Monday, February 18, 2008

The Katz Ass

Libertarians are Republicans that are too narrow-minded to realize they are Republicans.

Such is the case with Joshua Katz, a Libertarian who intends to challenge Republican Marilyn Giuliano for her seat in the Connecticut General Assembly's 23rd District.

According to his site, Katz wants to get rid of the state income tax, and roll back prohibitive gun laws that restrict law-abiding gun owners. He is pro-choice, and wants to prevent illegal immigrants from getting in-statetuition rates. Sounds like a typical Connecticut Republican, right?

If he sees Marilyn Giuliano as an opponent toward achieving lower taxes, and a better Connecticut, he isn't paying attention. He should be supporting Giuliano, not trying to fracture her vote.

Katz does come off as a bit of a moonbat in a couple areas, however. He apparently wants to prevent the Connecticut National Guard from being deployed overseas, and pull Connecticut out of the Selective Service, "protecting" any CT residents from a future draft.

Lofty goals for a candidate for state representative. As a state legislator, he'll pretty much need to get Connecticut to seceed from the Union to accomplish them. Good luck!

Finally, his answer to the health care issue is to expand naturopathic medicine and "alternative" health care. Excellent. I am certain there is no question that putting healing crystals on our nipples will greatly reduce health care costs. And greatly increase burial costs!

Mr. Katz's web site says that he doesn't want to sit back and do nothing about the problems he sees around him. That is admirable. However, if he unwittingly allows a Democrat to win this seat, he will have become the very problem he seeks to address.


adumbledore84 said...

Can we secede from the People's Republic of Connecticut?

Where's my pitchfork?

Damn gun legislation!

Judy Aron said...

Interestingly enough, with all the talk lately about "Ronald Reagan Conservatism", it is worthwhile to note that it was Ronald Reagan who said he believed that "the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism" (Reason Magazine, 1975-07-01).

Maybe Marilyn Giuliano should be supporting Katz?

By the way - naturopathic medicine cured my acid reflux (which I suffered with for a decade) thereby eliminating my need for costly surgery and medication... I wouldn't knock the value of alternative medicines. It works for many people, including me.

Steve said...


You are right. Giuliano a 4 term state rep that has strong record of community involvement in the 23rd as well as a solid educational background, a woman that has earned the respect of her colleagues on both sides of the aisle and has been named the ranking member in the Higher Education committee; and by the way, a woman with a solid conservative record...she should probably step down and support Katz.

Ridiculous. As if Republicans aren't outnumbered by enough in CT, we should start doing the Dems' job and dividing our vote.

Headless Horseman said...

Libertarianism may indeed be the heart and soul of conservatism, just as communism may be the soul of liberalism. Reality lies betwixt.

I can respect Katz's positions on a number of things. But his anti-federalism is a bit extreme.

Naturopathic medicine may offer cures for things like warts, earaches and in your case, acid reflux. But let's not kid ourselves that it is the path to a revamped healthcare system in the United States!

When that happens, I'm going to Cuba with Michael Moore for a checkup.

mccommas said...

I am with Steve.

If Katz thinks that State Rep. Giuliano is to liberal than he should challange her in a Republican primary instead of playing the part of spoiler.

Aren't we enough of a minority already Judy?

Judy Aron said...

Hey it's not that I don't support Giuliano - she's done a terrific job. Please don't take me wrong. I'd vote for her. But the reality is that people do have the right to run. Instead of bashing Katz (who I do not know) for choosing to run perhaps we should be talking about what makes other candidates worthy of our votes.

How is alternative healthcare a path to a revamped healthcare system? It's just offering people more choices for people who want them. I think more choice is a good thing! :)

As for Republicans being in the minority - well it's not Katz's fault - we haven't done the work that we should be doing. We have lazy disconnected Town Committees.
Let's not blame the Libertarians for that.