Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The UConn Squeeze

Apparently UConn didn't adequately plan for the influx of a massive freshman class which has descended on the campus.

Creative alternatives to housing are being employed, converting study halls into dorms, as the largest freshman class of all time arrives. This morning's Courant reports on the problem.

There are a lot of sofas and chairs being moved out of study spaces to accomodate the new students. Hopefully, all of these sofas will remain available to the students by the time of Spring Break. What else are they supposed to urinate on, push out a third story window and set fire to during that annual rite of passage?

Living in cramped quarters with other students will present some challenges to these fine new academics... when they come home drunk and throw up, they may hit three sleeping roomates with their vomit as opposed to only one.

I do hope they can power through those logistics.

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