Friday, February 22, 2008

"There is no urgency."

h/t to my friends at Everyday Republican for bringing this to my attention...

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From the Our Dodd's involvement in this is at the end.

Jay Rockefeller (democrat) defended the actions of the telecom companies, arguing that the companies received explicit orders from the National Security Agency to cooperate with the supersecret surveillance effort. The West Virginia Democrat said the telecom companies were being "pushed by the government, compelled by the government, required by the government to do this. And I think in the end, we'll prevail."

Rockefeller added: "If people want to be mad, don't be mad at the telecommunications companies, who are restrained from saying anything at all under the State Secrets Act. And they really are. They can't say whether they were involved, they can't go to court, they can't do anything. They're just helpless. And the president was just having his way."

Dodd, for his part, has repeatedly objected to the immunity provision and vowed to block any bill that includes it. If that fails, Dodd said he would offer an amendment to strike the immunity provision, and “if we get through all of that ... my intention would be to filibuster that bill.”

mccommas said...

I saw a similiar commercial today urging me to call pinhead's office in the 2nd District.

I think I will on my break tomorrow at work and see what they say!