Friday, December 18, 2009

Doesn't Know Where He Lives...

Democratic State Representative David Aldarondo, formerly of the 75th District has acknowledged that he doesn't actually live there anymore. He claims he accidentally moved out of the district into the 71st District.

From the Waterbury Republican-American, Aldarondo explained thusly: "I thought the house was in my district. I never meant to leave my district, but the evens and the odds, I got confused. But I'm doing all I can to correct my mistake."

Are you kidding? This is actually the admission of a few remarkable pieces of complete stupidity. First, you don't even know where the district you represent begins and ends and you find the concept of odd and even numbers "confusing." Secondly, you don't even bother to check where the district border is if you are unsure before you go through with the purchase of a new home.

Aldarondo says he will sell the new home and move back into his district immediately. It's nice to know that preserving his political service is more important to him than finding a decent home for his family.

The law requires that legislators live within their own districts. Unfortunately, the State House of Representatives would be the authority which would decide on Aldarondo's case. He should immediately be removed from office, but since the Democrats have such a massive majority in that chamber, I can guarantee that this law will be ignored and Aldarondo will probably be given plenty of time to move back into his district.

Hopefully when he moves again he'll actually be able find the district he was elected to represent.

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