Sunday, December 16, 2007

Amann & His Personal Money Tree

The Federation of Connecticut Taxpayers Organizations has asked State Auditor Robert Jaekle to review the $2 million accounts that Governor Rell, Senate President Don Williams and House Speaker Jim Amann each control as "discretionary" funds. Normal people know these kinds of things as slush funds.

Jaekle has said that since the funds are not spent illegally, an audit is unlikely. However, what is interesting, and telling, is the reaction that Rell, Williams and Amann each gave when asked by NBC 30 about the slush funds they each control, after the issue was picked up by the New Haven Register.

Rell hasn't used any of her contingency this year, but last year used the funds to help create a State Contracting Board of Ethics, and dairy farm initiatives. While she thinks the money is spent appropriately, she is in favor of eliminating the slush funds.

Senator Don Williams hasn't spent any of his contingency funds this year either, but last year spent some on libraries, police departments, and other community projects. His spokesman Derek "the Slapper" Slap said "We think it's important that legislative leaders have the ability to address constituent needs as needs arise and help with some of these valuable projects. The senators and representatives are the ones on the ground and are very tuned into the needs of the community."

This, of course, is complete bullshit, but we can at least give him credit for attempting to make the slush fund sound critical and valuable.

Speaker Amann, however, did not waste the opportunity to demonstrate yet once more how arrogant and out of touch he is, not to mention how indifferent he is at wasting taxpayer money.

NBC 30 reports:
"It's not like I have a barrel of money in my office and I write the checks," Amann said. Amann has allocated about half of the $2 million he controls during the current fiscal year, contributing to community groups, school projects, nonprofit organizations and other recipients. Many were in or near his hometown of Milford. "I'm proud of what we've done for Milford. What, is the speaker not supposed to bring home money to his hometown?" Amann told the New Haven Register.
It should not be surprising that the same man who tossed $65,000 of our hard-earned cash down the toilet just to have an hour-long, unnecessary special session would also raid a slush fund meant for projects all over the state just to benefit his own district.

Amann, a man who laughably entertains delusions that he is qualified to be governor, does not even have enough respect for any of us to pretend he is doing something worthwhile with this money.

Amann has contempt for Connecticut's taxpayers... the very people who paid the $65,000 for his idiotic special session this month, and the people who are working every day at their jobs to pay for the $2 million slush fund he abuses to benefit his own district. His arrogance is beginning to attain new heights.


Vader, Chad said...
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Vader, Chad said...

The people of Connecticut will not tolerate this fool's insolence any longer. And the Gov. isn't much better. She should have told Pornstachio and the German-Irish bloviator to pound sand and dared them to challenge her on the bonding issue. As will happen in D.C., voters are going to clean house in Hartford next year. Bye-bye Democratic super majority.

Headless Horseman said...

There's nothing super about the "super majority" that's for certain. And if I were a member of this super majority I would be wondering why the $2 million slush fund was only being used primarily for Amann's district...

Another term for Amann as speaker would be a disaster for everyone... liberals and conservatives. He is unequal to his task.

Rocco J. Frank Jr. said...

Something to share about Amann.