Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pot = Dope

When Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano suggested that returning veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq should be monitored because they could possibly turn into domestic terrorists in the Timothy McVeigh mold, I was a little taken aback.

Then I read about Dominic Vita, a 28-year old veteran who apparently served honorably, but is now affiliated with NORML CT, a group that advocates for the decriminalization of marijuana use and possession. Apparently Mr. Vita sent some rather threatening correspondence to State Senator Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) due to her outspoken opposition to legalizing pot. He indicated that he was about to "go postal" on her. He has earned himself an arrest by Capitol Police as a result.

Look, there's retards all over the political spectrum. Look at the moron who was arrested for threatening Rep. Lawlor and Senator McDonald during the debacle they created over a bill infringing on the financial rights of the Catholic Church. I just find it particularly amusing that when leftwing dorks think veterans are a rightwing threat, and one turns out to actually be a leftwing threat.

I am also perplexed because I thought smoking herbal jazz cigarettes was supposed to mellow you out. He must have gotten a bad bag laced with something.

Then again, Bob Marley did shoot that sheriff, didn't he?

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Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

I'm not about endorse threatening anyone.

However, when a Republican finds themselves on the more conservative side of any argument than the late Wm. F. Buckley (who favored liberalization of drug laws), it's time for that Republican to rethink their position or alternatively - get thrown out of the party.

Considering the trouble this legislator has caused regarding Rt 7 - as far as I'm concerned we can't get rid of her soon enough.