Friday, May 29, 2009

Shout Out to Dodd

In this new ad from Chris Dodd, who is probably grabbing airtime more than a year earlier than he planned since he is tanking in the polls against likely rival Rob Simmons, Dodd clamps himself to President Obama. And Obama obliges the effort.

The President gives a "shout out" to Dodd for his work on a credit card bill. Very presidential. Off camera later he urged Dodd to get some stankie on his hang-down.

Congratulations are certainly in order for Chris Dodd... see what you can accomplish when you actually attend sessions of the Senate instead of live in Iowa polling lower than dead former presidents in the primary?

It's nice to know that after a 32-year congressional career Chris Dodd finally passed a bill.

Scratching the Nut Smeggers

It is an outrage! And the folks who love My Left Nut Smeg are not going to take it!

The New Republic just ran an article on Chris Dodd and his travails where it mentioned in the second paragraph "Today, Dodd--five-term senator, established Washington powerbroker, the man whose "magnificent handshake," The New York Times gushed two years ago, is "the grip of a pro, a ... political pro, which he is"--has been reduced to shoring up his liberal bona fides by railing against credit card companies on a blog called My Left Nutmeg (motto: "Where Connecticut Dems Scratch That Progressive Itch"). Despite representing a solidly blue state, he is, in his own words, an "underdog" in his reelection bid--perhaps the most vulnerable Democratic incumbent in the Senate."

There was no outrage about the characterization of Dodd's difficulties. No, instead there was anger at the fact that the New Republic had the temerity to suggest that his appearance on My Left Nut Smeg was a reduction in his standing. They bristled that their format was not being given the respect it deserves!

Matt Browner Hamlin totally wets his pants in rage writing on his blog in a post titled Stupid Attacks: "All of this is to say that Dodd has not been “reduced” to anything this cycle. He is doing what he’s always done - engage constituents in meaningful ways. He’s long viewed MLN as a key part of the Connecticut progressive-Democratic infrastructure and that he’s continuing to engage it not is not only not a shocking, bad thing, but a positive note that augurs well for his reelection prospects."

The always excellent Connecticut Bob also weighs in slamming New Republic for failing to do research because Dodd was also on MLN back in March of 2007, so he must not see himself as "reduced" to anything.

Let's have some perspective. New Republic didn't fail to take MLN seriously because of its content, or the quality of writing, or the significance it does or doesn't have in Connecticut's political landscape.

MLN is not taken seriously because the title of their blog is a genital metaphor, and their catchphrase is about itchie balls.

Hey, you guys wanted to be edgie and have your blog conjur up the image of someone fiddling with a fungal scrotum. That was your call. I happen to think it is apt. But don't get upset when people can't see behind the balls joke.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

No "unlawful behavior."

Ken Dixon of the Connecticut Post has an excellent blog entry today on what he terms the "Situational Ethics" of Democratic Senate President Don Williams. It relays the exchange by Williams with members of the Capitol Press Corps concerning the recent findings against Democratic Senator Joe Crisco, who forged campaign documents.

In his entry, Dixon relays how Williams was asked repeatedly about any sanctions that might be levied by his caucus against Senator Crisco as a result of the Elections Enforcement Commission fining him $4,000 for breaking election laws.

Williams has also declined to do anything about Senator Tom Gaffey, the Meriden Democrat who double billed the state to pay for one of his chicks' cell phone bills and his own hotel stays and various other fripperies.

You could also dig up the case of former Senator Ernie Newton, the self-proclaimed Moses of his people, who used campaign cash to pay friends and relatives and buy some of those incredible purple pimp suits he was fond of wearing.

These three Democratic Senators all broke the law. One traded his maroon zoot suits for an orange jumper and gang showers. But in each instance, Democrats have taken no action to police their own members. However, when Senator Lou DeLuca broke the law, he happened to be a Republican. For that, a committee of inquiry and calls for resignation were issued.

All four men are disgraces to the institution of the Senate. In failing to uphold the standards of that body, Senator Williams is himself a disgrace to the Senate. When questioned on Crisco he smugly intoned: "they didn't have a finding against Sen. Crisco in terms of unlawful behavior..."

At this point he was repeatedly corrected by numerous reporters, because it WAS found that he broke the law. That is the POINT. But that's not how Senate Democrats see it... when a Republican breaks the law they must be punished. When a Democrat does it, it's not really breaking the law.

And these are the people who are telling us how they are cleaning up the election and voting process. Anyone believe that?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Senate Dems Get Another Fine

Another entry in the Journal of the Laughable as it concerns the State Senate Democrats who are endlessly lecturing us on clean elections and trying to convince us that they are our clean elections saviors.

However, for the second time this year one of their caucus members has been slapped with a hefty fine for gross election law violations. Senator Joe Crisco of Woodbridge has been fined $4,000 because he forged campaign finance documents.

Crisco joins his fellow Democrat Tom Gaffey of Meriden who was recently fined $6,000 because he double-billed his PAC for items he already had been reimbursed for by the state.

When a Republican steps out of line, you can count on Senate President Don Williams wagging a finger and firing off press releases like a cow fires out shit. But he is conspicuously silent on the conduct of his caucus members. With examples like Gaffey and Crisco in their caucus it continues to be impossible to give them any credibility.

More Class Warfare

Another shameless attempt by the fine folks at SEBAC to drive a wedge between the working people of Connecticut and the businesses that employ them and create this state's wealth.

First, cutting state spending won't cost jobs unless they are some useless state jobs. Second, the state budget has been balanced on the backs of working residents for too long... that's correct. And we all have SEBAC to thank for that, not some shadowy nameless dicks who run corporations.

Government is the monkey on our backs, not business. SEBAC wants us to have our taxes raised to keep feeding the fat bastard of government.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Inspired by Animals

This is an enjoyable piece of footage showcasing Rep. Steve Fontana's characteristically unique grasp on issues before the legislature.

None of the animals in this film were harmed by a bullhook... with the possible exception of Fontana himself.

Pure genius.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

SEBAC: No class... unless you mean class warfare.

Apparently both the House and the Senate have approved an agreement including some critical concessions.

But the ad above shows you who are the first people to fire the class warfare volley.

Big nasty rich corporations need to pay their fair share before we cut vital services! Oh yeah? Well the taxes on those big nasty corporations and the taxes on the rest of us pay for those vital services and all government salaries. If the businesses aren't making money, neither are you morons.

So instead of constantly kicking business in the balls, why don't you SEBAC folks take a look around and wake up from your retard coma.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


This has nothing to do with anything today, but it's a classic and it always makes me laugh.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One Voice, One Vote... Unless You're a Donovan Rump-Swab.

Ted Mann of the New London Day really rolled it into a cone and stuffed it deep concerning a clownish display by Connecticut House Democrats this week.

Mann takes note of how the passage of the "popular vote" bill ended up passing late Tuesday evening.

On a bill that reforms the way Connecticut's electoral votes are assigned, it had appeared that the opposition Republicans joined by a substantial number of Democrats had narrowly defeated the bill by a vote of 72-73.

That's when the parade of retards began. And who finer than to lead a parade of retards than Rep. Peter Tercyak of New Britain? Says Mann:

As jeers echoed in the chamber, from Republicans and some Democrats too, Tercyak remarked that he wished others could have heard the enlightening pep talk he had heard in the moments after House Speaker Christopher Donovan and the Democratic leadership realized their side was going to lose. That is, the tongue-lashing he took from his party leadership instructing him to take one for the team, change his vote and prevent the powerful Democratic majority from losing a battle – even on a bill that obviously has tepid support among Democrats and is unlikely to pass in the Senate.

Tercyak is not known for his brain power. He has previously suggested that the DOT should only plow one lane of highway during blizzards to save money to give to non-profits (he works for a non-profit). Anyway, his dignified display was soon followed by Democratic Reps. Peggy Sayers, Bob Godfrey, and Buddy Altobello, who all also switched to "yes."

Mann points out that they each make an extra $6,000 or so per year because they have leadership titles, and that these folks took it on the chin as loyal rump-swabs to the Donovan gang. I suppose that is a typical enough motivation. There's a massive budget deficit, and these folks all voted to keep their salaries intact ala Coach Calhoun ("Not one dime!!").

These are also the people who endlessly lecture us about taking the money out of politics with their crappy taxpayer-funded campaign finance system. But what they have just demonstrated is that when push comes to shove, they can be moved off a principled position and motivated to vote the way they are instructed because of $6,000 extra, their constituents be damned.

Does that sound like the money is out of politics to you?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pot = Dope

When Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano suggested that returning veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq should be monitored because they could possibly turn into domestic terrorists in the Timothy McVeigh mold, I was a little taken aback.

Then I read about Dominic Vita, a 28-year old veteran who apparently served honorably, but is now affiliated with NORML CT, a group that advocates for the decriminalization of marijuana use and possession. Apparently Mr. Vita sent some rather threatening correspondence to State Senator Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) due to her outspoken opposition to legalizing pot. He indicated that he was about to "go postal" on her. He has earned himself an arrest by Capitol Police as a result.

Look, there's retards all over the political spectrum. Look at the moron who was arrested for threatening Rep. Lawlor and Senator McDonald during the debacle they created over a bill infringing on the financial rights of the Catholic Church. I just find it particularly amusing that when leftwing dorks think veterans are a rightwing threat, and one turns out to actually be a leftwing threat.

I am also perplexed because I thought smoking herbal jazz cigarettes was supposed to mellow you out. He must have gotten a bad bag laced with something.

Then again, Bob Marley did shoot that sheriff, didn't he?

Big Fine for a Big Boy

The State Elections Enforcement Commission slapped state senator and sexual retard Tom Gaffey with a hefty fine this week for having been reimbursed for a number of trips, hotel stays etc. two times... once by the state and once by his political PAC.

The arrangement was nice. He would go on a trip somewhere, make two copies of his receipts, and turn one in to the state and one in to his PAC. He went on vacation and got paid to do it!

Gaffey claimed it was clerical errors. Oh come on.

Gaffey has certainly made himself the darling of the Senate Democrats over the past few years. His affair with a CSU system liaison with whom he orchestrated a $1 billion bonding package to her agency is now the stuff of legend... it is the single largest bonding package passed by the state for a piece of tail.

Who can forget the adolescent awkwardness of their revealed correspondence? She referred to him as her "big boy" and as a "god." He noted that every god has a beautiful goddess at his side. Gag.

And so now Tom Gaffey must forfeit thousands in personal funds in the form of a fine, and must forfeit the thousands in his "GAF PAC," presumably putting a serious hurt on his ability to get laid.

Senate Democrats always refer to John Rowland when they talk about reforming campaign finance. Somehow the media assist in the ruse, ignoring the fact that the former governor didn't commit any campaign finance crimes, and that we was succesfully prosecuted under laws in place at the time. They never point to dimwits like Gaffey or former Democratic Senator Ernie Newton, Democratic Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim, or Democratic Representatives Barnaby Horton or Edwin Garcia who all committed campaign-related crimes.

Do we need reform? Sure. That starts with a few less fat bastard Democrats eating all our pie.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Power to the Pooper

The State House of Representatives evidently PASSED a bill last evening which I have discussed before... the Office of the Ass Advocate Bill.

This bill requires business establishments to grant access to their non-public restrooms to any customers who "presents written evidence from a licensed health care provider (physician, physician assistant, advanced practice registered nurse) that documents that the customer suffers from an “eligible medical condition” (such conditions are Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, or a medical condition requiring use of an ostomy device)."

I can just imagine the colitis sufferer who is stricken with an acute attack of hot corn mud while perusing the slender-fit denims in The GAP, rifling through their belongings to produce "written evidence" from a physician so the clerk can let the customer go blow up their employee john.

Women will not benefit from this legislation. Have you ever seen a woman try to produce anything from their purse with speed? I have sat in my vehicle behind women who take twenty minutes to extricate their ATM card from their purse full of garbage at the bank. Can you imagine one with their legs crossed trying to find their doctor's inflammatory bowel note to show a cashier? They'll have done a diaper pie before they can locate it.

Apparently there was some MOVING testimony on this bill during the committee process... stories of individuals who were humiliated with bad experiences when they were not admitted to a bathroom by some store clerk. I can't imagine that could possibly be more humiliating than getting up in front of a legislative committee and the general public, where your words will be transcribed and preserved for all eternity, and telling them how one day you shit your pants at the Banana Republic.

As absurd as all this is, the bill actually costs taxpayers $95,000 per year during a budget crisis when we were promised that any bill that costs money would, in the words of Senate President Don Williams, would be "dead on arrival." Apparently a special investigator would have to be hired by the Department of Consumer Protection to handle complaints of those not admitted to bathrooms. This would be the Office of the Ass Advocate.

Democrats this session haven't done a lot to help the economy, fix the deficit, or bring jobs back to the state. But it's reassuring to know they want to hire someone to make sure you don't mess your pants at the 7-11.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Operation Gratitude

The Gratitude Campaign. Learn more about it here, and help demonstrate that all Americans aren't pinhead college professors and self-absorbed sociopath leftwingers.

Just Like Nazis

U.S. Senator Chris Dodd is currently doing everything he can to reconnect with the public following his mortgage scandal, Irish cottage scandal and lies about the AIG bonus loophole in bailout legislation that he instrumented. One of the best ways to build yourself back from the ground up is to go swab the rumps of lefty bloggers, who can provide him the kind of grassroots apologist corps he desperately needs.

Here, Dodd indulges the adoring masses by indicating to them he not only believes that waterboarding is torture, but he goes further to compare it to the Nuremberg Trails, presumably insinuating that we have American troops akin to Nazis. He discloses he supports prosecuting Americans who waterboarded enemy combatants.

Nothing is so slimy, or cheapens the Holocaust more completely, than to give moral equivalence between American troops using approved methods to obtain intelligence critical to American victory and evil Nazi murderers who gassed and burned millions.

Offensive as that is, I do enjoy the discussion he leads off with about releasing documents. Imagine for a moment that he is not talking about releasing torture documents, but his own mortgage documents. That makes things interesting.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pass It

With one month left of the General Assembly's 2009 regular session, Democrats at the Capitol are doing everything they can to keep from actually doing something. Yesterday afternoon the Democrats sent a letter to Governor Rell asking her to join them in their leadership of the state... a suggestion that inspires a belly-laugh considering as how they have completely abdicated all leadership on all fronts.

You can go to the usual punks like those at My Left Nut Smeg to see the amusing treatment this politically staged communication received from stunted wits that amuse themselves by constantly calling the governor "Rowland-Rell," deceived into thinking they are injuring her through association to John Rowland who has now been out of office nearly five years. Hey retards... that's a cashed check. Get a new routine, you're boring everyone.

Anyway, Governor Rell responded to the Democrats request that she work with them by telling them since they had a budget they think is best, they should "pass it."

The Smeggers ask the pointed question "What ever happen [sic] to working together on a bi-partisan basis for the good of the residents of Connecticut? Is this the type of leadership we expect from the governor?"

The answer to this is yes, this is the leadership they expect. The Q-polls that routinely show her with overwhelming approval ratings bear that out. But what a funny question lamenting a lack of bi-partisanship to be asked by some of the most sniping partisan snots in the entire state.

The reason is simple. These bloggers know what the House and Senate Democrats know... a $3.3 billion tax increase as proposed by the Democrats coupled with a business-killing %30 corporate tax will not be popular. There could be political fallout. The impact against Democrats will be stunted if the Governor compromises with them on these points. They need Republican buy-in on this disastrous plan or they will get all the heat.

In summation, they are spineless cowards. And no one is missing that fact aside from their own highly-paid spin machine and the lefty bloggers supping at thier fetid runoff.

Specter: Republicans Killed Jack Kemp

The defection of Arlen Specter to the Democratic party has less to do with ideology than it does with Specter, who faced imminent defeat in a Republican primary, doing what he thinks he needs to do to remain in office. Many don't realize that Specter actually started out as a Democrat. His party affiliation is disposable.

The Democrats have been spinning this as a failing of the GOP in that there is no place for a "moderate" in the Republican party anymore. This argument is specious because of two things... first, Specter is not a moderate, he is a liberal. Second,he never cited ideology as his reason for departure. He has made it clear that this is a desperate attempt to save his political skin.

Sinking to new opportunistic lows, Specter suggested over the weekend that the GOP killed Jack Kemp because they didn't invest enough in cancer research.

Class act.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Enter Pig Flu

They say AIDS began when someone humped a monkey. Debatable as that is, we are now faced with warnings of an impending global pandemic of "swine flu" from world health organizations, after someone clearly had an improper association with a pig. I guess.

As of right now, there are about 140 cases of this pig flu confirmed in the United States. One toddler died in Texas from it.

The distress over this is absurd. Most people who contracted it recovered just like the regular seasonal flu without even being hospitalized. Connecticut now has one case confirmed, and you'd think Black Death had descended upon us based on the media overreaction.

Okay... 140 people got a different flu. I'll bet more that 140 people across America accidentally went to the bathroom in their pants today too (yes, I'm counting Arlen Specter). Are we going to get a special CDC web page for pants-crappers?

Personally I find it detestable that they would name an illness so prominently after members of the National Organization for Women.

Friday, May 1, 2009


With roughly 140 cases of confirmed pig flu in the United States, Vice President Joe Biden apparently recommends we stay off airplanes and away from "confined areas."

That's responsible leadership staving off an unnecessary panic.

He also calls Matt Lauer "Sam." That's because he's stupid.

No one needs to throw a shoe at this guy... he'll get his feet into his mouth without any assistance.

Death by Stupid

It turns out that State Representative Jim O'Rourke is likely to be charged with negligent homicide in the January death of Carol Sinisgalli, a 41-year-old DMV employee whom O'Rourke left a bar with, dropping her off in the freezing cold a half mile from her home without shoes or a coat. Her frozen corpse was discovered the following day by a cross-country skier.

All the characters in this tragedy are unlikeable. Sinisgalli is portrayed as a regular drunk at the Rocky Hill bar where her last night began. She apparently assaulted a handicapped man before departing the bar, and allegedly jumped into O'Rourke's car uninvited as he departed.

Details are sketchy about what actually took place between the two. According to O'Rourke, she became beligerent and left his car in temperatures in the teens without her shoes, and without her coat. O'Rourke's behavior is equally unappealing even when cast in the best possible light. He made no attempt to stop her. He had no idea if she lived nearby or not.

It is a strange scenario which appears to lack much detail or sense.

Criminally negligent homicide is, apparently, a misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail and/or a $2,000 fine. Seems a bit light. Maybe the Judiciary Committee would care to review this?

House Speaker Chris Donovan said back in March that O'Rourke need not resign because police said "nothing wrong took place." It was interesting at the time because I never saw anything from the police indicating nothing wrong had taken place. Anyway, this application for an arrest warrant would seem to police do, in fact, think there is something wrong.

O'Rourke ought to do the decent thing now and resign.