Thursday, August 21, 2008

Veeping in their Pants

It doesn't matter how many people say it or how often they say it. It doesn't matter how many times both McCain and Liebeman deny it. The left believe that Joe Lieberman will be John McCain's running mate.

This is pure idiocy. But the mere mention of Lieberman's name is enough to make so many in Connecticut's leftwing blogosphere void in their hemp shorts. They can not control their anger or hate for the man who, despite the anointment of Ned Lamont, carried on to defeat the "progressive" peacenik two years ago.

McCain is considered a maverick in the GOP. The Democratic party doesn't have any "mavericks." It has loyal socialists, and those who have been excommunicated like Lieberman. There is no middle ground in that party, especially when you consider that the only issue Lieberman is on the opposite side of the fence of his party over is the war in Iraq.

Lieberman will be speaking at the GOP convention. He may also get a place in a McCain administration. But he will not be the vice presidential candidate. McCain cannot appeal to any more moderates than he does right now. Lieberman does not help him.

But don't take my word for it. Wait for August 29th.


Connecticut Man1 said...

"This is pure idiocy."

Well? No kidding. It is pure idiocy. The thing is that it is the GOP that has been sending out the messages that they will not accept the indie-neocon, Joe Lieberman, as a VP candidate.

I'd say that reflects upon what many in the GOP think about their candidate -certainly more than anything the left feels about him - when they know they have to get out ahead of their own candidate, McCain, to combat this possibility.

mccommas said...

I am not sure what you were trying to say Connecticut Man1. Maybe next time you can run upstairs and ask your mother to proof read your posts for you.

While you are up, pour yourself a nice glass of Pineapple soda and grab a bag of funyons.

* * *

I am not so sure McCain did not seriously consider picking Lieberman. All of what you wrote Headless is true from our perspective but McCain thinks a bit differently.

McCain might think that picking a liberal Democrat will be seen as inclusive, bipartition and all that other superficially sweet stuff that makes me want to throw up.

You know the whole "Why can't we all just get along?" line. McCain cares a great deal, far too much, what the newspaper editorialists think about him. He is being treated like a Republican for the first time in God only knows how long. I was thinking he might want that favoritism back.

I just hope McCain is surrounded by good advisors that are telling him what you reasoned. Lieberman does not get him anything he doesn't already have.

And Lieberman certainly is not ready and able to be a great president should the need arise.

Not even close.