Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Primary Concerns

I am blown away. I can't believe that Democrats chose Jim Himes over Lee Whitnum yesterday, handing her only 13% of the vote.

Seriously, who are the 13% of Democratic voters in the 4th Distrit who agree that the United States is to blame for 9-11 and we ought to give the Taliban back their country?

Regardless, I am going to miss Lee Whitnum, as she contributed immensely to the color of the political landscape. It's much more interesting when Democrats run insane candidates as opposed to the plain simpletons they usually treat us to. Speaking of which, Jim Himes now goes on to face Republican Chris Shays in the general election.

In other primary news across the state, incumbent Democrat Bob Keeley of Bridgeport failed to hold off a challenge from Auden Grogins. Keeley was first elected in 1982, and it goes to show if you are a sloppy, disconnected politico who feels entitled to public office simply because you have attained a certain weight, you are vulnerable.

Senator Johnnie Fon-fon (John Fonfara) survived a challenge from Ed Vargas in Hartford. Apparently all of Vargas's supporters had been shot over the weekend following the West Indian Parade.

Also of note is the handy victory of Republican Rep. Kevin Witkos over Simsbury Council member Moira Wertheimer in the 8th Senate District, 85%-15%.

There weren't many surprises last night. I feel the real surprises will come in November...


CT Bob said...

I have a feeling that Lee isn't going to go quietly into that good night. There's already a few rumblings of possible lawsuits.

Against whom, you ask? Probably everyone who mentioned her in any context other than total agreement. Stay tuned; I fear this thing ain't gonna stop just yet.

BTW, you're gonna LOVE this video!

Headless Horseman said...

Mua ha ha ha! That video is excellent!

Connecticut Man1 said...

I am guessing that the 13% are Republicans crossing the aisle, since Shays is a given for the GOPers, to try and hand their opponent an easy target.