Thursday, February 28, 2008

Underpants in the Wind

Last year the Democrats in the state legislature wanted to tax your underpants. This year they are adamant about your God-given right to hang your underpants outside, to inflate on the wind and awe your neighbors.

The Courant reports this morning that the legislature's Energy Committee is having a hearing today on a bill that would give all of us the right to hang our clothes outside to dry, even if we live in an apartment or condominium. It is supported by Rep. Steve Fonatana (D-North Stoning-haven), the same genius that is one half of the team that brought us the anti-bullhook bill last year.
Says Fontana: "Having the freedom to dry [on a clothesline] helps save money and contributes to the safety of the planet."

The safety of the planet. I see. Underpants on a clothesline makes the world safer. Perhaps increasing the number of our clotheslines will somehow confound suicide attacks of Al Qaeda. Perhaps large underpants on a clothesline can snag incoming meteorites. Safer?

People of North Haven, you should be required to explain why you keep sending this dim bulb back to the legislature every two years.

Now, I see that the reason that they think this bill has energy implications, and is therefore before the energy committee, is because if Connecticut residents band together and abandon the use of a clothes dryer, energy consumption will decrease, albeit nominally.

I would have thought a gentle man like Steve Fontana would have found some sort of deeper appreciation for the Snuggle fabric softener bear. Guess not. But what is clear is that Democrats like Fontana enjoy this kind of junk legislation, pretending to take significant action on a serious issue, while completely failing to adopt any proper energy cost relief for residents of Connecticut.
Remember last year after all of our energy bills jumped to new heights, and the Democrats promised us they would enact quick relief for us? How's that working out? Anyone paying less than the did last year? Mua ha ha ha ha! You have to be kidding me.
If the best Democrats like Steve Fontana can offer us for energy relief is a bill giving us the right not to use clothes dryers, I'd say he's all wet. Like his underpants.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And the Oscar for Best Performance by an Incompetent Leader Goes to...

Speaker James Amann of course.
Interestingly enough, the only tax credits Speaker Jim Amann wants to give out are to the liberal, wealthy movie industry.

Capitol Watch pointed out today that a group called Connecticut Voices for Children issued a report blasting the Speaker and the movie industry tax credit, noting that it is above and beyond tax credits for other industries here in the state.

Amann, of course, probably fantasizes that his efforts will allow him to jaunt with celebrities as they film here in what he has proclaimed "Hollywood East." It has certainly resulted in one of the most disgusting turns of fate... while Sean Connery will not appear in the new Indiana Jones movie, Amann will... as an extra!

While I agree that tax credits for any industry are usually a good thing, they are now totally out of whack with comparable credits in other industries, particularly ones that have their bases of operation here. It is this short-sighted, narrow-minded approach to our state's economy, coupled with the Speaker's insatiable desire to aggrandize himself, that has created this absurd situation.
Congratulations Mr. Speaker! You deserve a statuette made of dung.

Dodd Signs on for Obama

Chris Dodd. Remember him? After a long period of silence after dropping out of the presidential race, our state's senior U.S. Senator has now endorsed the presidential bid of Barack Obama.

What a windfall for Obama! Now the eleven people who were supporting Dodd for president finally have been released to help swell the ranks of Obamarama.

Some speculated that Dodd's presidential campaign was, in its entirety, all about getting a cabinaet post. Perhaps. If so, has Obama promised him something? It's not as though Dodd really has anything tangible to offer Obama's presidential ambitions in terms of clout, votes or influence. Perhaps he can be made Secretary of Insignificance.

And, should Obama defeat Hillary and ascend to the presidency, a Dodd vacancy certainly scares our friends on the left... in that Govenor M. Jodi Rell will be able to nominate a Republican to replace him. This is why they are working so feverishly to get a Senate Vacancy bill passed... but that's another post for another day...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hillary's Low

Well, Hillary is definitely tanking, and now there is this photo business. Apparently some Clinton staffers have circulated this photo of Barack Obama in this interesting garb.

The photo isn't very interesting. Polticians visiting different locales often dress in the native fashion. Sometimes it is absurd. Look at those ridiculous shirts Bush wears whenever he is in Asia. Obama was evidently on a trip to Kenya in this photo.

The interesting thing is what this says about the Clinton campaign, and the level of desperation it has devolved into.

Is the suggestion here a renewal of assertions that Obama has Muslim origins? To the untrained eye, the garb certainly appears potentially Arabic or Muslim.

Regardless. this would not be the first time a politician looked ridiculous in a costume. I'd give money to see Ted Kennedy's Tyrannosaurus Sex costume.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hillary's End

Hillary Clinton could have the political steak driven through her proverbial (and hypothetical) heart soon.

If Clinton does not win both Texas and Ohio and their upcoming primaries, she may be beyond recovery.
I don't like to see this. I want Obama and Clinton to keep hammering each other up to the convention. I want Hillary to keep having the opportunity to point out that Obama plagiarizes speeches and focuses on meaningless "change." I want her to keep having the opportunity to demonstrate that he has no experience to hold office.
I also want Obama to continue to have the opportunity to point out what a desperate, shrill and angry woman Clinton is. THEN we can do the general election.
What I want to know is... since the Clintons are such forgiving types... who is going to get skinned by them when Hillary does lose.

"There is no urgency."

h/t to my friends at Everyday Republican for bringing this to my attention...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Presidents Week - Rutherford B. Hayes

In our continued exploration of presidential inadequacy this week, today I give you Rutherford B. Hayes.

Hayes, a Civil War veteran, former Congressman and governor of Ohio was elected in 1876 in the closest presidential election in history. Once he got in the White House, his wife banned all liquor on the premisise. Parties there must have been delightful.

He had a beard you could lose a badger in, and only served one term.

Here's to Rutherford B. Hayes in celebration of Presidents Week!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Legislative Drips

Today's Record-Journal is reporting that Represenative Beth Bye (D-West Hartford) is leading "several lawmakers" who have asked to stop buying water coolers in the Capitol and legislative building.

These folks want to save us all $11,600 per year on the bottled water for water coolers that usually go to these two buildings.

Of course, to save us that money, they want seven water fountains installed to replace the coolers. I don't know how much that will cost, but I think it's safe to say that the cost of installing seven water fountains on a government contract in public buildings will be more than $11,600.

I'm really pleased to see Rep. Beth Bye so interested in saving us money. This fascinates since she has voted with her party in lock step to keep our taxes high, business restricted and fuel costs at an all-time high.

No one buys your schtick, Rep. Bye. If you were interested in saving us money you'd be voting differently on almost every issue... not installing water fountains in two buildings none of your constituents ever go to.

If saving money on water is so important to you and your colleagues, please consider drinking out of the toilet... the same place you have helped send our economy.

Presidents Week - James Buchanan

What review of inadequate presidencies could possibly be complete without Democrat James Buchanan?
As the question of slavery further divided the nation, Buchanan took the reins of our nation at a critical juncture, and promptly assed it up.

Thinking sectional balance between states with and without slavery was a good answer, along came Bleeding Kansas.

Buchanan was inadequate at letting the steam out of the country's roll toward armed conflict over the issue, and in fact, exacerbated the issue. He didn't run again, handed the country the Civil War, and disappeared.
Buchanan was a confirmed bachelor. You may draw what conclusions you want from that... not that there's anything wrong with that.

Later, his image would be used to sell Gerber baby food.

Here's to James Buchanan in celebration of Presidents Week!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wart Hog Issues Death Fart

The final blow has come today to Rep. Chris Caruso's run for mayor of the city of Bridgeport.

A unanimous decision was handed down today from the Connecticut State Supreme Court, refusing to overturn lower court rulings, and declining to call for a new primary in Bridgeport.

The ridiculous claim that somehow his loss by over 270 votes in a 9,000 vote primary against Senator Bill Finch was the result of "irregularities" at the polls was finally laid to rest, and the refusal by a narrow-minded, egotistical politician to accept his defeat with even a shred of dignity and grace has now run its course.
The political belch heard round the state has now been expelled, and Caruso will now be forced to return to the General Assembly, where he can torture his colleagues with his self-righteous blather, and keep us up in the wee hours of the morning when we watch CTN.

Presidents Week- William Henry Harrison

Continuing my review of less-than adequate presidencies for Presidents Week, today we will examine William Henry Harrison.

William Henry Harrison was a hero of the War of 1812, and later governor of the Indiana territory and Senator from Ohio.

He was elected to the presidency in 1840, and inaugurated in March of 1841. Thirty-one days later he died. He was the oldest president elected until Ronald Reagan, and spent most of his term dead.

The end.

Here's to William Henry Harrison in celebration of Presidents Week!

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Katz Ass

Libertarians are Republicans that are too narrow-minded to realize they are Republicans.

Such is the case with Joshua Katz, a Libertarian who intends to challenge Republican Marilyn Giuliano for her seat in the Connecticut General Assembly's 23rd District.

According to his site, Katz wants to get rid of the state income tax, and roll back prohibitive gun laws that restrict law-abiding gun owners. He is pro-choice, and wants to prevent illegal immigrants from getting in-statetuition rates. Sounds like a typical Connecticut Republican, right?

If he sees Marilyn Giuliano as an opponent toward achieving lower taxes, and a better Connecticut, he isn't paying attention. He should be supporting Giuliano, not trying to fracture her vote.

Katz does come off as a bit of a moonbat in a couple areas, however. He apparently wants to prevent the Connecticut National Guard from being deployed overseas, and pull Connecticut out of the Selective Service, "protecting" any CT residents from a future draft.

Lofty goals for a candidate for state representative. As a state legislator, he'll pretty much need to get Connecticut to seceed from the Union to accomplish them. Good luck!

Finally, his answer to the health care issue is to expand naturopathic medicine and "alternative" health care. Excellent. I am certain there is no question that putting healing crystals on our nipples will greatly reduce health care costs. And greatly increase burial costs!

Mr. Katz's web site says that he doesn't want to sit back and do nothing about the problems he sees around him. That is admirable. However, if he unwittingly allows a Democrat to win this seat, he will have become the very problem he seeks to address.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Satellite Could Crash in Connecticut

Apparently a dead U.S. spy satellite could crash in Connecticut. Federal authorities have warned state first responders on handling the potential crash.

According to the AP, the Navy hopes to shoot it down before the satellite hits land.

If they miss... I fear what could happen... like the beginning of a crappy sit-com.

Presidents Week - Martin Van Buren

Martin Van Buren is best remembered (when he is remembered) as the president between Andrew Jackson and William Henry Harrison (more on Harrison later).

He served one term, from 1837-1841. He was the shortest president at 5'6" tall, earning him the nickname "Little Magician."

He was also known as "Old Kinderhook." But when I was in elementary school, there were portraits of all the presidents on a main wall, and, due to his fashionable hairstyle, I nicknamed him "Cauliflower Head."

He was a founder of the Democratic party and presided over the nation's first economic depression in 1837.

He was defeated in 1840 by William Henry Harrison, but would run again as a "Free Soil" candidate in 1848, only to lose again.

He was the only president of Dutch anscestry, owned two tiger cubs as pets, and wore loaded pistols when he presided over the Senate during his vice presidency. He also never mentioned his wife in his autobiography.

Here's to President Martin Van Buren, in celebration of Presidents Week!

Presidents' Week

I'm not sure when it happened, but some time ago we went from celebating Lincoln's birthday and Washington's birthday separately to celebrating one holiday nebulously entitled "Presidents' Day." This way, in addition to Lincoln and Washington, we also get to honor people like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

This is Presidents' Week. As such, you will get two things. The first, is a lot of advertisements for car dealerships with men dressed as Lincoln and Washington telling you about an incredible low price at Jackass Cheverolet.

The second will be a series on some of America's crappiest presidents. This, you will get from me throughout the coming week. We will look at some of the men who have occupied the nation's highest office and hopefully it will make you wonder why we celebrate them, and wish we would just go back to the old Lincoln & Washington mode.

Sit back and enjoy...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Cromwell First Selectman In Over His Head

Jeremy Shingleton, a 29-year old Democrat recently elected as First Selectman of Cromwell is clearly a man out of his depth.

Shingleton's eradic behavior has raised eyebrows since his election last November, and now the Hartford Courant is reporting on this politician who has truly come unglued.

Cromwell's Chief of Police Anthony J. Salvatore, a 30-year veteran of the Cromwell force who was a policeman in town one year before Shingleton was even born and twenty-eight years before Shingleton even moved to town, was recently credited with the quick work his department had done in solving the community's first homicide in a quarter century.

Shingleton suspended Salvatore on Wednesday. Why? Good question.

On November 15th, Shingleton met with Salvatore and asked that the chief route all press releases from the police through the First Selectman's office for vetting. Salvatore declined, but did notify Shingleton's office when releases were sent.

Shingleton claims that he was not properly notified of all events as they unfolded concerning the double homicide investigation as well as minore crimes and promotions in the department, and that this prevented him from doing his job.

Then Shingleton wanted to replace the Cromwell PD's lone captain, and Salvatore refused to dismiss him. That's when Salvatore was suspended.

From the Courant:

"There is a perceived lack of professionalism with the chief of police and
the way he's conducting himself in meetings and with citizens, who have
complained to me directly," Shingleton said. "I've heard people have felt
they've been bullied and intimidated."Shingleton declined to name specific
What is really clear here is that if anyone was interfering with anyone else's job, it was Shingleton who has been making it impossible for the chief of police to do his job. As First Selectman, Shingleton is not a participant in police investigations. While he should be notified of events, as it appears he was in reasonable fashion, he is not entitled to the level of involvment he claims he is. His attempt to manipulate the department, its work, and its personnel are contemtible.

Shingleton is clearly a young, inexperienced and inadequate carpet-bagging politician who has just demonstrated conclusively that he lacks the skills and charcter to occupy elected office.

Many in Cromwell are now calling for his removal. He should indeed resign, as he is a disgrace to his community and an embarassment. This man is an insecure control freak, and his remaining in office any longer will be a liability to Cromwell.

But first, he owes an enormous apology to Salvatore, a distinguished public servant who deserves better than to be dismissed by this inadequate hack.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stimulate Me!

Well, it's official. The president signed into law an "economic stiumulus" bill which will send checks to all of us in the amounts of $300 - $1,200.

You'll get yours in the spring, after you file your 2007 tax return. What will you spend it on?

The gambit, I suppose, is that once everyone gets their refund, they will spend it, and that will help the economy. That is, of course, moronic.

I will probably use mine to pay other taxes. If they really want to help us out down in Washington, why don't they reduce our tax rate overall, instead of spending all the money it takes to process, print and mail all these refund checks?

Happy Valentine's Day

If there is anything I am known for, it is my big heart, my sweetness, and my sensitivity. That is why I want to wish all of my friends in the blogosphere a wonderful St. Valentine's Day.

I especially want to wish the liberals out there, with their special brand of compassion and caring, a most beautiful day of peace and love.

You bastards.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Filthy Snail

House Speaker Jim Amann has put us all on notice that he wants this legislative session to drag out. That's no surprise. With ineffective and incompetent leadership at the helm, the legislature shouldn't be going anywhere too fast.

Especially when it comes to some important reforms.

In the Stamford Advocate today, Speaker Amann said "We really need to move at a snail's pace here this session. It's a very unknown economic situation we're going to be in for the next 90 days."

It's convenient when the national economy gives you an excuse, even if the excuse hasn't even materialized yet.

That certainly means that any retroactive tax relief which could have been enacted by the legislature is dead on arrival. Which is interesting because Senate Democrats have said that they want to enact immediate assistance within one month. That's hard to do when you're moving at a snail's pace.

The image of Amann moving at a snail's pace is easy to visualize... dragging his nasty underbelly across the political landscape leaving a vile snot-like smear as he goes. I can only hope this Speaker who would be governor has his political trail end like so many other slugs in the garden... floating in a plate of beer.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ugly Billboards

Late last week, with no fanfare whatsoever, Governor M. Jodi Rell issued an executive order which prohibits the state from entering into new contracts for billboards on state land along state highways. It also prohibits the renewal of any current contracts. It's war against billboards!

Look, I have to confess that I hate billboards, so I'm not really crying about this. Especially since I agree with Governor Rell that this has simply gotten out of hand. I'm all for business and advertising, but I'm also for reduced impact on the landscape from it.

Some of these new digital billboards they have now which intermittently change the image displayed are particularly ludicrous and distracting, and are one step short of actually having full commercials playing 30 feet tall on the roadside.

The way Interstates 91 and 95 were built truly make them ugly enough. A billboard here and there is alright, but it has gotten out of hand.

Of particular note are the billboards for shops to buy sex toys and porn movies at. Now, I know some Republican State Senator blew a head gasket a couple years back because there was a billboard for the Vagina Monologues he had suffered exposure to. (The muppet hasn't been built yet to make that show interesting to me). But this is much different.

While it may be disturbing to be confronted with the clinical name for genitalia written three stories tall as you drive along the road, it's also a bit much to drive by these VIP billboards. Truckers are a lonsesome lot, but I don't think they need a reminder every seven exits of where they can pick up a rubber f**k doll.

So I applaud you Governor Rell. Blow up the billboards!

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Emails from the Great Gazoo

Mayor John DeStefano of New Haven managed to make the front page of his hometown New Haven Register this morning , by sending political emails from his official city office. All of the emails were to announce endorsements and events for the Obama campaign.

Jessica Mayorga, DeStefano's city spokeswoman apparently sent out four pro-Obama emails before and after Super Tuesday.

DeStefano, whose large cranium makes him resemble the Great Gazoo of Flintstones fame, ought to know a little better than this... but apparently he doesn't. Nor does he care to learn.

Amazingly, nothing in state law directly prohibits municipal staff from publicizing a political endorsement. But according to the article, Joan Andrews, director of legal affairs and enforcement for the state Elections Enforcement Commission said "I'm not condoning it. It's not appropriate."

The Gazoo, however, believes he has the right to use his staff for campaign purposes. "It was a statement of fact. I didn't ask anybody in my statement to vote for him. There was no attempt to persuade." he is quoted as saying.

The reporter questioned Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy, Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz, U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro and asked them if they ever used their staff for such purposes. The answer was an all around NO.

Even House Speaker Jim Amann, a man who has lower ethical standards than any speaker in memory, doesn't engage in the practice. DeStefano seems alone on this.

All of the people who were outraged when M. Lisa Moody, Governor Rell's chief of staff, handed out campaign fundraising invitations from her state office on state time ought to be equally outraged. But they won't be, because we all know the "good government" left in Connecticut do not even play by their own rules.

Are you an Obama supporter? You can probably pick up a bumper sticker and some lawn signs in DeStefano's office.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Low Statesmanship"

As another session of the General Assembly gets underway, the Hartford Courant today asked something I asked last week about Speaker and Governor-Wanna-Be Jim Amann on their editorial page.

"Mr. Amann has not demonstrated that he's governor material. Part charming schmoozer and part street fighter, the speaker is best known for insulting Gov. M. Jodi Rell (last year he crossed the line by calling her 'a very dishonorable human being' in a fight over a bonding package), for trying to shake down lobbyists to make donations to his favorite charity, and for telling bloggers that he would "crush any idiot" who would run against him for his legislative seat. Such low statesmanship Connecticut doesn't need."

That sums it up rather well, in calling the pugnacious and deluded speaker out on the absurdity of his demeanor as well as his laughable aspirations.

Amann is not much of a statesman, low or otherwise. No one will ever publish a volume of Amann's public words bound in leather to adorn mahogany bookshelves in the company of those of Jefferson, Hamilton or Adams. If his utterances were ever to be bound and published, they would be tucked not-so-neatly in a basket next to a rarely cleaned toilet, between some Asian porn magazines and a dog-eared, mysteriously stained paperback volume of dick jokes.

Amann is simultaneously running for a third term as speaker, a first term as governor. He praises Governor Rell's plan to create two departments out the DOT expanding government and bureaucracy, but when asked about imposing a tough three strikes law, He remarked "There's more people going to jail, and Connecticut is a lot safer place than it was in 1994. So what's all the hubub about three strikes?"

He should ask Dr. William Petit that question.

Mr. Speaker, you are inadequate at every single one of your endeavors.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gang of Bastards

Every year a large number of Democrats and liberals who are either independently wealthy, jobless and living with their parents, or don't have full-time jobs that actually require them to show up during the work day get together and conspire about how much more of our money they are going take from us.

They call this the Connecticut General Assembly.

Today was the opening day for the state House and Senate. It might seem like they were just in Hartford voting recently. That's because they were! While Connecticut is supposed to have a part-time legislature, the General assembly has managed to make it into session almost every month of the 2007 calendar year. A special session here... a special session there... sometimes more than one at once!

Governor Rell delivered her State of the State address, with some interesting proposals... some good, some bad. The session lasts three months, so we'll see what goes through the sausage press and comes out the other end.

Whatever it is... we'll be paying more for it.

Vote Long and Prosper

This is one of my favorite pictures from Super Tuesday in Connecticut, which I stole from CTNewsJunkie.

Here, Romulan Commander Rosa DeLauro salutes as she reports back to the bridge of her Bird of Prey after a successful mission of voting for Obama, and bombarding a Federation star base.


Well, Connecticut Republicans have spoken, and they have chosen John McCain over all others.

Barack Obama scored what is being termed an "upset" in Connecticut, and I have once again been proven to be no Nostradamus concerning political predictions. However, Clinton did get the larger delegate booty overall yesterday.

McCain has a very significant delegate tally right now, more than double that of Romney, and that is disappointing.

Well, I'm finding this whole process inspiring. Where's the bathroom?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am Excellent

So says Judy Aron over at Consent of the Governed who has graciously awarded me the E for Excellence Award for blogging. I deeply appreciate the nomination from such an experienced blogger who regularly offers such great content over at COTG.

To accept, according to the rules, I must nominate at least another ten blogs which I believe to be excellent. I am nominating 11 blogs.

1. Everyday Republican - I think CT Republicans have made great strides this past year in breaking out in the blogosphere. Everyday Republican has been one of the steady lamplights in the dark, out in front, helping lead the way. Plus, I am a front-pager there now, and I am shameless.

2. Fly Right - I always get a kick out of the offerings of Fly Right, and this blog has turned out to be an enjoyable and fun offering on the conservative side.

3. Authentic Connecticut Republican - ACR is never really afraid of pissing people off. Some of his positions shock me sometimes. And I love it! Another great conservative blogger that I enthusiastically endorse.

4. CTTAXED - This blog really has some distinct and nuanced offerings. I am a bit hard-headed when it comes to economics, so a lot of this material goes over my head. But it is one of the few blogs I can credit with actually teaching me a thing or two.

5. Connecticut Commentary - Don Pesci regularly offers some reflective and insightful thinking. His journalistic instincts can make his posts long, so be prepared to settle in for a read... but the result is most often well worth the time invested. Good stuff.

6. Capitol Watch - Yes... Mark Pazniokas and Christopher Keating are a part of the "official" media with the Hartford Courant. Their posts on the doings up at the Capitol are usually very insightful, and oftentimes clever. They have provided me with a lot of source material being right in the center of the action in Hartford as they are. They also don't let people get away with any crap, Republican or Democrat, and that's always good.

7. The King's View - I'm glad that "The King" contacted me some time ago. Since then I have regularly checked in on his musings. The offerings of this gifted Anglophile and Theodore Roosevelt enthusiast are constantly getting more and more entertaining.

8. Connecticut Bob - Whoa! A liberal! That's right. I very rarely agree with anything Connecticut Bob posts, but he is, in my opinion, one of the standard bearers of the Connecticut political blogosphere. He also has a sense of humor, and to me, that's critical. A lot of political bloggers, particularly on the left, take themselves too seriously, or are overly bitter. Not Connecticut Bob - what you see is what you get, and that's mostly quality.

9. Roadrunner Droppings - I don't know where this guy came from, but he is definitely mentally ill. Sometimes I think he is conservative. Sometimes I think he is libertarian. And sometimes I think he hasn't properly treated a maddening case of syphilis. But I have laughed out loud reading his stuff sometimes. It's usually guilty laughter that I'm glad no one else saw.

10. Adam J. - I like this kid's blog. He's a good young conservative. Plus, I can't wait to see how his planned escape from Washington D.C. turns out. I am prepared to send Snake Pliskin in to help rescue him if he needs it.

11. CT Local Politics - Last but certainly not least comes CT Local Politics, another place I currently have the honor to front page at. This blog is unlike any other... liberals and conservatives (and I think communists sometimes) meet on the cyber-hustings and sometimes engage in high-minded enlightening debate... and sometimes descend into a cacophony of lowbrow insults. Genghis Conn has created a unique place where a variety of blogging worlds collide, and I expect it will be a the hub of the CT political blogosphere for a long time to come.

So these are my eleven nominations. They are not all-inclusive... there really isn't enough space to write about all the good blogs out there. But I salute all the authors involved in the projects I noted above.

Super Tuesday

Today is the day we may see a presumptive nominee emerge from both parties as primaries are held in nearly half the states including Connecticut.

It appears to me the McCain has an advantage here in Connecticut, although I am voting for Romney. I believe Romney is closer to me politically than McCain, who in essence, is a liberal.

I think The Great One, Mark Levin said it best:

"Of course, it’s one thing to overlook one or two issues where a candidate seeking the Republican nomination as a conservative might depart from conservative orthodoxy. But in McCain’s case, adherence is the exception to the rule — McCain-Feingold (restrictions on political speech), McCain-Kennedy (amnesty for illegal aliens), McCain-Kennedy-Edwards (trial lawyers’ bill of rights), McCain-Lieberman (global warming legislation), Gang of 14 (obstructing change to the filibuster rule for judicial nominations), the Bush tax cuts, and so forth. This is a record any liberal Democrat would proudly run on. Are we to overlook this record when selecting a Republican nominee to carry our message in the general election?"

I have seen varying polls in Connecticut concerning Clinton and Obama, each new one giving the edge to a different candidate. After seeing the kind of crowd Obama pulled in last night, one has to acknowledge the traction he has, particularly with younger Democrats. I am not so certain that showing will translate directly into a primary victory for him in this state, or in the awarding of the majority of delegates today for that matter. In fact, I will go out on a limb here, and predict a Clinton victory in Connecticut, and an overall victory for her as well.

I will not predict a McCain victory here in Connecticut. If the Giants can beat the Patriots, Romney can pull out a victory here today.

One thing I ask of all the candidates is that there be no more more photos showing any of their nipples.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


I do hope it is not too late to wish a most joyous of Groundhog's Days to you and yours!

If you are Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy, Groundhog's Day is generally celebrated by walking around in a bathrobe, letting a little something slip out the vent in front, and asking the ladies if they think there will be six more weeks of winter.

Friday, February 1, 2008


I like the way Mitt invoked the word "internship" concerning Hillary. It reminds us all of how Bill was... you know... getting his bracciole licked by one.