Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pass It

With one month left of the General Assembly's 2009 regular session, Democrats at the Capitol are doing everything they can to keep from actually doing something. Yesterday afternoon the Democrats sent a letter to Governor Rell asking her to join them in their leadership of the state... a suggestion that inspires a belly-laugh considering as how they have completely abdicated all leadership on all fronts.

You can go to the usual punks like those at My Left Nut Smeg to see the amusing treatment this politically staged communication received from stunted wits that amuse themselves by constantly calling the governor "Rowland-Rell," deceived into thinking they are injuring her through association to John Rowland who has now been out of office nearly five years. Hey retards... that's a cashed check. Get a new routine, you're boring everyone.

Anyway, Governor Rell responded to the Democrats request that she work with them by telling them since they had a budget they think is best, they should "pass it."

The Smeggers ask the pointed question "What ever happen [sic] to working together on a bi-partisan basis for the good of the residents of Connecticut? Is this the type of leadership we expect from the governor?"

The answer to this is yes, this is the leadership they expect. The Q-polls that routinely show her with overwhelming approval ratings bear that out. But what a funny question lamenting a lack of bi-partisanship to be asked by some of the most sniping partisan snots in the entire state.

The reason is simple. These bloggers know what the House and Senate Democrats know... a $3.3 billion tax increase as proposed by the Democrats coupled with a business-killing %30 corporate tax will not be popular. There could be political fallout. The impact against Democrats will be stunted if the Governor compromises with them on these points. They need Republican buy-in on this disastrous plan or they will get all the heat.

In summation, they are spineless cowards. And no one is missing that fact aside from their own highly-paid spin machine and the lefty bloggers supping at thier fetid runoff.

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