Monday, June 1, 2009


Since the legislature convened in January the super-duper majority Democrats have really only had one important task before them; the budget. Over the weekend, they admitted failure and acknowledged that, despite a veto-proof majority in both chambers, they do not have the will, the capacity, or the courage to act on a budget.

The legislative Democrats have already called themselves into a special session following their constitutional deadline of this Wednesday to act on the budget. The fiscal year ends June 30th, and they have decided to wind it down to the last minute.

When Governor Rell submitted her budget to the legislature in February the Democrats decided to spend the following months prattling about how it was out of balance. They even had committees draft up fake budgets showing the horrors of making additional cuts instead of actually crafting a workable proposal.

When they finally did come out with an alternative budget, it raised taxes by $3.3 billion on everyone and instituted a 30% corporate profits tax on businesses that are already struggling.

Over the past week, first in the Senate, and then in the House, frustrated Republicans put Democrats to the test... the Republicans offered the Democrats' budget as an amendment.

Showing that Democrats don't actually believe in their own budget, each time the massive tax package was rejected unanimously.

The General Assembly has managed to talk about everything under the sun this year, from the death penalty to a bill that forces stores to let you use their toilet. But they just couldn't get their one important job done... the one that matters most.

Towns and cities need a completed state budget because all local budgets are based off of the state's budget. Our municipalities will continue to be unable to implement their budgets because they have no idea what they are getting from the state.

Members of the Democratic caucuses have actually stated that the CHANGE that Americans voted for in 2008 was to eliminate plastic bags at grocery stores (Rep. Kim Fawcett... Fairfield mental lightweight). These people simply don't get it at all.

And a few more months of a tanking economy, job losses and deficit spending aren't going to suddenly give them a clue either.

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