Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The End of Torture

Today is the final day of the 2009 session of the Connecticut General Assembly. Of course, that doesn't mean that we will have a budget.

But it does mean that today is thew last day they can pass dumb bills like allowing people to take a crap in a Banana Republic if you have a note from your doctor, or outlawing plastic and paper grocery bags.

This will conclude Speaker Chris Donovan's first session as speaker, and I can't say he has done very well. He has focused on everything but the most important things, and has pursued policies that will increase taxes, punish businesses and eliminate jobs.

Also, I am certain that Senators Gaffey and Crisco will be pleased to get home so they can get busy breaking some more laws.

Thank God they only do this to us for half the year. No one has enough money for them to be doing it all year long.

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