Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Miron Bites It Off In Stratford

There's milking the teat of government for your own personal benefit, and then there's biting the damned nipple off when you're done. That's what out-going Democrat Stratford Mayor James R. Miron and his posse of one-dimensional partisan hacks on the public dole managed to do on the way out.

Miron, who served as the municipality's first mayor had his clock cleaned by incoming Republican Mayor John Harkins last November. Following this, Miron authorized over $224,000 in payments to himself and his sycophants prior to Harkins being sworn in on December 15th. These payments are likely to be completely improper.

By terminating the employees prior to the date Harkins took office, the employees became entitled to their full 2010 sick days and vacation days as well as 60 days of pay. Miron paid himself over $44,000 on the way out, and gave his outgoing CAO Suzanne McCauley over $52,000, an apparent overpayment of $15,000.

To add to the classiness of this gang of pricks, five of these officials simply failed to show for work on the day Harkins took office, among them McCauley. When asked why she failed to show up with no notice to the new administration she sniffed "I worked for Mayor Miron, not Mayor Harkins."

No, you barrel of filth... you worked for the PEOPLE OF STRATFORD. Your grotesque and twisted sense of entitlement, and this shameful parting raid on the public treasury certainly demonstrates conclusively why the people of Statford showed you, and the snorting swine of a benefactor you owe fealty to, the political door.

The people of Stratford deserved an orderly transition from a man they gave the public trust to for four years... not a bunch of his cronies acting like rabid squirrels stuffing their cheeks with public nuts. It is one more group of disgraced Democrats taxpayers could do well without.

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