Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Presidents Week - James Buchanan

What review of inadequate presidencies could possibly be complete without Democrat James Buchanan?
As the question of slavery further divided the nation, Buchanan took the reins of our nation at a critical juncture, and promptly assed it up.

Thinking sectional balance between states with and without slavery was a good answer, along came Bleeding Kansas.

Buchanan was inadequate at letting the steam out of the country's roll toward armed conflict over the issue, and in fact, exacerbated the issue. He didn't run again, handed the country the Civil War, and disappeared.
Buchanan was a confirmed bachelor. You may draw what conclusions you want from that... not that there's anything wrong with that.

Later, his image would be used to sell Gerber baby food.

Here's to James Buchanan in celebration of Presidents Week!

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Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Man Headless you are prolific aren't you?

How many posts this week alone?

>>Later, his image would be used to sell Gerber baby food.

Actually that was Ann Turner Cook