Thursday, December 27, 2007

#3 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007

#3 - The Bullhook Bill

Representative Diana Urban of North Stonington and Representative Steve Fontana of North Haven share a romantic relationship, and a deep love for animals. This led them to crusade against the ankus, or "bullhook," an instrument used by circus personnel to manage elephants.

The use of the bullhook, they said, was abusing the elephants. The reality was that this was the safest and most humane way to handle elephants which are animals large enough to crush a human handler that is without an appropriate tool of motivation. The real aim of these two was to keep circuses from using any animals at all. Thus, in the state of P.T. Barnum, we stood the real possibility of circuses being a thing of the past if they got their way.

The proposal was so incredibly stupid that even Speaker Jim Amann refused to let it come to the floor of the House.

Despite what these two think, people don't go to the circus to see the Human Slinky or Slavic men in leotards fly through the air. A few people might go for the midgets, but most want to see animals! They want to see dancing bears. They want to see a tiger that might go Roy Horn on its tamer. And the children want to eat cotton candy and hot peanuts, and laugh when they see an elephant take a giant dump. They love it! That's the circus experience.

For failing to realize that, and for being glazed over with ill-advised animal fanaticism, I award these two the 3rd Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007.


nomorebureaucracy said...

I believe the public ought to know that Rep. Steve Fontana a Democrat and Rep. Diana Urban a rabid liberal turncoat have a relationship of more than just that of co-liberal conspirators. They share a loving relationship.

Now that you are back from throwing up, I’ll fill you in on a little conversation exchanged by the two last session:

REP. URBAN: So I would ask you do you think, in view of some of the other really important issues that we're considering in environment, there are people that said that this bill is frivolous. Do you think that you could respond to that, Representative?

REP. STEVE FONTANA: I'd be happy to, Representative. First, let me say that I believe, without disclosing anything unduly personal, you had the opportunity to demonstrate for me last night a bull hook and the point of it.

Back to the bathroom for round two…

Headless Horseman said...

I remember reading about that exchange. They are disgusting. And Fontana appears just a little too eager to demonstrate to his colleagues that he is actually getting laid.

He must have been pathetic in high school if he has carried this embarrassing level of immaturity into his adult years.

mccommas said...

Let me just put a word in for Rep. Diana Urban.

Urban was the only state lawmaker I knew of that strongly opposed State Supreme Court Justice Joette Katz being re-appointed to the Supreme Court based on her verdict that set aside the Death Penalty of a Cop Killer. The victim died in my hometown of Windham.

Katz based her heartless, inhuman, indefensible ruling that set aside the much deserved death sentence for Terry Johnson on her assumption that our police officer did not suffer enough pain to warrant enforcement of the statute.

So on the bull hooks and even on her switching parties she gets a free pass from me. OK. She is an airhead but at least she is not a heartless coward like so many of her colleagues.

Urban stood up for Trooper Russell Bagshaw. Few -- if anyone -- else did. Katz was reappointed.