Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Carter's Second Term

The folks who are partying in Denver this week certainly have at least one of their talking points clear: a McCain presidency, so they say, will be a third Bush term.

Actually, it would be a fourth, but I don't give liberals credit with being able to do math either.

However, it seems that an Obama presidency may more closely resemble a second term for Jimmy Carter than a McCain presidency would continue the legacy of George W. Bush.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Celebrating the 2008 DNC

Scenes from the Democratic National Convention

Lights! Camera! Bullshit!

The Democratic National Convention has begun! And it promises to be as hedonistic a Mardis Gras as they have ever thrown.

My friend CT Bob has noted that the DNC has spared little expense in making a Vegas-like producton, and that he wouldn't be surprised to see Cirque de Soliel swing through.

I'd have to agree! The glitz and glam is commensurate with the Democratic view of symbolism over substance.

Tonight's roster of tight-rope walkers and leotard-clad prancers includes former President Jimmy Carter, Michelle Obama, Senator Ted Kennedy and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

I doubt we will be lucky to see a white tiger come from behind the curtain and go Roy Horn on any of them, though.

Hillary Voters for McCain?

Where's the Love?

Courtesy of firedoglake, a Clinton supporter gives you the scoop on how they are being treated.

The love is apparently carrying from this event in May through to the glorious Democratic Convention.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Plug for Biden: Plagiarists Unite

As the world stops in its orbit to await who will be annointed as Barack Obama's choice for a vice presidential running mate, I thought it would be fun to look at one possibility; Deleware Senator Joe Biden.

Biden is the Elton John of American politics. One day he had a steel-wool comb over of what I presume was back hair, and the next he had a full head of Ken Doll-like plugs.

But personal grooming isn't everything. Just ask John Edwards.

The more interesting thing about Joe Biden is that he is a world-class plagiarist. He stole a speech nearly verbatim during his 1987 campaign for president from British politician Neal Kinnock, and was savaged by Michael Dukakis, possibly costing him the race.

Obama must feel a kinship for this fellow thief of rhetoric. You may recall in February that Obama was hammered for stealing nearly verbatim a speech that Deval Patrick had given a little over a year before. This was the memorable and ironically labeled "Just Words" speech.

Biden apparently had a problem with plagiarism even while in college, so this was hardly a new thing for him.

If Biden is chosen, I can't wait to hear some of their convention speeches;

"The only thing we have to fear is... fear itself!"

"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

"Four Score and Seven years ago..."

Nothing says "change" like selecting an old fart who has been in Washington for over 30 years.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Veeping in their Pants

It doesn't matter how many people say it or how often they say it. It doesn't matter how many times both McCain and Liebeman deny it. The left believe that Joe Lieberman will be John McCain's running mate.

This is pure idiocy. But the mere mention of Lieberman's name is enough to make so many in Connecticut's leftwing blogosphere void in their hemp shorts. They can not control their anger or hate for the man who, despite the anointment of Ned Lamont, carried on to defeat the "progressive" peacenik two years ago.

McCain is considered a maverick in the GOP. The Democratic party doesn't have any "mavericks." It has loyal socialists, and those who have been excommunicated like Lieberman. There is no middle ground in that party, especially when you consider that the only issue Lieberman is on the opposite side of the fence of his party over is the war in Iraq.

Lieberman will be speaking at the GOP convention. He may also get a place in a McCain administration. But he will not be the vice presidential candidate. McCain cannot appeal to any more moderates than he does right now. Lieberman does not help him.

But don't take my word for it. Wait for August 29th.


The Cappiello campaign has released a new video, accusing Congressman Chris Murphy of being a "chameleon" and flip-flopping on the off-shore drilling issue.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

General Assembly Raised Your Electric Rates

Look, I have been saying this so long and for so often, it is fulfilling to see some vindication; the Connecticut General Assembly is responsible for the massive increase in your electric rates.

Let me say it again. The Connecticut General Assembly is RESPONSIBLE for the MASSIVE INCREASE in your ELECTRIC RATES.

The other thing I have been saying all along is that when the legislature implemented a half-assed deregulation bill that was destined to elevate our generation rates back in 1998, it as due in large part to the fact that most of the legislature were too ignorant or uninformed to even understand the issue. They meddled with a system they were either too arrogant to respect, or too stupid to comprehend. In many respects, a combination of both, I'm afraid.

It is therefore, somewhat amusing to see today's entry over at Capitol Watch detail how a member of the legislature, probably one of those who voted for deregulation back then, asked a non-partisan research office why the rates were so high now. The answer could have been one word: "YOU."

I recommend that everyone who has the time check out this report. It is proof positive that our legislature will never decline an opportunity to mess with things it does not understand while promising great things to the public it has no idea of how to achieve.

Back then we were told how their actions would cut our rates. Check out your electric bill this month to see how that worked out.

Now legislative Democrats apparently want to give energy assistance this winter to those who can't afford it. Well, that might be nearly all of us. If it weren't for these torpid idiots in the first place, many wouldn't need energy assistance. They have kicked taxpayers overboard in ten-foot waves and want us to celebrate them because they tossed us a little life preserver.

Thanks legislative Democrats! But if you really want to give energy assistance to CT residents you can stop screwing around with market systems you are too stupid to understand.

The UConn Squeeze

Apparently UConn didn't adequately plan for the influx of a massive freshman class which has descended on the campus.

Creative alternatives to housing are being employed, converting study halls into dorms, as the largest freshman class of all time arrives. This morning's Courant reports on the problem.

There are a lot of sofas and chairs being moved out of study spaces to accomodate the new students. Hopefully, all of these sofas will remain available to the students by the time of Spring Break. What else are they supposed to urinate on, push out a third story window and set fire to during that annual rite of passage?

Living in cramped quarters with other students will present some challenges to these fine new academics... when they come home drunk and throw up, they may hit three sleeping roomates with their vomit as opposed to only one.

I do hope they can power through those logistics.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Growing and Growing and Growing...

Fee Fi Fo Fum! The incredible growing budget surplus is getting even larger! Evidently the legislature's budget office is claiming that the surplus for the last fiscal year has grown from $22 million to $85 million.

Despite the fact that there is still a $150 million deficit for the coming year, Democrats are lining up to immediately spend this money on schools and "nonprofit agencies." Not surprisingly, a number of Democratic legislators are employed by nonprofits, but I'm sure this has nothing to do with it.

Democrats and Governor Rell have already pledged to spend $22 million on heating assistance for struggling families this winter. The $65 million windfall is a brand new opportunity to waste tax money, while continuing to fail to give significant tax relief to Connecticut residents.

Do you know how you get a budget surplus? Good money management? No. Fiscal restraint? No. Over-taxing state residents? YES. Budget surpluses are arrived at from taking in more money than you need to run the government. That's over-taxing. Of course, Democrats will find everything they can to throw the money at, and shrug their shoulders after the elections in November are over when they need to raise taxes again to address the looming budget deficit for the fiscal year we just entered.

But Shhhhhhh! They don't want to talk about next year yet... they are too busy peddling "change" when that is the last thing they will do to their own disgraceful habits.

Fan Club of "The One"

Yep. By the way, the guy at the end of this ad... still not getting laid.

Primary Concerns

I am blown away. I can't believe that Democrats chose Jim Himes over Lee Whitnum yesterday, handing her only 13% of the vote.

Seriously, who are the 13% of Democratic voters in the 4th Distrit who agree that the United States is to blame for 9-11 and we ought to give the Taliban back their country?

Regardless, I am going to miss Lee Whitnum, as she contributed immensely to the color of the political landscape. It's much more interesting when Democrats run insane candidates as opposed to the plain simpletons they usually treat us to. Speaking of which, Jim Himes now goes on to face Republican Chris Shays in the general election.

In other primary news across the state, incumbent Democrat Bob Keeley of Bridgeport failed to hold off a challenge from Auden Grogins. Keeley was first elected in 1982, and it goes to show if you are a sloppy, disconnected politico who feels entitled to public office simply because you have attained a certain weight, you are vulnerable.

Senator Johnnie Fon-fon (John Fonfara) survived a challenge from Ed Vargas in Hartford. Apparently all of Vargas's supporters had been shot over the weekend following the West Indian Parade.

Also of note is the handy victory of Republican Rep. Kevin Witkos over Simsbury Council member Moira Wertheimer in the 8th Senate District, 85%-15%.

There weren't many surprises last night. I feel the real surprises will come in November...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Primary Day

It's Primary Day across Connecticut! There is the primary in Fairfield between Jim Himes, and the Foil-bonneted Lee Whitnum to choose who will face Chris Shays in the general election.

There are also fourteen races for state representative, four for state sentate, and numerous primaries for registrar of voters.

Registrar of voters? Why the hell would anyone primary to run for registrar of voters? You have to be kidding me.

Are there any other interesting primaries out there today? Perhaps a primary for shellfish commissioner?

Anyhow, if you live in one of these districts where there is a primary, be sure to get out there and do some damage.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Wag the Dong

Well well well... continuing in that great Demoratic tradition of believing it is okay to lie about sex, former presidential candidate John Edwards has admitted to an affair with a videographer.
There are some people who stand out even among the polictical class as being so completely in love with themselves that they cannot offer their ample gifts to just one woman. Even if she stands by you and has terminal cancer. This is a great parting gift for his wife.
John Edwards, you're a class act.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No Geniuses at the Capitol

Once upon a time in 1878, when the state capitol building in Hartford was constructed, the dome was adorned with a huge statue known as "The Genius of Connecticut." It stood, keeping vigil over the land for sixty years, until the Hurricane of 1938 blew through, damaging it, and creating a risk that it would topple from the dome.

It was removed, and then melted down for use in the war effort in WWII. Since then, it can be said to be poetic justice that while there has been no genius on the top of the capitol, there has certainly been no genius running the show inside of the capitol.

There was a movement in recent years to recreate the Genius statue. Considering the General Assembly's large contingent of ineffective, bumbling majority Democrats, it would probably be more fitting to have a statue called "The Retard of Connecticut" on top of the building. But no one wants to look at that. Especially since they already have a disgusting statue of Ella Grasso on the side of the building.

But alas, the news is that the "Genius" will not go up again... at least for now. While the state has spent $300,000 to build the new statue, Governor Rell is holding off spending the additional $360,000.

House Speaker Jim Amann had the temerity to weigh in with a remark that the state has other spending priorities. I agree with that, but it's tough to swallow his pretending to care about spending another $360,000 on a statue when he has no problem spending $65,000 of our money just for an hour session of the legislature.

I am in favor of placing the genius back on the dome. It would be nice to be able to say we have at least one up there.

More Dumb-Tarded

Paris Hilton's mom does not approve of John McCain using the image of Paris Hilton in his recent "Celebrity" ad, comparing Obama's celebrity status to that of Hilton and Britney Spears.

"It is a complete waste of the country's time and attention at the very moment when millions of people are losing their homes and their jobs," said Kathy Hilton, the mother of that human appletini-fueled rage known as Paris Hilton.

I happen to think the ad is fun and makes a good point. I don't think it's piss-you-pants funny or that it defines the whole campaign.

But I am amused at the indignity of Kathy Hilton over the use of her daughter's self-imposed celebutard status. Of course, the McCain campaign may have thought twice about using the image since the Hiltons are McCain donors.

But where is Kathy Hilton's outrage over her daughter being a retarded slut? It's her daughter that is a waste of everybody's time while there are serious things to focus on in the world.

Yet Kathy Hilton says the ad is "a complete waste of the money John McCain's contributors have donated to his campaign." She can say that, she gave money. And we are entitled to think that the indulgences of her mentally handicapped daughter are a big waste of money. But hey, it's their money.

Since Kathy Hilton is in the habit of spending money to support celebrity morons and their activities, perhaps she should consider donating to Obama instead.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Carving It Up

Not surprisingly, legislative Democrats are ready to carve up the new $22 million budget surplus after they did nothing to bail the state out of a deficit this year. Governor Rell joined Democrats in the "do nothing" approach to budgeting during the recent session, but at least she made budget rescisions and cut in areas which evidently produced the surplus.

Democrats are shamelessly now planning to carve up a surplus they had no hand in producing. They can't save a cent but they sure know how to toss money around and blather about how they are supposedly helping people.

The idea now, is that they will join the Governor in providing assistance to a "wide range of individuals and organizations" for heating oil during the coming winter.

Democrats had a chance to help those people during the regular session. They could have lowered state taxes on petrolium products, but they have consistently and obstinately refused to do so again and again, no matter how hard times are, or how high the prices get in this state.

Now, with an election coming up, Democrats have been given some extra cash to blow, and an excuse to pretend they did something meaningful to give relief from the high cost of energy. They really don't want to remind you that they have been sticking it to you on energy all along. And they will trumpet with great pride this November what a damned great job they did.

There is still a $150 million budget deficit for 2009. But by then the election will be over, and the money dries up. Then I guess every elderly person in the state will freeze to death.