Saturday, May 16, 2009

SEBAC: No class... unless you mean class warfare.

Apparently both the House and the Senate have approved an agreement including some critical concessions.

But the ad above shows you who are the first people to fire the class warfare volley.

Big nasty rich corporations need to pay their fair share before we cut vital services! Oh yeah? Well the taxes on those big nasty corporations and the taxes on the rest of us pay for those vital services and all government salaries. If the businesses aren't making money, neither are you morons.

So instead of constantly kicking business in the balls, why don't you SEBAC folks take a look around and wake up from your retard coma.

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mccommas said...

I had to watch that video with the volume all the way down because I am in a library. You get an interesting perspective that way which better indicates which buttons they are trying to push.

I love their use of iconry. They must think we are 12 year olds. First you have quick shots of patriotic noble Americans as teachers, police, firemen and care-givers. The only thing missing was a shot of Rin Tin Tin and some cute bunnies.

You like bunnies; don't you?

Ohhhh then you get you get the bad guys! A black and white photo of all men sitting in some swanky dark board room. The old guy in the center is scowling. That fucking money-grubbing bastard!

I will bet you that when these mean men showed up on screen there was some really scary music. Am I right? Am I right?

Well I am going to call my representative right away and tell her to raise taxes again! Yes sir!
And leave my poor fireman alone. All he wants to do is put out fires but those bad men want to make money so... oh wait, whats the point again?