Tuesday, June 2, 2009

He Cleans Them With Brasso

There is no delicate way to say it. Senator Tom Gaffey has a bowling-ball sized scrotum made of pure brass. And he wags it insolently in the faces of all state residents who prefer their government corruption-free.

When questioned outside the State Senate chamber by CT News Junk concerning the fact that Democrats have declined to create an ethics committee to police their own conduct Gaffey said that the Republicans that continue to push for such a committee fail to take into account all he went through with the Elections Enforcement Commission. Regarding Senate Republicans calling for passage of a bill creating the committee he"shrugged it off."

"I paid a dear price for this," he said concerning the $6,000 fine he received for double-billing the state for items he already had been reimbursed for by his PAC and charging his PAC for things like the cell phone bill of his girlfriend du jour.

The sheer magnitude of balls it must take to make such remarks under such circumstances is impressive. Gaffey must have to get his pants specially tailored to accommodate such a breath-taking package of brass.

After being found guilty of illegal campaign finance activity and simultaneously dismissive of efforts to create ethical standards in the the body in which he serves is bold. To assert that he has paid a "dear price" for his transgressions is pure swagger.

This attitude speaks volumes not only to the dismissive posture Gaffey has toward what he has done, but the astounding sense of entitlement he asserts.

Failure to enact an ethics committee allows this kind of oafish arrogance to continue. Hardly surprising as arrogance is lately one of the most defining characteristics of legislative Democrats.


mccommas said...

It is so interesting what you don't read in your hometown paper; isn't it?

I hope the New Media buries them alive.

Headless Horseman said...

I do have to say that in this instance the Courant, and at least Ct News Junk have followed the story. But stories like this unfortunately don't get a lot of follow-up. People forget what these tools do by the time an election comes around.

That's why they get the leadership they get.

Judy Aron said...

So what's the price of brass in the commodities market these days? Some of these legislators could make a killing in the market that way, don'tcha think?

mccommas said...

They get away with it because our fellow voters let them.

I really don't understand them some times. Why don't they get mad like we do?