Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flowers are in Bloom

Shelly Sindland's blog addresses the curious legislative need for floral plantings outside of the Capitol building. Apparently with an $8 billion budget deficit the state is still paying for lavish landscaping outside of the home of the legislature.

According to Sindland the flower beds are changed every few months, and she was unable to uncover the cost for this constant floral crop rotation.

She has some great photos there of the tulips that were once in front of the Capitol and a huge work crew installing hundreds of new plants.

If there was ever a great metaphor for the complete inability of the legislature to comprehend the problem they are facing and its significance to every person in this state who is gainfully employed, this is it.

The very same gas bags who insist there is no way to get through our budget without tax increases are unable to even cut down on their installation of flowers for their viewing and sniffing pleasure, let alone make a legitimate cut to a wasteful state agency.

When your taxes go up next year, try to imagine how much of your tax increase funds the thousands of flowers planted there every year.

One thing I gather we aren't paying for is fertilizer. With the monumental amounts of bullshit that spew out of every window in the Capitol building, there should be no shortage there.

Someone has definitely crapped in our petunias.


mccommas said...

Evidently they are unaware that some plants, like tulips, come back every year if you let them.

It never occured to me to throw my tulips away once they stopped blooming.

I must not be a Democrat I guess...

mccommas said...

What happened to Headless.

Did you die?