd as having an affliction known as 'Barbara Kennelly Syndrome' in that he has never had a tough election until now which has become a referendum on Dodd and his multiple scandals.

Of course, Dodd has never provided us the kind of Kennellyisms we got from the former Congresswoman who was destroyed at the polls when she challenged Governor John Rowland in 1998. You know what I mean... the kind of one-liners delivered while staggering across the lawn trying not to spill the olive out of your martini glass.

Anyhow, The WRA has it right... Dodd's arrogance cannot be underestimated. While Democrats may continue to debate among themselves as to whether it is best for Dodd to get out of the race and save the opportunity for the party to hold the Senate seat, or if Dodd will rise above it all and this flap is just a passing blip in the polls, it is an academic argument.

Dodd will not leave. Those who think the Senator will bow out at anyone's behest are grossly mistaken and have not been paying attention to Dodd or his character.

The WRA does make the painful and obvious connection between Dodd and his fall from grace and the Senator's father who had a similar fall from grace due to ethical challenges. But let's not turn this into a crappy star wars plot- the destiny of the son has little to do with the destiny of the father. Dodd's mess is of his own making and he is perhaps the more foolish of the two as he grew up with a roadmap and example of what not to do as a U.S. Senator and still did it.

It's called arrogance. There is a cure, and it's due to arrive in November, 2010.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

More on Bartlett

A most amusing clip to be found here at "Meet Jason Bartlett."

State Rep. Jason Bartlett, having been arrested in Newtown for having a suspended license, an unregistered motor vehicle, an uninsured motor vehicle, certainly has his defenders among the professional liberal apologist class.

You can see the purely delusional over on a thread at CTLP where the arrest is cast as a conspiracy against Bartlett because he is black, openly gay or both.

Or you can see the gloss-it-over approach over at My Left Nut Smeg, where the assertion is made that: "Moral of the story...don't use your cell phone without a hands-free device."

God damn it that is not the moral of the story. The moral of the story is that if you are a lawmaker, you may not want to be driving without a license for a year and a half ,which was suspended after you ignored a prior infraction, and you may want to actually register your motor vehicle and pay insurance like the law requires. No one gives a shit about the cell phone - that's just the way he was caught for the other things.

Bartlett says he didn't realize his license was suspended. For a year and a half? Enough bullshit. And the fact that he wasn't paying a penny in insurance premiums during that time also escaped his notice?

There are only two possibilities here. Either he is an arrogant unrepentant liar, or he is too stupid to conduct the most basic of his personal affairs. Either way, Bethel has a Grade A steamer representing them.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Exploiting Veterans

Few things are as detestable as exploiting certain groups for your own personal political gain. At the lowest levels of respectability would be the use of our nation's veterans of the armed forces to further your own political exposure.

But that is just what Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz has been doing in her two-year run-up to a run for the governor's office in 2010, according to the work of Brian Lockhart.

The Secretary of State in Connecticut is the chief elections official. Her job has absolutely nothing to do with veterans or the military, and she has devised a very thin and cheap excuse for routinely touring the state placing herself in charge of ceremonies that honor Connecticut's veterans. She claims that in her responsibilities for encouraging voting and engaging in government somehow provide the nexus. Very weak.

Rather, it would appear that she has attempted to gain political points with veterans, their families, and supporters of the military by tugging at all their heartstrings with these very nice and touching ceremonies.

No one would argue that honoring veterans is a bad thing. Clearly we don't even begin to give the proper honors due our great men and women who stand the post for us against tyranny and defend our freedom. But our state's chief elections official is not the one to be coordinating such events for herself.

Bysiewicz has a habit of doing things that aren't her job, and not doing the things that are. While she jaunts around Connecticut on the taxpayer dime holding these ceremonies, there still isn't a complete list of municipal election results on her website nearly a month after the fact.

While she stood at Long Island Sound pretending to be our other attorney general fighting a proposed liquefied water-borne natural gas terminal which also had NOTHING to do with her office, it was revealed that there were 9,000 dead people on the voting roles that her office failed to purge, and many were voting consistently. A bunch of journalism students did the work of her office while she was busy jumping up and down behind Dick Blumenthal's shoulder at Broadwater press conferences trying to get noticed.

Two years ago she managed to get away without the media examining the legitimacy of her roles in the things she attempts to inject herself into. Finally they are paying attention.

Indian Giving

The economy has not only hit our nation hard, but it has hit tribal nations hard as well. Foxwoods will apparently default on a loan, clearly demonstrating financial weakness at the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation.

Over 10,000 people are employed at the "Wonder of it All"... and state lawmakers are counting heavily on the money coming in from Foxwoods. Naturally, as you can see in the video above, that crusty creation of dark magic, Sen. Edith Prague managed to turn the topic back to her cause celeb: unionization. "Even though I'm sort of bent out of shape that they don't allow their workers to unionize and then they have their own worker's comp system," she snorted. "Do I like that? No, but the fact is people are working and they are coming home with a salary and I don't want to see them fail."

Don't LET THEM unionize? The employees themselves voted not to. But since when does a Connecticut Democrat believe in the results of a fair election?

Regardless, the default is bad news. Should Foxwoods fail, we can kiss that $400 million we get from them a year in slot revenue goodbye. In addition, the fallout on area commerce would be catastrophic.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bartlett Pinched

Yet another Democrat in the state legislature has been up to mischief with a motor vehicle. This time it's Representative Jason Bartlett of the 2nd House District.

He was apparently arrested Tuesday morning, and has been charged with driving while using a cellphone without a hands-free device, driving with a suspended license and without a registration.

This particular tale does not involve a drunken woman freezing to death like last winter's tragic tale involving Democrat Rep. James O'Rourke. But it does go to show once again the habit Democrats are in of making laws for other people that they believe themselves to be above.

Naturally, Bartlett voted for a budget last session that increased DMV fees. Maybe who would have been more careful about the vote if he actually paid the fees.
I am also wondering why Bartlett's license was suspended, and why the cause of this suspension doesn't seem to have made news anywhere prior to this arrest.

I think the people of his district deserve better than this... are there any other laws that the legislture has made that Bartlett feels are optional because of hoiw incredibly special and important he is? Politicians like this are colostomy bags hanging from the political process.

Once More Into the Buzz Saw, My Friends!

The only thing bigger than Ralph Nader's ego is his delusion of significance. But whenever his political sideshow tent pulls into view and he begins unpacking its crates of unmitigated bullshit, I have to smile.

Whatever race Ralph gets himself into, he always helps thin out the liberal vote. A perennial candidate for president, the Green Party has now suggested that they would welcome his run for U.S. Senate.

Yes, even the ultra-left smell Dodd's blood in the water, and this is where the delicious rift can help- most of the far left are Dodd apologists who have lashed themselves to his sinking garbage scowl, or they publicly wring their hands with damp eyes over whether they will have to vote for Merrick Alpert because Dodd hasn't moved to surrender in Afghanistan or mandated free shit for everyone fast enough.

Nader has never been dissuaded by inconvenient realities. His candidacy combined with Merrick Alpert's would assure that a white man with dreadlocks and body odor now has a choice in this race!

The Greens want to nominate him. Excellent! Welcome back Ralph. Oh how I've missed you.

Caligiuri in the Fifth

Sometimes the facts are raw and the truth just is what it is. State Senator Sam Caligiuri, who is an excellent candidate for virtually anything, has totally stalled out in his race for the U.S. Senate. He is overshadowed by former Congressman Rob Simmons and the millions that Linda McMahon has been dumping into the race even at this early stage.

Justin Bernier, who is a veteran and used to work for Simmons, has been campaigning for the nomination in the Fifth District, currently held by Chris Murphy, who, after all these years, still looks like a twelve year old going to work in his dad's ill-fitting suit. And then something happened.

The Connecticut Republicans took the unusual step of releasing information that there had been urgings by top officials to get Senator Sam to switch gears and jump into the race against Murphy instead.

Bernier, understandably, was upset by the party meddling. However, like I said, facts are facts. Bernier was never likely to get the steam up to beat incumbent Chris Murphy. Caligiuri on the other hand may have a shot. Did the party meddle? Well, if you call trying to ensure Republicans have the best candidates in each race heading into 2010 "meddling" so be it. It's the kind of meddling that occurs when a friend tries to keep you from drinking gasoline.

Caligiuri should run in the Fifth. And he has stated that he will decide soon if he will do so. If Justin Bernier wants the gold he can prove himself by beating Caligiuri. If he can't do that, he could never beat Murphy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Honoring those Who Sacrificed... to the VP's Motorcade

Yesterday was Veterans Day and all across this nation we paid tribute to the men and women who aerve our armed forces. Many made the ultimate sacrifice.

On Veterans Day in Washington, a pedestrian made the supreme sacrifice to Vice President Biden. The VP's motorcade ran him over on the way back from an event where the VP was honoring seven soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

The Vice Presidential motorcade has now officially killed more Americans than some being held in GITMO.