Monday, August 25, 2008

Scenes from the Democratic National Convention

Lights! Camera! Bullshit!

The Democratic National Convention has begun! And it promises to be as hedonistic a Mardis Gras as they have ever thrown.

My friend CT Bob has noted that the DNC has spared little expense in making a Vegas-like producton, and that he wouldn't be surprised to see Cirque de Soliel swing through.

I'd have to agree! The glitz and glam is commensurate with the Democratic view of symbolism over substance.

Tonight's roster of tight-rope walkers and leotard-clad prancers includes former President Jimmy Carter, Michelle Obama, Senator Ted Kennedy and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

I doubt we will be lucky to see a white tiger come from behind the curtain and go Roy Horn on any of them, though.


DC said...

right on with the title.

CT Bob said...

So far it's a good show. Contrived in the way these things can be, but some of the speeches are awesome. So far it's looking fairly decent.

BTW: How on Earth would you know Roy's last name, anyway?

Headless Horseman said...

Hope you're enjoying yourself out there Bob.

Michelle Obama has given the best speech so far, I'll say that.

Pelosi had the worst. My God, how does that woman preside over the House?

I'll remember Zigfried's other name too if he gets bitten in half by a lion.

CT Bob said...

Michelle's speech really hit the right notes, I'll agree. I didn't hear Pelosi's, but she's not a favorite of mine anyway, so I'd probably not enjoy it unless she hit it out of the ballpark.

I'm back in CT now, Maine was nice for the 18 hours I spent in it.

Headless Horseman said...

She didn't hit it out of the park. She hit a lazy grounder through the infield grass.

I will give Bill Clinton credit for giving the best seech last night.

I think people have almost forgotten about his getting his bracciole licked in the oval office.

mccommas said...

I fast forwarded through that act. Pretty good.
Well I saw none of the speeches. I was flicking through the channels at one point and Bill Clinton came on. He looked surprisingly fit. Must be the make up. I swear he looked like his pre-heart attack self. I found the remote and *POOF*, I made him disappear.

I don't think I have ever listened to the end one of his speeches.

I was done listening to Michelle Obama when she said that was proud of her country "for the first time in her adult-life" only at the moment she thought she was being crowned First Lady.