Monday, December 17, 2007

A God Abdicates

Embattled State Senator Thomas Gaffey, facing ethical questions concerning his romantic relationship with a liaison at the Connecticut State University System, has now resigned the lofted post from which he helped maneuver $1 billion to his girlfriend's employer.

Tom Gaffey, who denies his actions were beneath that of proper ethical conduct, has now resigned as vice chairman of the Higher Education Committee. He wants you to know that this has nothing to do with his being guilty of anything.

Senate Democrats unveiled their "ethics" package last week for the 2008 session, including a provision placing limits on liaisons from state agencies that are similar to those on registered lobbyists. They want you to know that this has nothing to do with Tom Gaffey though.

The man once referred to as a "god" by his liaison girlfriend has apparently abdicated his throne on Mount Olympus. He will now be relegated to lesser-god status, taking on no additional committee assignments to replace the one he leaves behind. Presumably, he will have more time for important things like applying pungent cologne, unbuttoning his dress shirts and sipping Courvoisier in the dark corner of a jazz club.

Gaffey has a ruling from the Ethics Commission stating that his relationship and advocacy of the $1 billion CSUS funding did not violate any ethics laws. Big deal. They also once said Jim Amann's method of getting lobbyists to contribute to his employer, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, didn't violate any laws either. They are still both ethically challenged behaviors.

Deep down Gaffey knows this. Or else he would not have resigned.

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