Saturday, May 2, 2009

Enter Pig Flu

They say AIDS began when someone humped a monkey. Debatable as that is, we are now faced with warnings of an impending global pandemic of "swine flu" from world health organizations, after someone clearly had an improper association with a pig. I guess.

As of right now, there are about 140 cases of this pig flu confirmed in the United States. One toddler died in Texas from it.

The distress over this is absurd. Most people who contracted it recovered just like the regular seasonal flu without even being hospitalized. Connecticut now has one case confirmed, and you'd think Black Death had descended upon us based on the media overreaction.

Okay... 140 people got a different flu. I'll bet more that 140 people across America accidentally went to the bathroom in their pants today too (yes, I'm counting Arlen Specter). Are we going to get a special CDC web page for pants-crappers?

Personally I find it detestable that they would name an illness so prominently after members of the National Organization for Women.

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