Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just Like Nazis

U.S. Senator Chris Dodd is currently doing everything he can to reconnect with the public following his mortgage scandal, Irish cottage scandal and lies about the AIG bonus loophole in bailout legislation that he instrumented. One of the best ways to build yourself back from the ground up is to go swab the rumps of lefty bloggers, who can provide him the kind of grassroots apologist corps he desperately needs.

Here, Dodd indulges the adoring masses by indicating to them he not only believes that waterboarding is torture, but he goes further to compare it to the Nuremberg Trails, presumably insinuating that we have American troops akin to Nazis. He discloses he supports prosecuting Americans who waterboarded enemy combatants.

Nothing is so slimy, or cheapens the Holocaust more completely, than to give moral equivalence between American troops using approved methods to obtain intelligence critical to American victory and evil Nazi murderers who gassed and burned millions.

Offensive as that is, I do enjoy the discussion he leads off with about releasing documents. Imagine for a moment that he is not talking about releasing torture documents, but his own mortgage documents. That makes things interesting.

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