Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And the Oscar for Best Performance by an Incompetent Leader Goes to...

Speaker James Amann of course.
Interestingly enough, the only tax credits Speaker Jim Amann wants to give out are to the liberal, wealthy movie industry.

Capitol Watch pointed out today that a group called Connecticut Voices for Children issued a report blasting the Speaker and the movie industry tax credit, noting that it is above and beyond tax credits for other industries here in the state.

Amann, of course, probably fantasizes that his efforts will allow him to jaunt with celebrities as they film here in what he has proclaimed "Hollywood East." It has certainly resulted in one of the most disgusting turns of fate... while Sean Connery will not appear in the new Indiana Jones movie, Amann will... as an extra!

While I agree that tax credits for any industry are usually a good thing, they are now totally out of whack with comparable credits in other industries, particularly ones that have their bases of operation here. It is this short-sighted, narrow-minded approach to our state's economy, coupled with the Speaker's insatiable desire to aggrandize himself, that has created this absurd situation.
Congratulations Mr. Speaker! You deserve a statuette made of dung.

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