Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gang of Bastards

Every year a large number of Democrats and liberals who are either independently wealthy, jobless and living with their parents, or don't have full-time jobs that actually require them to show up during the work day get together and conspire about how much more of our money they are going take from us.

They call this the Connecticut General Assembly.

Today was the opening day for the state House and Senate. It might seem like they were just in Hartford voting recently. That's because they were! While Connecticut is supposed to have a part-time legislature, the General assembly has managed to make it into session almost every month of the 2007 calendar year. A special session here... a special session there... sometimes more than one at once!

Governor Rell delivered her State of the State address, with some interesting proposals... some good, some bad. The session lasts three months, so we'll see what goes through the sausage press and comes out the other end.

Whatever it is... we'll be paying more for it.


liberty_or_death said...

these stupid @$$holes will again fight to raise taxes, create new taxes, and be our parents.

this is supposed to be a budget only year, but good luck with that!

hopefully the GOP can at least slow down most of the crap these liberals will propose.

adumbledore84 said...


Headless, you hit the nail on the head. It sounds like many of our post-graduate, unemployed in the private sector, Chris Murphy inspiring wannabes are at it again.

Let me get this straight. We have the HIGHEST property taxes in the nation, the highest utility bills in the continental US, pay high health care for our families (and our asked by WFP to pay for others), work multiple jobs just to pay high income taxes (we're rich----right?), pay higher college costs for our kids while being asked to pay for illegals college expenses, pay more for goods and services because of the "living wage", etc etc

AND all the while the super majority has been in Hartford?

AND the WPF are endorsing 15 ultra liberal, pro-union, safe urbanish legislators to perpetuate OUR misery?

Sorry. When does this ride end? Or do we just flee like the others?