Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

This year has been a great deal of fun and I am looking forward to an even better 2008. Thanks to everyone who helped fight the conservative fight this year, and helped advance our common cause.

Tonight I will toast all of you. In 2008, we ride again!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy New Year Liberal Bloggers!

I want to take this brief moment to thank the liberal blogosphere for all the fun they have provided me in 2007, and the inspiration they have given me to combat their endless crusade against all things decent. I salute you!

I salute you for staying home on Saturday nights chugging Stop & Shop pineapple soda, getting up from pounding your computer with your Funyon-stained fingers only to go to the bathroom.

I salute you trying to change the world while in your underpants.

I salute you for being so unable to let go of your cancerous hatred of George Bush and Joe Lieberman that it has probably shaved seven years off your life.

I salute you for treating us all to your semi-literate, half-baked sonorous missives on so many obsequious and unmemorable blogs, that you have unwittingly provided us with a gigantic cyber-wall of prattle that rivals the Great Wall of China is its immensity.

I know that 2008 will be your greatest year of achievement yet. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!

#1 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007

#1 - Jim Amann's "Ethics."

House Speaker Jim Amann, like most Democrats in the state legislature, uses "ethics" as a buzzword. But sometimes we have to wonder if he even knows what that word means.

Last April Amann ran into a little hot water when it was revealed that he had solicited lobbyists on behalf of his employer, the Multiple Sclerosis Society. He has a job with the charity as a fundraiser. Using his position as Speaker to get lobbyists to contribute to the nonprofit charity that gives him his paycheck must have been pretty lucrative. But, can you believe it, some thought it wasn't ethical.

As has become the norm, legitimate criticism provoked Amann to the anger levels of a maternally outraged gorilla. He blamed everyone for the "personal attacks" against him, particularly Governor Rell's Chief of Staff, M. Lisa Moody. Then, when that didn't seem to work, he began to attempt a play at people's heartstrings, saying he would do anything for the victims of Multiple Sclerosis. He was strong-arming lobbyists not for his own personal financial gain, you see, but for the children!

The State Ethics Commission ruled that Amann indeed had a conflict of interest,and sensing he would be ruled against, he gave up fundraising from lobbyists just before the decision came down. But that didn't stop him from sending three of his staff members later that month to argue before the State Ethics Advisory Board that he should be able to continue the practice, luckily to no avail.

For being so incredibly arrogant and indifferent to the standard of ethics that must keep government clean... for pompously wagging a finger at others while not keeping his own personal house in order... for being so detestable as to try to hide behind a good charity and the sick people it helps to enrich himself, I award Jim Amann with the Number One, unquestionably DUMBEST Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007.

I can hardly wait to see what they offer us in 2008.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

#2 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007

#2 Gaffeygate

When Senator Tom Gaffey failed to disclose his romantic relationship with CSU System liaison Jill Ferraiolo while vigorously working to get $1 billion in bonding for the system, he unleashed a firestorm upon himself.

Add into the mix revelations of emails between the two that demonstrated the sexual sophistication of retards dry-humping doorknobs, and you get one hell of a funny story.

Ferraiolo, who must own an impressive Judy Collins book collection, referred to Gaffey as her "big boy" (I understand many who have been in the restroom with him dispute the nickname's accuracy) and as a "god."

Gaffey participated in the idiocy, by telling her that "alongside every god is a great goddess." I suspect Gaffey wouldn't be the first politician to suffer from delusions of godhood - but the job is probably open if he wants it. I am unaware of either the Roman or Greek pantheon of gods including gods or goddesses of bonding.

Nonsense aside, Gaffey raised serious ethical questions about himself by doing what he did, not to mention some interest in expenditures from his political action committee funds which may have been improperly spent.

Immediately afterward, Senate Democrats proposed a new ethics package for 2008, which we were laughably expected to believe had nothing to do with Gaffey, and the Senator resigned his post on the Higher Education Committee.

Gaffey helped make the case that Senate Democrats have zero moral authority to dictate to the rest of us about ethics. For this reason, I have selected it as the 2nd Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007.

And I hope Fabio plays him in the TV movie.

#3 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007

#3 - The Bullhook Bill

Representative Diana Urban of North Stonington and Representative Steve Fontana of North Haven share a romantic relationship, and a deep love for animals. This led them to crusade against the ankus, or "bullhook," an instrument used by circus personnel to manage elephants.

The use of the bullhook, they said, was abusing the elephants. The reality was that this was the safest and most humane way to handle elephants which are animals large enough to crush a human handler that is without an appropriate tool of motivation. The real aim of these two was to keep circuses from using any animals at all. Thus, in the state of P.T. Barnum, we stood the real possibility of circuses being a thing of the past if they got their way.

The proposal was so incredibly stupid that even Speaker Jim Amann refused to let it come to the floor of the House.

Despite what these two think, people don't go to the circus to see the Human Slinky or Slavic men in leotards fly through the air. A few people might go for the midgets, but most want to see animals! They want to see dancing bears. They want to see a tiger that might go Roy Horn on its tamer. And the children want to eat cotton candy and hot peanuts, and laugh when they see an elephant take a giant dump. They love it! That's the circus experience.

For failing to realize that, and for being glazed over with ill-advised animal fanaticism, I award these two the 3rd Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007.

#4 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007

#4 - The $65,000 Special Session

Within a week of revealing his laughable intentions of running for governor, House Speaker Jim Amann showed how much he cares about our hard-earned money. He called a one-hour long special session for business that could have been covered in a technical session.

But sprinklers were being installed in the House Chamber, and scaffolding had been erected throughout the ornate room for the job. Amann ordered the scaffolding taken down for the session, and then re-erected afterward. The workers were paid $55,000 in overtime to remove and reassemble the scaffolding to complete the job. Special Sessions cost roughly $10,000 to begin with, so add it all up, and we all get a $65,000 bill for one hour of work.

Doing this was stupid enough. But Amann's inarticulate and combative response to criticism compounded the insult to taxpayers. House Republican Leader Larry Cafero suggested that the business could have been conducted in a technical session, the two leaders could duck under the scaffolding, and get the job done, saving the unnecessary expense. Amann was enraged. He was quoted in the Courant as saying:
"We're the majority party. I make the call for the session," Amann said. "It was the proper thing to do. I don't have to consult Larry Cafero on how to run the House. ... Tell him there's a war going on in Iraq. There's more important issues than this. When he becomes speaker, he can do what he wants. That's how democracy works."

Jim Amann's willingness to discard $65,000 of our money for an impromptu session shows hostility toward taxpayers, and is a disgrace. To further it by reflexively invoking the Iraq War when faced with legitimate Republican criticism demonstrated Amann's lack of good sense or intellectual dexterity. It is for this reason that I select this as the 4th Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

#5 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007

#5 - Supermajority Blows the Budget

2007 started out pretty badly for Republicans in our state legislature. In the 2006 election Republicans were reduced to 45 members out of 151 seats in the House. The post-election defection of Diana Urban of North Stonington to the Democrats compounded the insult, but left 44 members, dubbed the "Fighting Forty-Four" determined to fight the good fight however they could.

In the Senate, Republicans remained at 12 members, giving the Democrats a "supermajority" which was veto-proof in both chambers. It looked ugly for the GOP.

While no one was surprised the Democrats were fractured, and bickered among themselves, I don't think anyone could have foreseen how crippled that party would be under its own unwieldy weight.

Governor Rell's budget was an awful start to the session - proposing an increase in the income tax. Naturally, Democrats proposed greater tax increases. But then the House Republicans did something never done before... they proposed a third budget alternative, which accomplished much of what Rell's budget attempted to - without raising taxes.

Despite a Quinnipiac poll showing the House Republican plan being favored by voters over both the Democrats' and Rell's, the Democrats were determined to ram through their budget. In doing so, they were unable to get their caucus to put 2/3 on the board, demonstrating that they could not override the veto which the Governor obligingly provided. They had lost all their bargaining power before the session had concluded.

On the early morning hours of Saturday, June 23rd, the legislature ended up passing a budget that still sucked... it had no sustained tax relief, and increased spending. But there were no tax increases. 44 members of the House had outmaneuvered 107, and had demonstrated conclusively that no matter how large an advantage you give Speaker Jim Amann, he is still bumbling enough to lose the fight. That is why I have selected this as the #5 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007.

#6 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007

# 6 - Perez Redecorates

Democrats have enjoyed lecturing that nothing was learned from the scandal of the Rowland administration. They then proceed to prove it by engaging in the exact same behavior that got the former Republican governor in trouble.

Rowland had his hot tub, and now Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez has his bathroom and kitchen. Hiring contractor Carlos Costa to do renovations to his home with no permits taken out, and no bill issued for two years after the fact was... well.. suspicious.

Suspicious enough to be the trigger of a grand jury corruption probe now underway against the Mayor. Today's Hartford Courant says:
How and why did Abraham L. Giles, a North End political supporter of Mr. Perez, get a lucrative no-bid contract to operate a city garage? Why did the city pay $10,000 to haul away trash from a warehouse owned by Mr. Giles? Did Mayor Perez, as alleged, tell Hartford developer Joseph Citino he needed to "satisfy" Mr. Giles to the tune of $100,000 to proceed with now-failed plans to develop city land on which Mr. Giles ran a parking lot?
All good questions. I'm sure the answers will be even better. That is why I have selected Eddie Perez's home remodeling as the #6 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007. Nonetheless, he was re-elected easily this year. That's the dumbest thing done by Hartford voters in 2007.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I want to wish all readers a most spectacular Christmas Holiday, and charge you all to spend not one single moment of it blogging!

Christmas is a wonderful time for reflection and introspection. I want to take this opportunity to extend my apologies to anyone who has been hurt or offended by my pumpkin tossing here or at CT Local Politics.

On the other hand, if you were offended... GET STUFFED. Mua ha ha ha!

I will return later this week to finish our countdown of the 10 Dumbest Things Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

#7 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007

#7 - Don Williams threatens Joan Hartley

When Governor Rell vetoed the $3.2 billion package that the supermajority Democrats in the legislature approved in October, Speaker Jim Amann had more than the 2/3 needed to override the veto in the House and force through the package.

Unfortunately for Senate President Don Williams, he needed every single one of his 24 Democrats in the Senate for an override. And he couldn't get it.

Senator Joan Hartley wanted $1.4 billion pledged to the CSU system moved into a separate bill, and she was the lone hold-out. Williams quickly issued a threat to Hartley. From the Republican-American: " 'They told me I had to support this, and if I didn't then the benefits of the caucus wouldn't be available to me, and I would lose my committee chair, my office and my parking space,' said Hartley, D-15th District."

It was a stupid gambit. The threat didn't work, Hartley held firm, and in the end, Democrats had to capitulate to some degree on the bonding package and were unable to override.

Perhaps worse for Williams - he demonstrated that he didn't have the power to pull his element of the supermajority together and get his members to toe the line. He showed that he was willing to threaten his own loyal members over policy disagreements, and finally, he showed that his threats were entirely empty, as Hartley walked away with all of the trappings of her office intact. That is why I select this as the 7th Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in2007.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

#8 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007

# 8 - Fabrizi Backs a Sex Offender

It's fitting and appropriate to give the eight ball to a man who has actually done an eight ball.

Back in March, then-Bridgeport Mayor John Fabrizi appeared in court as a character witness on behalf of Juan Carlos Camacho, a 22-year old convicted sex offender and friend of the family.

Camacho had been having a sexual relationship with a 13-year old girl, and got her pregnant twice.

The boy was a friend of Fabrizi's son, and had been over to the Fabrizi household where we presume wholesome family-oriented things like cocaine use were practiced, so Fabrizi felt it was his obligation to speak on the child rapist's behalf.

It probably backfired, as Camacho's association with the mayor probably lowered the esteem the court held him in.

This idiotic move demonstrated the kind of judgment that distinguished Fabrizi's short tenure, and virtually guaranteed that Fabrizi would never get another term. That is why I have selected it as the #8 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007.

Friday, December 21, 2007

#9 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007

# 9 - Chris Caruso Can't Let it Go.

There have been great rumblings from Chris Caruso this year, though that might have something to do with all the sausage he eats.

In September, the insufferably pompous Caruso, a Bridgeport State Representative and Chairman of the GAE Committee, lost the Democratic primary for Mayor of Bridgeport to State Senator Bill Finch. From that moment until this he has worked to sue his way into office.

He filed a lawsuit claiming voter irregularities robbed him of primary victory. Then, when Finch went on to win the general election, Caruso sued to prevent the election from being certified. Caruso's attempt to stop Finch from taking office was thrown out, and his suit over the general election is still pending.

Caruso is following a new creed that liberals began establishing this decade with the likes of Al Gore... if you lose an election, just try to sue people and places and things until you are handed the office.

Caruso, who approaches 50 years of age and still lives at home with his mommy has never really had much of a real job, and thusly, hasn't much of a sense of reality. His inability to lose with any grace whatsoever leads me to select Caruso's inability to let it go as the #9 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007.

#10 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007

#10 - Chris Dodd's Run for the Presidency.

Back on January 11th of 2007, Our senior Senator Chris Dodd announced his run for the White House on the "Imus in the Morning" show. A few months later Imus was fired from his job, and Dodd had stopped doing his.

Dodd has done everything he can think of trying to make someone give a shit about his candidacy, yet only the Connecticut leftwing blogosphere has maintained a year-long priapism over him.

Dodd has missed over half of his votes in the US Senate since entering the presidential race, moved his family to Iowa and actually enrolled one of his daughters in Iowa public schools in an attempt to properly position himself in the caucuses there. Despite his investment of time and money, Dodd cannot get beyond 1% in Democratic preference polls, being out-polled by Dennis Kucinich, and running neck-and-neck with a number of dead or fictitious people.

Recently, Dodd couldn't even find 5,000 New Yorkers to support him, and he failed to even get on the primary ballot in that state.

Dodd has neglected the office he was elected to embarking on this dream, and he has nothing to show for it but the plaudits of the Connecticut liberal blogosphere. For that reason, I select his campaign for president as the 10th Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007.

Top Ten Dumb Things Done by Democrats in 2007

As 2007 draws to a close, I will be counting down the ten dumbest things Connecticut Democrats did during the waning year.

Believe me, there are plenty of things that Democrats did in 2007 that were idiotic, and I am well aware that bringing attention to them might be a little bit like booing at the Special Olympics. Nevertheless, I'm going to do it.

So... enjoy this retrospective with me as we take a look back at the bone-headed treats we were given by Connecticut's Democratic office holders in 2007...

Ding Dongs Merrily on High

An embarrassing piece of cheap theater was on display yesterday in Hartford, as Democratic State Representatives Ken Green, Tim O'Brien, and Peter Tercyak were part of a small group singing a "Christmas carol" outside Governor M. Jodi Rell's residence.

The carol, to the tune of 'Frosty the Snowman' they sung about how cruel Jodi Rell has been to the homeless.

From CT News Junkie:
Residents of the state’s public housing projects were there to ask Mrs. Rell to restore almost $4 million in PILOT, payment in-lieu-of-taxes, and tax abatement money to the state budget. Without the restoration of the money, “the poorest people in the state will be facing significant rent increases,” Jeffrey Freiser, executive director of the Connecticut Housing Coalition, said.
It's wonderful to know that at this time of year, Representatives Tercyak, O'Brien, and Green aren't beyond exploiting homeless people to try to score political points against the Governor. Of these three merry carolers, Representatives O'Brien and Tercyak both voted for the very budget that created this situation. Where was their concern last June?

Tercyak explains:
Democratic legislators who attended the holiday protest said no one can explain it. Rep. Peter Tercyak, D-New Britain, said “It was there at the beginning, then it was gone.”
No one can explain it. It was just there by magic somehow after you all voted for it. What crap. Tercyak is actually just admitting to you that he didn't care enough about the homeless to actually read the bill he was voting on to see how it impacted them. So instead of standing on the floor of the House asking questions, Tercyak has shown up to the Governor's mansion to stand outside singing song parodies like an adolescent, protesting something he voted for.

What leadership.

The homeless must rejoice to know that their only advocates are people too semi-literate or indifferent to actually read the bills before them. Of course, the homeless are too busy pushing shopping carriages around putting garbage into them, urinating in their pants and having conversations with invisible historical figures to notice.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rob Kane Blog Established

Rob Kane, the Republican candidate for state senate in the 32nd district seeking to replace Lou DeLuca in the January 15th Special Election has set up his campaign blog.

You can visit it here.

Even though he has that spiffy T-shirt that says he'd rather be blogging, I am currently unaware of his Democratic opponent, Ken Curran, actually having a campaign blog. I want to take the opportunity to suggest some possible blog names for him:

  • Froto's Pants
  • The Pineapple Sodaworks
  • The No Push-up Zone
  • Sparrow Farts, and Other Inspiration
  • Ladies Dig My Chin Pubes
When he puts up a blog, I'm sure we'll all visit.

UPDATE: 21 December 2007: Mr. Curran now has a web site up and running, and as Everyday Republican noted, when it first went up it had his district listed as "132" instead of "32." Brilliant.

If you want to see his site, go right on ahead and check it out:

He shaved his nasty little beard, so he looks like a ten-year old in his dad's blazer posing for a school picture.

The First Christmas

A very charming Christmas special... enjoy!

Cap Proposal Resurfaces

Governor Jodi Rell is reintroducing her plan to cap property taxes in cities and towns. The plan would require towns and cities to limit increases in property taxes to 3% unless a higher rate is approved in a referendum.

Naturally, mayors like John DeStefano of New Haven and Eddie Perez of Hartford oppose the plan. Increasing property taxes every year is critical to them, and putting up obstacles for them to take their residents money is a major inconvenience.

The legislature doesn't like caps of any kind. That annoying constitutional spending cap has become little more than a flattened speed bump in the path the legislature takes to raise our taxes. This cap is annoying to them too.

All this talk about caps makes me think of a landfill, and perhaps, with the amount of liberal refuse that pollutes our political groundwater from Hartford, the Capitol itself can be considered a landfill.

If the legislature could be compared to a compost heap, and I think it can, Jim Amann is the tallest weed growing out of it.

But I digress. Every year towns and cities get more and more aid. How many of these municipalities actually lower their property taxes as a result? You can count them on one hand.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sample Ethics Test for Democrats

The General Assembly's Democrats sure do like to talk ethics these days. You'd think they were the cleanest, most upright bunch of ladies and gentlemen you'd ever seen. Senator Don Williams has noted that legislators do not get ethics training. I think it's high time they receive it, and take a test afterward.

Below I have taken the liberty of suggesting some questions for that test. I invite any Democratic state legislator to take my exam and we can publish his/her score. I think we know how a number of Democrats in recent years would have done on this test.

Pencils in hands... and... BEGIN!

  • Should I be duking a legislative liaison with a financial interest in legislation we are jointly working on? Y or N?
  • Is it ethical as Speaker to twist the arms of lobbyists to contribute to the no-profit organization that employs me? Y or N?
  • Should I get enough DWI arrests to land me in prison? Y or N?
  • Should I allow my tiny dog to roam the Legislative Office Building freely and crap all over committee room carpets, and then blame the seeing eye dog of a legislative employee? Y or N?
  • Should I be a cocaine addict and use my campaign funds to pay for personal expenses? Y or N?
  • Can I ejaculate all over my foster son? Y or N?
  • Can I sign fake names to a petition to get my name on a primary ballot? Y or N?
  • Can I accept a cash bribe in my legislative office? Y or N?
  • Is voter fraud cool? Y or N?
  • Can I, as Speaker of the House, take my $2 million contingency meant for statewide projects and use it to primarily benefit my individual legislative district? Y or N?
Pencils down! Turn in your papers.

Danbury Mall Santa Groped

Usually parents are concerned about the men who dress up as Santa in malls, and allowing their children to sit on the lap of a weird stranger in a red velvet suit. However, it appears that in some cases, it's Santa Claus who has to protect the family jewels from the people who sit on his lap.

Sitting on Santa's lap apparently turned into a lap dance or something akin to it in Danbury. The AP reports that a Danbury Fair Mall Santa was "groped" by a 33-year-old woman identified as Sandrama Lamy. From the AP:

Danbury police were called to the mall over the weekend. The mall Santa told them Lamy had touched him inappropriately while sitting on his lap.

``The security officer at the mall said Santa Claus has been sexually assaulted,'' Danbury Detective Lt. Thomas Michael said.

Capt. Bob Myles said police were able to quickly find and identify Lamy because she was on crutches.

On crutches? Oh no! It's like a perverted Tiny Tim!

Police aren't releasing the real name of the Santa Claus who was assaulted, but Lamy has been charged with 4th degree sexual assault and has been released with a promise to appear in court January 3rd.

If this is a first offense the whole thing should be over in time for her to go grab the Easter Bunny's ass this Spring.


A most amusing Christmas diversion... This Santa probably wouldn't complain about getting his ass grabbed.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Only Democrats Deserve Answers

Senate Republican Leader John McKinney had it right when he pointed out in today's News-Times that Senate Democrats have such a grotesque sense of entitlement, they feel no one deserves answers in the Tom Gaffey scandal but them.

From Ken Dixon's article today:

McKinney said removing Gaffey from the committee is one of "several" ethics reforms that could result from the incident.

"I think the Senate, in some fashion, has to state for the record that it was wrong and people deserve answers to their questions,"

McKinney said. "In fact, the Democrats apparently think they're the only ones entitled to ask questions and get answers."

McKinney said the issue was central to a closed-door, senators-only caucus among the two-dozen-member Democratic majority.

"Those who privately expressed concern said they asked questions, got answers and said nothing inappropriate happened," McKinney said.

"It's shocking to me that they think they're entitled to answers behind closed doors, but the people of Connecticut are not entitled to those answers."

McKinney hits it right on the head, although it could be said in a less genteel manner. Democrats believe they are beyond reproach, beyond fallibility and beyond answering to the general public. They are mistaken.

Sleazy Rider

This is one of my favorite pictures of our Speaker of the House, Jim Amann. He is riding on a Democrat motorcycle. That means it cost $3 million and it doesn't work.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Pot Shots Heard 'Round Connecticut

One could almost hear the groaning of the annoyed Connecticut left-wing blogosphere today as their hated Senator Joe Lieberman today endorsed Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) for president, saying "Political party is important, but it’s not more important than what’s good for the country and it’s not more important than friendship."

Bile is being belched onto Lieberman by the Lamont-loving lefty blogosphere wherever you look today... to them it is another betrayal from a man they consider to be a traitor to the Democratic party, mostly because he won't back down on his position of strong national defense.

Lieberman is a dying breed. He is a Democrat who is proud to be an American. I'm not a fan of John McCain, but he and Lieberman believe in what we are doing in Iraq, and know the job must be properly finished. And for that, I applaud them both.

It's a Democrat's Life

Don't send a lame Holiday eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

Time for another Holiday Special...

Enjoy this holiday film starring Jim Amann, Susan Bysiewicz, Chris Donovan, Eddie Perez, Tom Gaffey, and John DeStefano.

A God Abdicates

Embattled State Senator Thomas Gaffey, facing ethical questions concerning his romantic relationship with a liaison at the Connecticut State University System, has now resigned the lofted post from which he helped maneuver $1 billion to his girlfriend's employer.

Tom Gaffey, who denies his actions were beneath that of proper ethical conduct, has now resigned as vice chairman of the Higher Education Committee. He wants you to know that this has nothing to do with his being guilty of anything.

Senate Democrats unveiled their "ethics" package last week for the 2008 session, including a provision placing limits on liaisons from state agencies that are similar to those on registered lobbyists. They want you to know that this has nothing to do with Tom Gaffey though.

The man once referred to as a "god" by his liaison girlfriend has apparently abdicated his throne on Mount Olympus. He will now be relegated to lesser-god status, taking on no additional committee assignments to replace the one he leaves behind. Presumably, he will have more time for important things like applying pungent cologne, unbuttoning his dress shirts and sipping Courvoisier in the dark corner of a jazz club.

Gaffey has a ruling from the Ethics Commission stating that his relationship and advocacy of the $1 billion CSUS funding did not violate any ethics laws. Big deal. They also once said Jim Amann's method of getting lobbyists to contribute to his employer, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, didn't violate any laws either. They are still both ethically challenged behaviors.

Deep down Gaffey knows this. Or else he would not have resigned.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Amann & His Personal Money Tree

The Federation of Connecticut Taxpayers Organizations has asked State Auditor Robert Jaekle to review the $2 million accounts that Governor Rell, Senate President Don Williams and House Speaker Jim Amann each control as "discretionary" funds. Normal people know these kinds of things as slush funds.

Jaekle has said that since the funds are not spent illegally, an audit is unlikely. However, what is interesting, and telling, is the reaction that Rell, Williams and Amann each gave when asked by NBC 30 about the slush funds they each control, after the issue was picked up by the New Haven Register.

Rell hasn't used any of her contingency this year, but last year used the funds to help create a State Contracting Board of Ethics, and dairy farm initiatives. While she thinks the money is spent appropriately, she is in favor of eliminating the slush funds.

Senator Don Williams hasn't spent any of his contingency funds this year either, but last year spent some on libraries, police departments, and other community projects. His spokesman Derek "the Slapper" Slap said "We think it's important that legislative leaders have the ability to address constituent needs as needs arise and help with some of these valuable projects. The senators and representatives are the ones on the ground and are very tuned into the needs of the community."

This, of course, is complete bullshit, but we can at least give him credit for attempting to make the slush fund sound critical and valuable.

Speaker Amann, however, did not waste the opportunity to demonstrate yet once more how arrogant and out of touch he is, not to mention how indifferent he is at wasting taxpayer money.

NBC 30 reports:
"It's not like I have a barrel of money in my office and I write the checks," Amann said. Amann has allocated about half of the $2 million he controls during the current fiscal year, contributing to community groups, school projects, nonprofit organizations and other recipients. Many were in or near his hometown of Milford. "I'm proud of what we've done for Milford. What, is the speaker not supposed to bring home money to his hometown?" Amann told the New Haven Register.
It should not be surprising that the same man who tossed $65,000 of our hard-earned cash down the toilet just to have an hour-long, unnecessary special session would also raid a slush fund meant for projects all over the state just to benefit his own district.

Amann, a man who laughably entertains delusions that he is qualified to be governor, does not even have enough respect for any of us to pretend he is doing something worthwhile with this money.

Amann has contempt for Connecticut's taxpayers... the very people who paid the $65,000 for his idiotic special session this month, and the people who are working every day at their jobs to pay for the $2 million slush fund he abuses to benefit his own district. His arrogance is beginning to attain new heights.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Big Threat in the 32nd

The Waterbury Republican-American was brutal to Senate candidate Ken Curran today, revealing that the man chosen by Democrats to run for Lou DeLuca's vacated seat ironically has a past of threatening people himself.

Says the Republican-American: "But Mr. Curran's claim to fame is his harassment of a Bethlehem Democrat in 2001. The victim, Dan Parlato, only wanted Mr. Curran to apologize for calling him at home in the middle of the night to berate him. 'I hope you're happy we lost the election. It's your fault. I want to meet with you. We'll settle this face-to-face. I'll take care of you.' Mr. Parlato told police that was his fourth disturbing call during that election cycle."

Curran was given 20 hours of community service for his offense.

Lou DeLuca lost his seat in the Senate because he attempted to have someone beaten up. It was never followed through with. Curran himself threatened this Parlato fellow, though never followed through with it. It doesn't matter... it's a disgrace.

Never mind the disgrace that falls on Parlato for not simply kicking the stuffing out of Curran. I mean look at the guy... someone would have to be in poor physical condition indeed to be intimidated by a chubby blogger who has a beard that looks like he put glue on his face and rolled around in lint.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dodd Silenced in NY

Chris Dodd, the fellow who used to be our Senator, but moved to Iowa, missed more than half his votes in Washington, all for a measly 1% in the polls, has now failed to make it on to the ballot in New York.

The New York Democratic primary requires 5,000 signatures to get on the ballot. Did Dodd fail to get even 5,000 New Yorkers to sign on? Even alien-loving Dennic Kucinich managed to find enough supporters in New York to get himself on the ballot there.

I have always believed that Dodd had absolutely no chance at becoming president, especially since the left-wing blogosphere has a demonstrable, painfully awkward and visible priapism for him and his campaign.

Despite enormous investments of time and energy on his part, Dodd has caught fire only in the sense of self-immolation, despite the embarrassing declarations of "Dodd-Mania" by some CT lefty bloggers.

We may see Dodd pulling his daughter out of Iowa schools and actually making some Senate votes in the near future. Dodd's journey is almost through.

Christmas is a Blast

No one ever said I don't have a puerile sense of humor. Today's snow storm has put me in the mood for another wonderful Christmas Special.

Courant Slams Amann for Expensive Session

The Courant may be many things, but it has been hard-pressed to be charitable to House Speaker Jim Amann, mostly because he keeps putting his foot in his mouth.

The Courant editorialized today on Amann's obtuse behavior, and his arrogance in calling a session that cost $55,000 in overtime and labor for the removing of scaffolding and then replacing it after an hour of legislative business. An additional $10,000 was the price we paid for staff and operations.

You can see it here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Priceless Advice for Dodd

This Youtube debate question offers some great advice for Chris Dodd to get noticed. Nothing else seems to work, so why not give it a whirl?

Ethics Sham

Connecticut Senate Democrats rolled out a massive and unwieldy barrel of B.S. for Connecticut yesterday. Close on the heels of Senator Tom Gaffey's ethics being called into question, the Senate Democrats unveiled their 2008 ethics package.

Of course, this has nothing to do with Tom Gaffey, and it is purely coincidental.

The Senate Democrats want to revoke the pensions of corrupt officials, require ethics training for legislators and municipal officials, extend restrictions to state officials who lobby legislators (but this has nothing to do with Tom Gaffey!), create a permanent bi-partisan process for investigating alleged misconduct by legislators, and enact a code of conduct with a criminal penalty for officials who fail to report a bribe.

This is all well and fine. Of course, Don Williams and his cabal like to constantly invoke the name of John Rowland when trying to make a point about ethics. Now they have Lou DeLuca, to kick around too.

But if you want to look at the recent history of legislative corruption, or disgracing one's legislative office, I think it's helpful to once again examine this list:

State Senator Ernest Newton - DEMOCRAT: sentenced to five years in prison for accepting bribes and using campaign contributions for personal expenses. The self-proclaimed "Moses of [his] people" currently resides at Fort Dix, where he may or may not run into former Democrat Mayor of Bridgeport Joe Ganim, also serving time for corruption.

Frank DeJesus - DEMOCRAT: 2006 Candidate in the 3rd Assembly district in Hartford and ally of Mayor Perez was arrested on forgery, false statement, and falsely certifying oaths in connection with his attempts to pettition onto the ballot.

State Representative Barnaby Horton - DEMOCRAT: Paid a $10,000 fine plus given community service in connection with voter fraud in his primary against Rep. Ken Greene, trying to keep a legislative seat after his disappeared in redistricting in 2002.

State Representative Edwin Garcia - DEMOCRAT: Also a Hartford police officer, was prosecuted for accepting bribes in a food stamp scheme.

State Representative Donnie Sellers - DEMOCRAT: "I'm a politician. I ain't turning anything down" said Sellers, as he accepted a $200 bribe from a federal agent in a sting operation. Sellers offered to smooth the way for the obtaining of a pistol permit.

State Representative Kevin Ryan - DEMOCRAT: Repeated drunk driving offenses caused the Montville legislator to answer constituent mail from prison for an all too brief stint.

State Representative Jefferson Davis
- DEMOCRAT: The former Pomfret legislator now has a permanent residence on the state's sex offender registry after he sexually abused his foster son.

I think Connecticut should have a higher standard when it comes to ethical reform than what Democrats apparently think is acceptable. These are the last people who can offer credible reforms.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kerry's Rabbit Boiler

The political stage is made ever more entertaining when a truly colorful, probably deranged character waltzes out upon it. Such is the case of Lee Whitnum, former mistress of John Kerry, and Democratic candidate for U.S Congress in Connecticut's 4th District.

Whitnum seeks to run against Jim Himes, the darling of the left-wing blogosphere, for the Democratic nomination, and unseat Republican Representative Chris Shays. There is only one thing in between her and ultimate victory... herself.

First of all, a politician has to have an identifiable name. She has too many names to keep track of. She is alternately known as Lee Whitnum, Lisa Whitnum and perhaps most notoriously as Lee Roystone, the author of "Hedge Fund Mistress," a naughty tale of her days as John Kerry's lover.

Roystone/Whitnum has a disturbing online scrapbook of her times with John Kerry. Go here to see it, and promptly take a shower afterward. Her photos are nothing special, they could have been assembled by anyone who had ever attended a Kerry event. But the text really reveals someone who appears to have a very unhealthy obsession with the former Democratic presidential contender.

Her scrapbook is filled with laughable assertions such as "I loved listening to his speeches. He writes his own speeches on yellow legal pads. He used to always say 'idear'. Honey - it's idea. 'I know,' he
said. 'I always say that.'

Fascinating. Really gives you an insider look into the machinations of Kerry's great brain like no one else could.

To read her drivel and see her obsess about Kerry makes me think she is ready to go Glenn Close on one of his rabbits.

I can find nothing in her background that makes her a serious candidate. These are scary days... being a president's wife qualifies you for the U.S. Senate. And being a Senator's former lover apparently qualifies one to be in Congress.

The $65,000 One-Hour Session

Jim Amann, the Speaker who wants to be governor, apparently wasted over $65,000 of our money to hold that ridiculous and unnecessary special session last week. The cost was associated with taking down scaffolding in the House chamber that had been erected for a sprinkler installation project. Because of Amann's decision to hold it when he did, it had to be taken down and re-erected afterward.

The Courant covers the facts here, noting that the one-hour session cost $1,000 a minute.

House Republican Leader Larry Cafero noted that the business conducted could have been done in a technical session that wouldn't have required the $65,000 cost of labor to disassemble and reassemble the scaffolding.

Amann responded with his characteristic applomb. Observes the Courant: "We're the majority party. I make the call for the session," Amann said. "It was the proper thing to do. I don't have to consult Larry Cafero on how to run the House. ... Tell him there's a war going on in Iraq. There's more important issues than this. When he becomes speaker, he can do what he wants. That's how democracy works."

Actually, that's how a dictatorship works. And a desperate, brainless interjection of the Iraq War is, I suppose, the level of intellectual sophistication we can expect from a Speaker who could only be considered brilliant by his fellow hominids.

The total cost is summed up in the Courant story: "The union construction crews — who work for a scaffolding company — were paid about $23 an hour, plus benefits worth $13.40 an hour, and the state pays the entire tab, Connery said. Installing the sprinklers in both the House and the Senate is being done under a contract for $423,000, and now the extra costs will push the total to about $478,000. Certain logistical factors played a role in how the work was completed. "

If Jim Amann feels $65,000 is disposable just for holding an impromptu session, why is it there is anyone who trusts him with our tax dollars? Is this the kind of command decision he intends to treat us to as governor? If we continue to give this man control of our tax money, you can expect him to flush plenty of it down those new toilets they are building in the Legislative Office Building.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Governor Amann?

House Speaker Jim Amann has said today that he will form a committee next month to explore a run for governor. What a treat for Connecticut!

State Senate President Don Williams is considering a similar run. He joins Mayors DeStefano and Malloy, and Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz as possible candidates, not to mention Attorney General Richard Blumenthal who regularly does the gubernatorial hokey-pokey (left foot in, left foot out...).

Amann demonstrated that characteristic class and selfless dedication to public service that has gotten him where he is when he said "I wish speaker could be forever, but I have to look to my political future."

We're all glad to know that Jim Amann does everything he does for the right reasons. After all, like he says, he has to look to the future. The Multiple Sclerosis Society won't always be there to give him a hand-out.

He'll need a new job. Hopefully as soon as next year.

Democratic Snowball Fight

Non-Crappy Starring You! eCards on JibJab

Some impish seasonal fun between Democrats...

Building a Bigger Legislature

Today's New Haven Register reports that the Connecticut General Assembly is preparing to spend $5 million on the first significant addition to the Legislative Office Building, which houses legislative and staff offices next to the Capitol in Hartford.

Completed in 1987, the Legislative Office Building is a massive political rabbit hutch, where the likes of Jim Amann and Don Williams, special interests, and staffers sniff each other's butts, and then hump out a deal... figuratively of course, unless you are Senator Tom Gaffey.

A one-story addition is in the works to add cafeteria space, capitol police offices, public bathrooms and loading docks. Interestingly enough, the original design of the building could hold five additional stories.

In only ten years, the General Assembly staff has burgeoned over 33%. Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney is cited as having said that the growth and expansion has always been to make the legislature a "co-equal" branch of government.

The first step in making the legislature more equal with Governor Rell apparently starts with a bigger cafeteria and more toilets.

Kane and Disabled

Democrats in the 32nd District convened to chose their candidate in the special election to fill the vacant State Senate seat left behind by the resignation of Lou DeLuca. The promptly and efficiently chose the crappiest candidate of two contenders.

Tossing a former US ambassador with an extensive and impressive resume to the curb, Democrats chose Ken Curran, a man who I suspect has played Dungeons & Dragons in his basement as recently as Friday.

Curran (pictured) has a terrific background. He is a blogger. He is chairman of the Bethlehem Democrats, worked on Joe Liberman's campaign, and he managed Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez's campaign. And oh yeah, he served on some local boards and commissions. He will face Watertown Republican Councilman Rob Kane in a January 15th Special Election.

The leftwing blogosphere is distraught... Lieberman and Perez are detested by this group. He may need to recruit some elves and wizards to work on his campaign.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Romney on Religion and the Presidency

The New York Times panned this speech today. Therefore, you can count on it being excellent.

Under Rug Swept

The Hartford Courant has joined in the ranks of those disgusted by the conduct of Senator Tom Gaffey in attaining a $1 billion bonding package for the Connecticut State University System.

The Senator used his powerful positions on the Education and Higher Education committees to secure the funds. Gaffey allegedly merged political goals and genitalia with SCUS legislative liaison Jill Ferraiolo, a relationship that was kept secret from the rest of the Senate and the public.

The Courant says of Gaffey's lame defense of his actions: "This argument is not persuasive. Ms. Ferraiolo's job is to influence lawmakers on her employer's behalf. The 10-year, $950 million bonding authorization is one of the largest bonding projects in Connecticut history, and taxpayers are entitled to have confidence that lawmakers are thinking clearly and protecting the public's interests when handing out millions of dollars in public funds."

The Courant correctly points out that this remarkable conflict of interest is obvious and Gaffey should have known better: "Mr. Gaffey has caused his own judgment to be called into question. His relationship with Ms. Ferraiolo is a conflict of interest and clear grounds for his removal from the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee. His conduct is also grounds for censure by the Senate."

I could not agree more. The Connecticut Senate may not be the most dignified hall of power, but it deserves better than being led around by the nose by a romantically stunted Lothario.

Senator Don Williams does not agree. He believes that there is nothing wrong here and has flatly refused to even examine the issue.

This is a symptom of the institutional abuse of power by Democrats. They were pleased to investigate John Rowland and Lou DeLuca. However, Democrats Ernie Newton, Jefferson Davis, Barnaby Horton, Donnie Sellers, Edwin Garcia, were never in any real danger of their own chambers calling hearings on them. They faced legal consequences, while Rowland and DeLuca faced both.

The legislature also naturally refused to look into Jim Amann's abuse of his position in squeezing money out of capitol lobbyists for his job with the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

It always gets swept under the rug with these people.

Beer for the Holidays...

Ha ha.

Uh... this is not my horse.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Double Standard

After forming a committee to run Senator Lou DeLuca out of town on a rail for conduct that brought disdain on the State Senate, the chamber's Democratic leader Don Williams has brought disdain upon himself in setting an ugly double standard by refusing to examine the activities of Senator Tom Gaffey and a CSUS liaison in regards to the $1 billion in bonding he helped shepherd through to benefit the CSUS, and his lover.

While the circumstances between the DeLuca issue and the Gaffey issue are very different, they are similar in one important respect; they call into question the integrity of the Senate. Now we know that to Don Williams "ethics" are just another phrase they throw around when trying to ensnare a Republican guilty of wrongdoing, but something they refuse to apply to themselves.

This is what you get with a supermajority. They may not be effective with their massive numbers in the legislature in getting any policies implemented or addressing the concerns of Connecticut residents, but they are damned good at insulating their own from the consequences of their actions.

It may be that Gaffey did nothing literally wrong. But thanks to Don Williams and Senate Democrats, we'll never get the opportunity to make that judgment.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kevin Sullivan & Another Blowhole to the Left

Finally. A job commensurate with the talents, skills and dignity of former Lt. Governor Kevin Sullivan. The Hartford Business Journal is reporting that Kevin Sullivan will be appointed executive director of the Children's Museum in West Hartford. You can read it here.

The museum caters to children 12 and under. What could better prepare Sullivan for this post than three decades in public service, and rising to the top leadership of Senate Democrats, who are are little more than diaper-loading children themselves?

A quick visit to the Children's Museum Site will tell you all about Conny, the life-size sperm whale replica which sits outside the museum. It notes the many similarities between a real sperm whale and Conny, including; " his real world cousins, Conny’s blowhole is a little bit to the left..." Since Sullivan himself is a blowhole to the left, he should fit right in.

Time for a Christmas Special

It's that time of the year. You can find all the classic Christmas specials on TV all month. I want to do my part in sharing some of my favorites with you.

Anus in the Morning

Don Imus returned to the airwaves yesterday morning after eight months in professional exile. Imus was fired in April for calling the Rutgers women's basketball team a bunch of "nappy-headed hos."

Don Imus has one of the crappiest radio shows I have heard, and as far as I can tell, ran out of talent around 1979. Yet, WABC-AM in New York hired him for a brand new "Imus in the Morning Show."

If you listened to any of the broadcast, you had to endure his hand-wringing speech about what he had done, what he had said, and how sorry he was for it. That's all well and good, he made poorly chosen remarks which, aside from being offensive, weren't redeemed by at least being clever of funny. That is because he is a moron.

About twenty years ago when Don Imus was on WNBC-AM in the morning opposite Howard Stern who had the evening commute slot, I was amused by Stern's reference to Don Imus's show as "Anus in the Morning." I don't think Stern even realized how accurate he was.

Curiously, his new cast has two black people in it, which he denies had anything to do with the incident. Mmm hmm.

Imus did an interview with Barbara Walters which will air Thursday evening. In it, he supposedly remarks "I think that what happened is probably what should have happened," with regards to his firing. An interesting conclusion since I thought he was suing CBS for his being fired.

One of Anus... er... Imus's frequent guests was on hand for the inaugural show: Senator Chris Dodd, taking full advantage of being anywhere but in Connecticut or Washington. Nice to know that Dodd continues to be in favor of all things that disgust me.

I'm not shocked that Imus is back after his offense. I'm shocked he's back because he sucks.

A Kennedy Staggers Into Connecticut

Connecticut was honored with a visit from an unusually sober Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) yesterday afternoon. Kennedy, the son of Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA), was in the state to help his good friend, Connecticut Congressman Chris Murphy in putting on a very boring forum in Hartford trying to boost their "mental health parity bill."

CTN ran the forum last night, and it featured a number of panelists who appeared heavily medicated themselves. Accoding to CTNewsJunkie, Rep. Murphy boldly asserted “Mental illness does not discriminate whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat.” Heh heh. Well, I'm not so sure about that.

Naturally, with Kennedy and Murphy behind it, the proposal is a $4 billion budget-buster.

Presumably Kennedy wants to help people like his father; the kind of person who can drive a car over a pier with a female passenger and kill her, or get so loaded he can't pronounce Barack Obama's name.

Or perhaps he's more interested in helping people like himself... the sort of person who can get into a drug-induced stupor and drive up onto a sidewalk and crash into a security barrier in Washington at 2:45 in the morning.

Patrick Kennedy just completed probation last summer for the much-publicized incident which culminated in his being prosecuted for driving under the influence, reckless driving, and driving without a permit.

If Murphy and the Kennedys really want to improve the health and well-being of Americans, they will pass legislation that keeps members of the Kennedy family from getting behind the wheel.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday Hypocrites

Apparently the legislative session which will convene on Wednesday, December 5th, will be a small bit of business, but it will require all legislators to attend. As I mentioned last week, this would be the first day of Hanukkah.

Is it a big deal that House Speaker Jim Amann and Senate President Don "Chachi" Williams are calling a session on the eve of this significant Jewish holiday? Well, back in 2005, Governor Jodi Rell called a special session on October 11th, the day before Yom Kippur, and a number of legislators wrote a letter jointly to her questioning the move.

Democrats Edith Parague, Andrea Stillman, Gayle Slossberg, Johnathan Harris, Jim Shapiro, Art Feltman, Pat Widlitz expressed their feelings that the move was insensitive to those of the Jewish faith.

I expect they have registered their outrage with their own Democratic leadership. I can't wait to see the letter that I assume they have drafted on the matter. If they don't complain, well... I guess that would make them (GASP!) hypocrites.

Sen. Gaffey: "Big Boy" of Bonding

State Senator Tom Gaffey (D-Meriden) takes quite a beating in yesterday's Courant at the hands of columnist and former Senator Kevin Rennie. According to what Rennie has uncovered, it appears that Senator Gaffey's love affair with Jill Ferraiolo, an associate vice chancellor for government relations at the Connecticut State University System led to the exertion of some undue influence on the part of Gaffey for the $1 billion in bonding for the CSUS system.

Gaffey serves as chairman of the legislature's Education Committee, and as vice chairman of the Higher Education Committee.

Rennie notes that in a variety of emails (where she refers to Gaffey as her "big boy") Ferraiolo laid plans with Gaffey in an alliance to get that $1 billion package approved. Ferraiolo also referred to Gaffey as a "god." And, drowning in this dirty sea of sexual retardation, Gaffey apparently replied "alongside every god is a great goddess."

Apart from the basic interest of this sordid tale, which has these two behaving with the sexual sophistication of unusually stupid high-school students, there are really two distinct points.

The first is that Senator Joan Hartley (D-Waterbury) was the target of much Democrat ire during the bonding flap when she refused to sign up for a veto-override because of concerns she had over that $1 billion. Apparently not many people were the wiser that Gaffey had this relationship that could taint the overall deal.

Second, it will be interesting to see how the Senate Democrats handle this disgraceful behavior, particularly so soon after running Senator Lou DeLuca out of office on the premise of the high ethical standards in the Senate.

I wonder what Don Williams knew and when he knew it. If he threatened Hartley with losing her staff, office, and parking space, will he threaten to withhold anything from Gaffey? Perhaps motel privileges or access to the Senate coat room condom machine?

Perhaps we'll never know. But there is one thing I do know... there's nothing god-like about wandering around the capitol in an open-collared shirt with too much cologne trying to get laid.

Gaffey, do us all a favor and stop eating rhino horn dust.

The God-like Senator "Big Boy", and his inspiration in debauchery.