Thursday, August 30, 2007

DeLauro Does Nothing on Proposed Toxic Dump

Perhaps it was because Romulan Command didn't give her an explicit directive, but Rosa DeLauro has completely let down the residents of Stratford. These residents have had to contend with the very real threat that the federal Environmental Protection Agency would dig up toxic waste from multiple sites contaminated by the former Raymark Industries, and burying and capping it in a single location in Stratford.

DeLauro, who I am told only sent a young and uninformed girl from her staff to the meetings that have been taking place in Stratford to basically take notes, issued excuse after excuse concerning the EPA. It took urging from State Representative John Harkins (R-Stratford) and State Senator Dan Debicella (R-Shelton) to get the EPA to indicate they may budge on the plan.

Harkins and Debicella issued a stinging letter this week to the EPA, asking for alternatives to be considered. Wednesday night nearly 500 residents showed up at a meeting to protest the dump. The EPA wants to create a toxic dump in Stratford that contains lead, asbestos and PCBs. And DeLauro has been AWOL during the whole process.

Finally, at last night's meeting, the EPA indicated they might budge on the issue. No thanks to DeLauro. Her office did issue a statement though. In part, it said: ""It is my sincerest hope that whatever remedy is selected, it will address the health and safety concerns of residents, as well as provide relief to the greatest number of impacted property owners." She doesn't appear to care enough to offer anymore than platitudes.

DeLauro is more wrapped up in the politics of Washington D.C. and it appears that her priorities reflect that. A review of her Congressional website reveals that her latest release this week was an effort to pile onto Attorney General Gonzalez following his resignation. She has plenty of time to break political balls, but none for the people of her district facing real problems.

That's what you get when you elect a Romulan. Maybe next time the 3rd District can elect a Klingon or Ferengie.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Defending a Connecticut Marine

Meriden native and U.S.M.C. SSG Frank D. Wuterich will begin the process of defending himself as his Article 32 hearing begins at Camp Pendleton, CA this Thursday. SSG Wuterich ia accused of unpremeditated murder in the killing of 24 Iraqis in Haditha, Iraq, after a roadside bomb attack killed a member of his squad.

On November 19, 2005, SSG Wuterich was leading 1st Squad, 3rd Platoon, Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment. They were transporting Iraqi army soldiers at a checkpoint in Haditha when his convoy of Humvees was hit by an IED, killing one Marine. The Marines encountered a car full of military aged Iraqi men lingering by the bombing site. Suspecting them of participating in a common multi-tiered attack, the Marines engaged and killed them. The convoy then took fire from a group of houses, and the Marines did a systematic sweep of the enemy, house to house.

Iraqi witnesses tell of a massacre of innocent Iraqi men, women and children, unarmed, and in many instances begging for their lives. The Marines say they followed the rules of engagement in eliminating the enemy, and civilians were an unfortunate part of the casualties that day.

SSG Wuterich and his fellow Marines were defending themselves that day. Civilians die, and that is unfortunate, but that is the nature of war. Wuterich never concealed the fact that civilians died. It is entirely possible that there was misjudgment on the part of the Marines, but evidence has not corroborated the Iaqi version of an intentional, gratuitous massacre of innocent people. That didnt' stop liberal politicians such as John Murtha from exploiting the event and characterizing American soldiers as wanton killers.

SSG Wuterich is a married father of two, and is responsible for paying for his own defense. If you are interested in supporting him, go here:

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pillow Fight In Hartford

Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez has taken a beating this past week over the disclosure that he had a city contractor do home improvements at his residence (including a beautiful biscuit colored bathroom!) without paying for the work for nearly two years, and without getting any of the proper permits.

Democratic mayoral candidate and state legislator Art Feltman immediately jumped on Perez for the impropriety. And now, Perez has come back swinging!

Perez has released a statement that accuses Feltman of misleading voters on his official website. What insidious lies has Feltman spread? Well! He isn't CURRENTLY practicing law... he FORMERLY practiced law! And... he's not 46 years old! He's 49! Feltman amusingly quipped "Perez is drowning. Will someone please throw this man a rope?"

However, in acknowledging that he is retired from practicing law, Feltman had the coconuts to say this: "The fact is that I sacrificed income to better serve the public, and I should be commended for that."

Well, Art. Your modesty is disarming.

Meanwhile, Minnie Gonzalez, another Democratic Hartford legislator who is campaigning for mayor, was in court all day yesterday trying to get herself back on the ballot after she and her slate were bumped by the registrar for failing to properly collect the required signatures, and that the petitions of multiple candidates had been circulated by the same people in violation of a 30-year-old law.

Gonzalez claims the law violates free speech rights. Also, she apparently claims the names of Micky Mouse, Dick Hurtz, Ben Dover and Mike Hunt are all valid on the petitions and should be accepted.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

DeStefano Helps Himself

What a surprise! New Haven Mayor John DeStefano is the big winner in the "Who Gets $15,000 of Taxpayer Dollars for His Campaign" sweepstakes. DeStefano was running against James Newton in the Democratic Primary until Newton failed to get enough signatures to qualify for the ballot.

The $15,000 that DeStefano received under New Haven's public campaign finance system, and as the New Haven Register editorializes today, there is no mechanism for the city's Democracy Fund to get the money back. In fact DeStefano can apply for another grant later during the general election. And just how viable will that candidate be that he faces in the general?

In other words, DeStefano will take $30,000 of taxpayer dollars in an economically depressed city which could use those funds for school books, education, infrastructure improvements etc, and will be using it to by bumper stickers, campaign signs, and maybe little sponges that showcase photos of his enormous gargantuan head.

If DeStefano has any decency, he will give the money back, and not take any more.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Remembering Dick Belden

Before I renew the festivities here in my corner of the blogosphere, I would be remiss if I did not pause for a moment to pay tribute to State Representative Richard O. Belden, who passed away suddenly yesterday.

Representative Belden was the longest serving member of the House in the history of the Connecticut General Assembly, earning him the title "Dean of the House." But that is not why he has earned a place in history or why we should remember him and his service.

His voice in Connecticut government was more meaningful than it was powerful. His service was more substantial than it was glorious. Belden always did what he did out of a sense of decency, moral obligation, and a firm commitment to honor the oath of office he took seventeen times. In him you did not get a politician who was constantly positioning himself and repositioning himself in order to pander to certain groups, or obtain higher office.

Dick Belden was one of the very few Republicans in the General Assembly that could recall the brief ascension of the GOP to the majority in 1985-86. In fact, he served as Deputy Speaker.

The ideals and beliefs that he stood for are the very backbone of what will bring Republicans back to a majority sooner than many may believe.

God bless Richard Belden, and may God care for his wife and family in this time of loss.

No I am Not Dead. I am Undead.

I have received a handful of messages which asked the same thing: are you dead?

Well, while I found these messages both touching as well as a bit creepy, the answer is no, I am just fine. I have an annual military obligation which has taken me away from this blog as well as news and life in general for a little bit. But I am back now and will be posting anew... starting this evening.

Thanks to those inquiring as to the status of my pulse.