Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Growing and Growing and Growing...

Fee Fi Fo Fum! The incredible growing budget surplus is getting even larger! Evidently the legislature's budget office is claiming that the surplus for the last fiscal year has grown from $22 million to $85 million.

Despite the fact that there is still a $150 million deficit for the coming year, Democrats are lining up to immediately spend this money on schools and "nonprofit agencies." Not surprisingly, a number of Democratic legislators are employed by nonprofits, but I'm sure this has nothing to do with it.

Democrats and Governor Rell have already pledged to spend $22 million on heating assistance for struggling families this winter. The $65 million windfall is a brand new opportunity to waste tax money, while continuing to fail to give significant tax relief to Connecticut residents.

Do you know how you get a budget surplus? Good money management? No. Fiscal restraint? No. Over-taxing state residents? YES. Budget surpluses are arrived at from taking in more money than you need to run the government. That's over-taxing. Of course, Democrats will find everything they can to throw the money at, and shrug their shoulders after the elections in November are over when they need to raise taxes again to address the looming budget deficit for the fiscal year we just entered.

But Shhhhhhh! They don't want to talk about next year yet... they are too busy peddling "change" when that is the last thing they will do to their own disgraceful habits.


Pat H said...

pat h says:
people would not hesitate to take an item they bought in a store that wasn't up to par and ask for their money back.
WE ARE OVERTAXED! Yet the surplus will go to people who didn't get clobbered in their paychecks (if they even get one) with tax deductions. Write to all your representatives, including your governor and DEMAND your money back. And then in November vote these idiots out.

mccommas said...


-- its all we have left.