Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Anus in the Morning

Don Imus returned to the airwaves yesterday morning after eight months in professional exile. Imus was fired in April for calling the Rutgers women's basketball team a bunch of "nappy-headed hos."

Don Imus has one of the crappiest radio shows I have heard, and as far as I can tell, ran out of talent around 1979. Yet, WABC-AM in New York hired him for a brand new "Imus in the Morning Show."

If you listened to any of the broadcast, you had to endure his hand-wringing speech about what he had done, what he had said, and how sorry he was for it. That's all well and good, he made poorly chosen remarks which, aside from being offensive, weren't redeemed by at least being clever of funny. That is because he is a moron.

About twenty years ago when Don Imus was on WNBC-AM in the morning opposite Howard Stern who had the evening commute slot, I was amused by Stern's reference to Don Imus's show as "Anus in the Morning." I don't think Stern even realized how accurate he was.

Curiously, his new cast has two black people in it, which he denies had anything to do with the incident. Mmm hmm.

Imus did an interview with Barbara Walters which will air Thursday evening. In it, he supposedly remarks "I think that what happened is probably what should have happened," with regards to his firing. An interesting conclusion since I thought he was suing CBS for his being fired.

One of Anus... er... Imus's frequent guests was on hand for the inaugural show: Senator Chris Dodd, taking full advantage of being anywhere but in Connecticut or Washington. Nice to know that Dodd continues to be in favor of all things that disgust me.

I'm not shocked that Imus is back after his offense. I'm shocked he's back because he sucks.

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mccommas said...

I used to listen to his show just for the funny impressions someone else did. I loved Richard Nixon and General Patton.

Listening to Anus (apt) and the nitwit that always agreed with every word he said was a chore and eventually I stopped listening. I never figured out who was the funny guy that did the impressions. Was it the nitwit?

I knew he would be back when he was fired. I don't know what people see in him either but he undeniably has quite a following.

The money whores win again.