Friday, February 22, 2008

Hillary's End

Hillary Clinton could have the political steak driven through her proverbial (and hypothetical) heart soon.

If Clinton does not win both Texas and Ohio and their upcoming primaries, she may be beyond recovery.
I don't like to see this. I want Obama and Clinton to keep hammering each other up to the convention. I want Hillary to keep having the opportunity to point out that Obama plagiarizes speeches and focuses on meaningless "change." I want her to keep having the opportunity to demonstrate that he has no experience to hold office.
I also want Obama to continue to have the opportunity to point out what a desperate, shrill and angry woman Clinton is. THEN we can do the general election.
What I want to know is... since the Clintons are such forgiving types... who is going to get skinned by them when Hillary does lose.


John said...

Horseman, are you hungry? Your headline says "steak"....not "stake"? I mean, would Hillary be as injured by a fast-moving Porterhouse as she would a rough-hewn piece of balsa wood? said...

In a strange way, "steak" works.

Headless Horseman said...

Man... I MUST have been hungry when I wrote that!

Thanks for catching that... funny stuff.

I'm going to leave it that way. cttaxed is right... it works :-)

liberty_or_death said...

heads have already rolled once... that's what led to this last ditch, flutie-like Hail Mary!

I wish she could hang around. I thought I would have this wonderful feeling inside when the clinton machine was finally dead, but i'm actually sad to see this nearing completion.

If there is one thing Democrats and the Clintons in particular are good at, it's destroying people. Give her and Bill's team a win in TX/OH and the blood might really start to flow. That photo today was nothing!