Thursday, December 27, 2007

#2 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007

#2 Gaffeygate

When Senator Tom Gaffey failed to disclose his romantic relationship with CSU System liaison Jill Ferraiolo while vigorously working to get $1 billion in bonding for the system, he unleashed a firestorm upon himself.

Add into the mix revelations of emails between the two that demonstrated the sexual sophistication of retards dry-humping doorknobs, and you get one hell of a funny story.

Ferraiolo, who must own an impressive Judy Collins book collection, referred to Gaffey as her "big boy" (I understand many who have been in the restroom with him dispute the nickname's accuracy) and as a "god."

Gaffey participated in the idiocy, by telling her that "alongside every god is a great goddess." I suspect Gaffey wouldn't be the first politician to suffer from delusions of godhood - but the job is probably open if he wants it. I am unaware of either the Roman or Greek pantheon of gods including gods or goddesses of bonding.

Nonsense aside, Gaffey raised serious ethical questions about himself by doing what he did, not to mention some interest in expenditures from his political action committee funds which may have been improperly spent.

Immediately afterward, Senate Democrats proposed a new ethics package for 2008, which we were laughably expected to believe had nothing to do with Gaffey, and the Senator resigned his post on the Higher Education Committee.

Gaffey helped make the case that Senate Democrats have zero moral authority to dictate to the rest of us about ethics. For this reason, I have selected it as the 2nd Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007.

And I hope Fabio plays him in the TV movie.


X said...

Speaking of raising serious questions: you hang out with dudes who peek at other guys in public restrooms?

Headless Horseman said...

Uh, okay.


CtRoadrunner said...

I have to go but I can't x is watching.

Gaffey's move is, with all due respect to our state ethics office, unethical for not only disclosing his relationship after he voted for the CSU project but for voting on the project at all.

Headless Horseman said...

Exactly, he should have recused himself from the vote at the very least. His disclosure of the relationship earlier on would have saved his caucus much embarrassment.