Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy New Year Liberal Bloggers!

I want to take this brief moment to thank the liberal blogosphere for all the fun they have provided me in 2007, and the inspiration they have given me to combat their endless crusade against all things decent. I salute you!

I salute you for staying home on Saturday nights chugging Stop & Shop pineapple soda, getting up from pounding your computer with your Funyon-stained fingers only to go to the bathroom.

I salute you trying to change the world while in your underpants.

I salute you for being so unable to let go of your cancerous hatred of George Bush and Joe Lieberman that it has probably shaved seven years off your life.

I salute you for treating us all to your semi-literate, half-baked sonorous missives on so many obsequious and unmemorable blogs, that you have unwittingly provided us with a gigantic cyber-wall of prattle that rivals the Great Wall of China is its immensity.

I know that 2008 will be your greatest year of achievement yet. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

You are really good - where on earth do you dig up your pictures?

I think for New Years I should resolve to run a better blog.

I'll start stealing your stuff!
Yeah, that'll work.

Headless Horseman said...

Ha! Many thanks ACR.

I enjoy your blog! I wish you posted more! But I do enjoy your contributions over at CTLP as well...

Happy New Year to you!

nomorebureaucracy said...

I must admit, I mostly blog from home after a long day of work. Gotta pay those taxes or the Democrats have nothing to show for their work at the Capitol. I pay some bills online, look at my account balances and again realize the Democrats wack us for every social justice program dreamed up in their puny, pea sized brains. I then vent through the blogs. Occasionally I’ll have a beer or two to fire me up some more. But not the countless cans of Chef Boyardee Democrat bloggers consume on a nightly basis.

Thanks for a great year of entertaining muses. Here’s to next year’s fun.

Fly to the right said...

May god bless all of you if the liberals let me say god.

CtRoadrunner said...

Nothing like a picture of Chris Caruso as a kid!

mccommas said...

I gotta get me sum of that pineapple soda.

Oh and keep in mind that some of us don't even wear underpants.

We surf commando-style.

Headless Horseman said...

nomore - thank YOU for contributing here this year... I look forward to a 2008 filled with rosie-cheeked caperings.

Mccommas - nude surfing isn't a bad idea for some. You spill that soda and Chips Ahoy all over yourself during a frenetic blogging session, you can just hose yourself off in the back yard and not worry about laundry.