Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Miron Bites It Off In Stratford

There's milking the teat of government for your own personal benefit, and then there's biting the damned nipple off when you're done. That's what out-going Democrat Stratford Mayor James R. Miron and his posse of one-dimensional partisan hacks on the public dole managed to do on the way out.

Miron, who served as the municipality's first mayor had his clock cleaned by incoming Republican Mayor John Harkins last November. Following this, Miron authorized over $224,000 in payments to himself and his sycophants prior to Harkins being sworn in on December 15th. These payments are likely to be completely improper.

By terminating the employees prior to the date Harkins took office, the employees became entitled to their full 2010 sick days and vacation days as well as 60 days of pay. Miron paid himself over $44,000 on the way out, and gave his outgoing CAO Suzanne McCauley over $52,000, an apparent overpayment of $15,000.

To add to the classiness of this gang of pricks, five of these officials simply failed to show for work on the day Harkins took office, among them McCauley. When asked why she failed to show up with no notice to the new administration she sniffed "I worked for Mayor Miron, not Mayor Harkins."

No, you barrel of filth... you worked for the PEOPLE OF STRATFORD. Your grotesque and twisted sense of entitlement, and this shameful parting raid on the public treasury certainly demonstrates conclusively why the people of Statford showed you, and the snorting swine of a benefactor you owe fealty to, the political door.

The people of Stratford deserved an orderly transition from a man they gave the public trust to for four years... not a bunch of his cronies acting like rabid squirrels stuffing their cheeks with public nuts. It is one more group of disgraced Democrats taxpayers could do well without.

Price of Admission

After years of being lectured by Democrats in the legislature who, despite this massive deficit, want to keep millions of taxpayer dollars to spend on their campaigns, we can see that this supposed reform hasn't changed much at all in terms of influence.

Blowhards like Rep. Chris Caruso who wag their index finger in our collective faces saying public financing takes the influence out of politics are clearly peddling undistilled bullshit. What it does is make certain that each of these legislators can steal a $25,000 bag of cash from state coffers every time they run. This way, they say, they can spend more time talking about the important issues instead of raising money. In other words, they have to work less hard at convincing people to donate to them. This isn't political bravery. It's laziness, and it's greed fueled by an unmitigated overestimation of their own value.

Case in point (h/t to Capitol Report) is Denise Merrill, House Democrat Majority Leader. Despite claiming four years ago that the public financing measure would remove the lobbyist influence in Hartford, she is allowing the CT Food Industry to hold a $200-$1,000 per person fundraiser for her Majority PAC. This is, of course, perfectly legal. You see, the lobbyists can't donate to individual legislators, but they can donate to a caucus PAC which in turn gives the money to legislator's campaign. You and I are expected to believe that since the money goes through one extra set of partisan hands that the influence is no longer there.

It is a sham that we will all pay millions for while they can't manage to strip a single significant thing from their budget while we have a massive deficit.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Unhappy Connecticut

A recent study measuring the happiness levels of residents in each U.S. State and Washington D.C. placed Connecticut at the bottom at number 50, outdone only by New York.

Who knew it was so bad? Well, anyone who lives here. However, it would appear that the analysis was extremely superficial and the findings suspect. Finds Andrew Oswald of the University of Warwick in England regarding the states at the bottom of the list: "Many people think these states would be marvelous places to live in. The problem is that if too many individuals think that way, they move into those states, and the resulting congestion and house prices make it a non-fulfilling prophecy."

One would have to take issue with that. Connecticut has lost population, roughly to the tune of over 240,000 people in the last ten to fifteen years. We lost a Congressional seat during the last redistricting effort.

Naturally, the reason for statewide unhappiness couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that our legislature and leaders in government tax the stuffing out of us, have terrible economic policies that punish success and drive businesses and jobs out of the state.

I mean, I thought the Democrats that run our legislature were passing all these great bills like making sure I can take a dump in a J. Crew store if I have a note from my doctor that says my ass acts up, or preventing children from having to dissect animals in school. Weren't these supposed to make our lives better?

Note to the General Assembly: you're so incompetent and ineffective you are making your constituents clinically depressed. The collective resignation of about 100 of you would probably put a spike in our happiness numbers.

Doesn't Know Where He Lives...

Democratic State Representative David Aldarondo, formerly of the 75th District has acknowledged that he doesn't actually live there anymore. He claims he accidentally moved out of the district into the 71st District.

From the Waterbury Republican-American, Aldarondo explained thusly: "I thought the house was in my district. I never meant to leave my district, but the evens and the odds, I got confused. But I'm doing all I can to correct my mistake."

Are you kidding? This is actually the admission of a few remarkable pieces of complete stupidity. First, you don't even know where the district you represent begins and ends and you find the concept of odd and even numbers "confusing." Secondly, you don't even bother to check where the district border is if you are unsure before you go through with the purchase of a new home.

Aldarondo says he will sell the new home and move back into his district immediately. It's nice to know that preserving his political service is more important to him than finding a decent home for his family.

The law requires that legislators live within their own districts. Unfortunately, the State House of Representatives would be the authority which would decide on Aldarondo's case. He should immediately be removed from office, but since the Democrats have such a massive majority in that chamber, I can guarantee that this law will be ignored and Aldarondo will probably be given plenty of time to move back into his district.

Hopefully when he moves again he'll actually be able find the district he was elected to represent.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Belch Heard 'Round the World

Obese liberal gadfly and propaganda vendor Michael Moore has WEIGHED in on the initial Romulan salvo fired at Senator Joe Lieberman by Rep. Rosa DeLauro who suggested Lieberman should be recalled.

Moore apparently took time out from flicking lint out from under his sweaty man-tits to Tweet direct his fat rage at the state of Connecticut for having elected Lieberman who now holds up the healthcare bill in the Senate.

Moore demanded in his Tweet that Connecticut recall Lieberman or he will initiate a boycott on our humble little state, claiming he holds Connecticut residents responsible for Lieberman's actions.

One must assume that Connecticut does not produce any of the Twinkies, sausages, pies or donuts that likely round out his healthy diet, lest his svelt figure might be in jeopardy with such a call to action.

DeLauro was too stupid to realize that, first of all, Connecticut has no recall laws, and secondly, no United States Congressman or Senatoir can be recalled by their state - it is not provided for in the US Constitution.

Reality is never an obstacle for liberals. Moore made a handful of anti-Connecticut Tweets where he threatens the boycott unless we do something aboutLieberman. He then acknowledges in a subsequent Tweet that CT and NO STATE can recall a Senator. He then renews his threat to boycott CT again if we don't do something about Joe.

As Dean Wormer said in Animal House: "Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son." Moore also threatens "After 18 months of Sarah Palin, ever hear anybody say 'Boy, I can't wait to spend time in Alaska'? Connecticut- you listenin'?" As if anyone ever said that before Sarah Palin. And who the Hell is saying that about Connecticut now? Connecticut is the road between New York and Boston. What's our big attraction? Mystic Seaport? The Colt dome? Retarded.

Well bring on the boycott Moore! None of your adherents have money to buy anything anyway. Connecticut should boycott Moore and send him the message that he should go f@*k his fat self.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Failure Has Two Names: Donovan & Williams

It really didn't take much effort to predict that the Special Session of the State Legislature that was called by Governor Rell to address continuing budgetary shortfalls would end by legislative Democrats doing what they do best; NOTHING.

The Governor had proposed making cuts in aid to towns and cities. The cuts were not popular, but then again NO CUTS ARE POPULAR. There is always a constituency, interest group or agency that stands to lose when you trim back government.

The state is broke. The games can't go on any longer. There is no more stimulus money. The Rainy Day Fund has been drained. The state's credit rating is going in the toilet because they borrowed more than ever before. The Democrats have put off as long as they can the harsh reality; they will have to cut something.

Is this what Profiles in Courage awards get doled out for? Ignoring reality as long as you can, hoping that things will improve as if by magic?

Well, unless Speaker Chris Donovan is going to reach into his own ass and pull out a $3 billion magic rabbit, then this coming year, election year as it is, will be even more adventurous.

Being a politician used to be fun... throwing around other people's money and getting slapped on the back for it. Now when the state needs real leaders, legislative Democrats reveal themselves for what they really are; charlatans.

State Senator Ed Meyer, Democrat of Guilford made the uncharacteristically honest assessment saying we need new legislative leaders. Even the rank and file know how incompetent they are made to look. I hope Connecticut agrees.

Lifting the Cloak(ing Device)

It's certainly ho secret that Joe Lieberman gets under the skin of the left at times. U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro of the 3rd District (Romulan Command)has now called for Lieberman's recall, which fascinates because U.S. Senators cannot be recalled.

DeLauro is quoted thusly in Politico:“No individual should hold health care hostage, including Joe Lieberman, and I’ll say it flat out, I think he ought to be recalled.”

Lieberman, of course, has angered them because he had the temerity to take the position that he would join the GOP in filibustering the God-awful healthcare bill if it contained a public option or if those aged 55 to 64 were allowed to buy into Medicare.

Other Connecticut Congressmen have tried to figure out why Lieberman would do this, and what his agenda might be. It couldn't possibly be that he just knows it's bad policy! Medicare is already broke and they want to weigh it down by adding to it?

Joe Lieberman has taken this stance because he believes it's the right course of action. I do note that I did not see anyone in our delegation get their ire up when Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana exchanged her vote for $300 million in aid to her state. I guess holding out is fine as long as your convictions have a price.