Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pillow Fight In Hartford

Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez has taken a beating this past week over the disclosure that he had a city contractor do home improvements at his residence (including a beautiful biscuit colored bathroom!) without paying for the work for nearly two years, and without getting any of the proper permits.

Democratic mayoral candidate and state legislator Art Feltman immediately jumped on Perez for the impropriety. And now, Perez has come back swinging!

Perez has released a statement that accuses Feltman of misleading voters on his official website. What insidious lies has Feltman spread? Well! He isn't CURRENTLY practicing law... he FORMERLY practiced law! And... he's not 46 years old! He's 49! Feltman amusingly quipped "Perez is drowning. Will someone please throw this man a rope?"

However, in acknowledging that he is retired from practicing law, Feltman had the coconuts to say this: "The fact is that I sacrificed income to better serve the public, and I should be commended for that."

Well, Art. Your modesty is disarming.

Meanwhile, Minnie Gonzalez, another Democratic Hartford legislator who is campaigning for mayor, was in court all day yesterday trying to get herself back on the ballot after she and her slate were bumped by the registrar for failing to properly collect the required signatures, and that the petitions of multiple candidates had been circulated by the same people in violation of a 30-year-old law.

Gonzalez claims the law violates free speech rights. Also, she apparently claims the names of Micky Mouse, Dick Hurtz, Ben Dover and Mike Hunt are all valid on the petitions and should be accepted.


mccommas said...

Pillow fight is the right term -- LOL.

clint said...

Hey! I know Mike H.

Great guy. Why do so many people laugh about his name?