Saturday, November 21, 2009

More on Bartlett

A most amusing clip to be found here at "Meet Jason Bartlett."

State Rep. Jason Bartlett, having been arrested in Newtown for having a suspended license, an unregistered motor vehicle, an uninsured motor vehicle, certainly has his defenders among the professional liberal apologist class.

You can see the purely delusional over on a thread at CTLP where the arrest is cast as a conspiracy against Bartlett because he is black, openly gay or both.

Or you can see the gloss-it-over approach over at My Left Nut Smeg, where the assertion is made that: "Moral of the story...don't use your cell phone without a hands-free device."

God damn it that is not the moral of the story. The moral of the story is that if you are a lawmaker, you may not want to be driving without a license for a year and a half ,which was suspended after you ignored a prior infraction, and you may want to actually register your motor vehicle and pay insurance like the law requires. No one gives a shit about the cell phone - that's just the way he was caught for the other things.

Bartlett says he didn't realize his license was suspended. For a year and a half? Enough bullshit. And the fact that he wasn't paying a penny in insurance premiums during that time also escaped his notice?

There are only two possibilities here. Either he is an arrogant unrepentant liar, or he is too stupid to conduct the most basic of his personal affairs. Either way, Bethel has a Grade A steamer representing them.

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mccommas said...

Gee Whiz. I was a little late paying the taxes on my car when I was running for Town Council and I was scared to death the paper would find out.

This guy makes me look like a winner.