Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"We Are All Contamination"

The Republican-American amusingly refers to Sen. Chris Dodd as having an affliction known as 'Barbara Kennelly Syndrome' in that he has never had a tough election until now which has become a referendum on Dodd and his multiple scandals.

Of course, Dodd has never provided us the kind of Kennellyisms we got from the former Congresswoman who was destroyed at the polls when she challenged Governor John Rowland in 1998. You know what I mean... the kind of one-liners delivered while staggering across the lawn trying not to spill the olive out of your martini glass.

Anyhow, The WRA has it right... Dodd's arrogance cannot be underestimated. While Democrats may continue to debate among themselves as to whether it is best for Dodd to get out of the race and save the opportunity for the party to hold the Senate seat, or if Dodd will rise above it all and this flap is just a passing blip in the polls, it is an academic argument.

Dodd will not leave. Those who think the Senator will bow out at anyone's behest are grossly mistaken and have not been paying attention to Dodd or his character.

The WRA does make the painful and obvious connection between Dodd and his fall from grace and the Senator's father who had a similar fall from grace due to ethical challenges. But let's not turn this into a crappy star wars plot- the destiny of the son has little to do with the destiny of the father. Dodd's mess is of his own making and he is perhaps the more foolish of the two as he grew up with a roadmap and example of what not to do as a U.S. Senator and still did it.

It's called arrogance. There is a cure, and it's due to arrive in November, 2010.