Friday, December 21, 2007

#9 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007

# 9 - Chris Caruso Can't Let it Go.

There have been great rumblings from Chris Caruso this year, though that might have something to do with all the sausage he eats.

In September, the insufferably pompous Caruso, a Bridgeport State Representative and Chairman of the GAE Committee, lost the Democratic primary for Mayor of Bridgeport to State Senator Bill Finch. From that moment until this he has worked to sue his way into office.

He filed a lawsuit claiming voter irregularities robbed him of primary victory. Then, when Finch went on to win the general election, Caruso sued to prevent the election from being certified. Caruso's attempt to stop Finch from taking office was thrown out, and his suit over the general election is still pending.

Caruso is following a new creed that liberals began establishing this decade with the likes of Al Gore... if you lose an election, just try to sue people and places and things until you are handed the office.

Caruso, who approaches 50 years of age and still lives at home with his mommy has never really had much of a real job, and thusly, hasn't much of a sense of reality. His inability to lose with any grace whatsoever leads me to select Caruso's inability to let it go as the #9 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007.


Bob said...

50 years old and live at "home". Wonderful.

Curran looks like he lives at "home". But Curran is what 34? I'm guess-estimating based on his college graduation date and his looks. And his resume reads pretty damn thin. Worked on some election staffs.

Not exactly the depth we'd like to have for Senator.

What is it with these people? We wonder at the kooky proposals yet, look what runs!!

There is no life experience here.

We wonder why we have the HIGHEST taxes in the country and reckless proposals proposals for more and more spending.

Yet this is what is in office????

Getting and keeping a private sector job rather than a demonstrated ability to feed at the public tough should be written in to the state constitution.

mccommas said...

Oh I don't think thats that scores even in the top ten of the dummbest things that CT Dems have done.

You don't give the Dems enough credit!

road said...

Wait he still might win the mayoral race, the state supreme court could have a change of heart!

CtRoadrunner said...

The votes got lost in his navel and are now lint!