Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yes Ma'am.

Sometimes it's nice when we get a reminder of the arrogance of those in power.

"Do me a favor."

He already has, you filthy ingrate.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flowers are in Bloom

Shelly Sindland's blog addresses the curious legislative need for floral plantings outside of the Capitol building. Apparently with an $8 billion budget deficit the state is still paying for lavish landscaping outside of the home of the legislature.

According to Sindland the flower beds are changed every few months, and she was unable to uncover the cost for this constant floral crop rotation.

She has some great photos there of the tulips that were once in front of the Capitol and a huge work crew installing hundreds of new plants.

If there was ever a great metaphor for the complete inability of the legislature to comprehend the problem they are facing and its significance to every person in this state who is gainfully employed, this is it.

The very same gas bags who insist there is no way to get through our budget without tax increases are unable to even cut down on their installation of flowers for their viewing and sniffing pleasure, let alone make a legitimate cut to a wasteful state agency.

When your taxes go up next year, try to imagine how much of your tax increase funds the thousands of flowers planted there every year.

One thing I gather we aren't paying for is fertilizer. With the monumental amounts of bullshit that spew out of every window in the Capitol building, there should be no shortage there.

Someone has definitely crapped in our petunias.


This makes me feel better about everything. How about you?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Go DiNardo! (Who?)

Last week elitist snots from across Connecticut got together for their annual fundraiser and circus of stupidity... the Jefferson Jackson Bailey Dinner.

Nancy DiNardo, Chairman of the Connecticut Democrats who apparently skinned a plastic zebra for her jacket, took the podium in an uninspired heavily scripted rant that she was barely able to drool out of her inarticulate pie hole. Her imbecilic attacks on Governor Rell painfully demonstrate the graphic difference between heads of state and heads of shit.

You may think that this dinner is named for Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and John Bailey. In fact, it is named after the band Jefferson Starship (they built this city!), LaToya Jackson (DiNardo gets her clothes off eBay)and the favored Irish Cream of these rum runners.

This video is painful to watch. It shows why DiNardo is kept out of the public eye. If you are inspired when an actor takes on the role of a retarded character, you should be doubly impressed by this performance by a retard with no character pretending she is an actor.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Free to Execute at a Snail's Pace

While the General Assembly passed a ban of the death penalty in Connecticut this past session, Governor Rell has thankfully vetoed the measure. We are now free to continue executing one convicted violent murderer per quarter century.

One really has to be fantasizing if they believe our death penalty works well. The appeals process is far too long and convoluted, and death row inmates in Connecticut are more likely to die of old age than lethal injection.

Opponents of the death penalty including Judiciary Chairman Rep. Michael Lawlor have used the ineffectiveness of the state's death penalty as an argument against even having a death penalty, which of course is an absurd argument. What we truly need is a reform of the death penalty appeals process to speed it up, not an elimination of capital punishment.

Rell recognizes, as do legislative proponents of the death penalty, that there is a place for execution. It should be reserved for the most vile and heinous of murderers. I do not concern myself with whether or not the death penalty is a deterrent, because I'm not sure it is. Rather, I liken it to putting down a rabid dog. There are some inhuman beasts who are capable of great evil who do not have a right to live as their very existence is a threat.

The argument that life in prison is more severe than the death penalty is weak. But without the death penalty, we lose a great deal of bargaining power for prosecutors for someone who does deserve life in prison.

The savages who committed the attrocities in Cheshire back in 2007 are certainly candidates for the death penalty, so repulsive were the calculated nature and beastliness of their offenses.

When someone decides that they will destroy a human life, they must put their own in jeopardy. Justice demands nothing less.

Friday, June 5, 2009


If he bowed any lower he could have undone the president's pants with his teeth.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Buy Your Puma Now

The State House of Representatives today passed a bill prohibiting people from owning a variety of exotic animals. Among them are cheetahs, leopards, grizzly bears.

The bill was prompted by the sad affair in this state where a woman was virtually ripped apart by a chimpanzee that was owned by one of her friends as a pet.

So if you want to have a pet ocelot, you'd better pick one up now because if the Senate passes this you won't be able to get one anymore.

This is one of those instances where something the General Assembly is passing this year is actually a law we apparently need. I can't believe there wasn't a law against this before.

If you own a gorilla, a bear or a tiger as a pet, you are a total asshole. What the hell is wrong with a normal-sized cat? You can get a pit bull that can rip a trespasser in half if that's your thing... do you really need the ability to sick a mountain lion on someone?

Owning a rare dangerous animal doesn't make you unique. It makes you a retard. If your white tiger goes Roy Horn on you, perhaps you deserve it.

And who the hell wants to have to use a shovel in their litter box?

The End of Torture

Today is the final day of the 2009 session of the Connecticut General Assembly. Of course, that doesn't mean that we will have a budget.

But it does mean that today is thew last day they can pass dumb bills like allowing people to take a crap in a Banana Republic if you have a note from your doctor, or outlawing plastic and paper grocery bags.

This will conclude Speaker Chris Donovan's first session as speaker, and I can't say he has done very well. He has focused on everything but the most important things, and has pursued policies that will increase taxes, punish businesses and eliminate jobs.

Also, I am certain that Senators Gaffey and Crisco will be pleased to get home so they can get busy breaking some more laws.

Thank God they only do this to us for half the year. No one has enough money for them to be doing it all year long.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"I don't know."

Most amusing.

He Cleans Them With Brasso

There is no delicate way to say it. Senator Tom Gaffey has a bowling-ball sized scrotum made of pure brass. And he wags it insolently in the faces of all state residents who prefer their government corruption-free.

When questioned outside the State Senate chamber by CT News Junk concerning the fact that Democrats have declined to create an ethics committee to police their own conduct Gaffey said that the Republicans that continue to push for such a committee fail to take into account all he went through with the Elections Enforcement Commission. Regarding Senate Republicans calling for passage of a bill creating the committee he"shrugged it off."

"I paid a dear price for this," he said concerning the $6,000 fine he received for double-billing the state for items he already had been reimbursed for by his PAC and charging his PAC for things like the cell phone bill of his girlfriend du jour.

The sheer magnitude of balls it must take to make such remarks under such circumstances is impressive. Gaffey must have to get his pants specially tailored to accommodate such a breath-taking package of brass.

After being found guilty of illegal campaign finance activity and simultaneously dismissive of efforts to create ethical standards in the the body in which he serves is bold. To assert that he has paid a "dear price" for his transgressions is pure swagger.

This attitude speaks volumes not only to the dismissive posture Gaffey has toward what he has done, but the astounding sense of entitlement he asserts.

Failure to enact an ethics committee allows this kind of oafish arrogance to continue. Hardly surprising as arrogance is lately one of the most defining characteristics of legislative Democrats.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Chew the Fat

I continue to be amused by the impotent efforts of liberal legislative bodies at combating obesity. Our own General Assembly offered some beauties in recent years, and this year is no different.

Tonight they are debating a bill in the House which would require restaurant chains to post calorie counts next to menu items. Proponents argue that this will give consumers better information to make more informed and healthy choices about what they eat.

The bill only applies to chain restaurants like McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts, etc. This bill would not apply to mom and pop stores or grocery stores that sell take-out food.

Do these imbeciles actually think that passing laws like this are going to make people skinny? Give me a break. No one goes to McDonald's and has a box of greasy chicken nuggets, bucket of fries and a shake, and is surprised to learn it's crappy for their health and can make them fat.

Obesity isn't a problem spread by a lack of government mandates. It is spread by an indolent culture of inactivity, bad nutrition, overeating and lack of proper exercise. End of story. Fat people aren't saying to themselves "if only I' knew how many calories were in that whole cheesecake I ate."

And before anyone challenges me that there are people who "just can't lose the weight" you are wrong. If you don't believe me, please present the footage of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps where all the skinny people march out except the one fat guy... who shrugs his shoulders and says "hey... I just couldn't lose the weight."

If liberals want to socially engineer people away from obesity, they could stop creating work disincentives, and stop being so opposed to competitive sports. They could also get off the blogs. I mean, how many bloggers at My Left Nutmeg are skinny? You can count them on one hand.

Of course, the more people eat at these restaurants, the more you need that Office of the Ass Advocate... I applaud them for the foresight in knowing that after three meals in a row at Taco Bell and you will need to blow out the head at the Dress Barn.


Since the legislature convened in January the super-duper majority Democrats have really only had one important task before them; the budget. Over the weekend, they admitted failure and acknowledged that, despite a veto-proof majority in both chambers, they do not have the will, the capacity, or the courage to act on a budget.

The legislative Democrats have already called themselves into a special session following their constitutional deadline of this Wednesday to act on the budget. The fiscal year ends June 30th, and they have decided to wind it down to the last minute.

When Governor Rell submitted her budget to the legislature in February the Democrats decided to spend the following months prattling about how it was out of balance. They even had committees draft up fake budgets showing the horrors of making additional cuts instead of actually crafting a workable proposal.

When they finally did come out with an alternative budget, it raised taxes by $3.3 billion on everyone and instituted a 30% corporate profits tax on businesses that are already struggling.

Over the past week, first in the Senate, and then in the House, frustrated Republicans put Democrats to the test... the Republicans offered the Democrats' budget as an amendment.

Showing that Democrats don't actually believe in their own budget, each time the massive tax package was rejected unanimously.

The General Assembly has managed to talk about everything under the sun this year, from the death penalty to a bill that forces stores to let you use their toilet. But they just couldn't get their one important job done... the one that matters most.

Towns and cities need a completed state budget because all local budgets are based off of the state's budget. Our municipalities will continue to be unable to implement their budgets because they have no idea what they are getting from the state.

Members of the Democratic caucuses have actually stated that the CHANGE that Americans voted for in 2008 was to eliminate plastic bags at grocery stores (Rep. Kim Fawcett... Fairfield mental lightweight). These people simply don't get it at all.

And a few more months of a tanking economy, job losses and deficit spending aren't going to suddenly give them a clue either.