Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Buy Your Puma Now

The State House of Representatives today passed a bill prohibiting people from owning a variety of exotic animals. Among them are cheetahs, leopards, grizzly bears.

The bill was prompted by the sad affair in this state where a woman was virtually ripped apart by a chimpanzee that was owned by one of her friends as a pet.

So if you want to have a pet ocelot, you'd better pick one up now because if the Senate passes this you won't be able to get one anymore.

This is one of those instances where something the General Assembly is passing this year is actually a law we apparently need. I can't believe there wasn't a law against this before.

If you own a gorilla, a bear or a tiger as a pet, you are a total asshole. What the hell is wrong with a normal-sized cat? You can get a pit bull that can rip a trespasser in half if that's your thing... do you really need the ability to sick a mountain lion on someone?

Owning a rare dangerous animal doesn't make you unique. It makes you a retard. If your white tiger goes Roy Horn on you, perhaps you deserve it.

And who the hell wants to have to use a shovel in their litter box?


mccommas said...

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty...

Judy Aron said...

So I suppose that means Siegfried and Roy won't be moving to CT anytime soon.

Headless Horseman said...

It will be far less impressive a show with one-foot tall cat, that's for certain.