Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Failure Has Two Names: Donovan & Williams

It really didn't take much effort to predict that the Special Session of the State Legislature that was called by Governor Rell to address continuing budgetary shortfalls would end by legislative Democrats doing what they do best; NOTHING.

The Governor had proposed making cuts in aid to towns and cities. The cuts were not popular, but then again NO CUTS ARE POPULAR. There is always a constituency, interest group or agency that stands to lose when you trim back government.

The state is broke. The games can't go on any longer. There is no more stimulus money. The Rainy Day Fund has been drained. The state's credit rating is going in the toilet because they borrowed more than ever before. The Democrats have put off as long as they can the harsh reality; they will have to cut something.

Is this what Profiles in Courage awards get doled out for? Ignoring reality as long as you can, hoping that things will improve as if by magic?

Well, unless Speaker Chris Donovan is going to reach into his own ass and pull out a $3 billion magic rabbit, then this coming year, election year as it is, will be even more adventurous.

Being a politician used to be fun... throwing around other people's money and getting slapped on the back for it. Now when the state needs real leaders, legislative Democrats reveal themselves for what they really are; charlatans.

State Senator Ed Meyer, Democrat of Guilford made the uncharacteristically honest assessment saying we need new legislative leaders. Even the rank and file know how incompetent they are made to look. I hope Connecticut agrees.

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mccommas said...

I missed that issue!

Add Denise Merrill. This Failure is a threesome.