Thursday, May 28, 2009

No "unlawful behavior."

Ken Dixon of the Connecticut Post has an excellent blog entry today on what he terms the "Situational Ethics" of Democratic Senate President Don Williams. It relays the exchange by Williams with members of the Capitol Press Corps concerning the recent findings against Democratic Senator Joe Crisco, who forged campaign documents.

In his entry, Dixon relays how Williams was asked repeatedly about any sanctions that might be levied by his caucus against Senator Crisco as a result of the Elections Enforcement Commission fining him $4,000 for breaking election laws.

Williams has also declined to do anything about Senator Tom Gaffey, the Meriden Democrat who double billed the state to pay for one of his chicks' cell phone bills and his own hotel stays and various other fripperies.

You could also dig up the case of former Senator Ernie Newton, the self-proclaimed Moses of his people, who used campaign cash to pay friends and relatives and buy some of those incredible purple pimp suits he was fond of wearing.

These three Democratic Senators all broke the law. One traded his maroon zoot suits for an orange jumper and gang showers. But in each instance, Democrats have taken no action to police their own members. However, when Senator Lou DeLuca broke the law, he happened to be a Republican. For that, a committee of inquiry and calls for resignation were issued.

All four men are disgraces to the institution of the Senate. In failing to uphold the standards of that body, Senator Williams is himself a disgrace to the Senate. When questioned on Crisco he smugly intoned: "they didn't have a finding against Sen. Crisco in terms of unlawful behavior..."

At this point he was repeatedly corrected by numerous reporters, because it WAS found that he broke the law. That is the POINT. But that's not how Senate Democrats see it... when a Republican breaks the law they must be punished. When a Democrat does it, it's not really breaking the law.

And these are the people who are telling us how they are cleaning up the election and voting process. Anyone believe that?

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